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Fivestarsportspicks Focused on Beating their Own 17-0 Winning Streak

Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, FiveStarSportsPicks. These 3 names are the best at what they do, with no question about it. FiveStarSportsPicks, who started football season 17-0 last year, is ready for another historic run.

Last season, FiveStarSportsPicks made an indelible mark in the history of sports betting with an unprecedented start to the football season. In a feat never before accomplished in sports betting, FiveStarSportsPicks made history by achieving a record of 17-0. It was an incredible feat, and now we can’t wait to see what else they’ll bring this season.

If you walk into a casino, there is a 56% chance any sport bettor you may run into is using FiveStarSportsPicks for their sports picks. The world-renowned sports betting service has taken the internet by storm by becoming the #1 most trending on all social media outlets. With the sports betting industry set to hit a minimum of a whopping $7 billion by 2025, and with this enterprise on the frontline, betting players and enthusiasts have crowned FiveStarSportsPicks as the greatest of all time and the fastest-growing in the industry.

FiveStarSportsPicks has established a solid strategy for strengthening and building its online presence, making the platform’s website performance and user experience second to none. In fact, it has allotted the largest fraction of its expenses to driving and increasing its website traffic. As a result, the platform currently has an active user base of over 100,000 individuals, which is a massive leap of 85 times more than any of its competitors in the sports betting landscape.

In addition, FiveStarSportsPicks holds the most impressive winning streaks in the world, with users growing their $2,000 close to over $400,000. Some bettors even won up to $1 million. According to the bettor who has been regularly visiting Las Vegas for his passion in sports betting, “Usually it’s hard for me to hit one parlay, but I signed up with FiveStarSportsPicks and started tailing their picks. I literally hit six parlays in a row.”

FiveStarSportsPicks becomes your edge. After all, they want anyone to be part of the elite, amassing wealth like never before through sports betting. Indeed, the sky’s the limit with FiveStarSportsPicks, from making millions, flying on private jets, to living the high life you’ve always dreamed of.

FiveStarSportsPicks also invests heavily in growing its fanbase across social media platforms with the goal of helping more people gain the opportunity of changing their lives through sports betting. On Instagram alone, the platform has significantly grown its influence and gained over 450,000 followers, and the numbers continue to grow every day.

In addition, the company has captured the attention of mainstream media, making it to the headlines of numerous major news outlets such as USA Today, Fox News, Yahoo! Finance, and MSNBC.

With its unrivaled ability to deliver results, FiveStarSportsPicks has become the face of sports betting and has pushed the boundaries of the industry with its innovative solution of transforming bettors into millionaires.

A phenomenon in its own right, FiveStarSportsPicks aims to maintain its upward trajectory and cater to more individuals and sports bettors in the United States. The platform remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation which will allow it to boost the success of its clients through its reliable and trustworthy sports betting picks.

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4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions Announces 110 Franchise Units Sold: The Powerhouse in Wellness and Aesthetics

Image Commercially Licensed From: Unsplash

In the rapidly evolving landscape of wellness and aesthetics, 4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions has emerged as a trailblazing force. The brand has achieved unprecedented success with its vitality center model and comprehensive range of anti-aging solutions. Recently, 4Ever Young reached a significant milestone by selling 110 franchise units, solidifying its position as the industry’s fastest-growing medspa/vitality center. This article dives into the key highlights and benefits of 4Ever Young, shedding light on its unique approach, exceptional growth, and the exciting opportunities it offers franchise owners.

At the heart of 4Ever Young’s success is its passionate and visionary co-founders, Deniz Duygulu and Carlton Washington. Deniz, the Chief Wellness Officer, firmly believes in the power of a healthy lifestyle. His transformation from an unathletic individual to a recognized fitness professional fueled his nutrition, exercise, and supplementation expertise. Having experienced the life-changing benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Deniz is dedicated to helping others look and feel their best through modern science.

Carlton Washington, the Chief Evangelist, brings diverse business experience to 4Ever Young. With a background in professional banking, insurance, and real estate, Carlton’s passion for health and wellness led him to advocate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. As a patient himself, he has witnessed the powerful effects of this treatment, driving him to educate others on the incredible benefits of healthy aging. Carlton’s commitment to his well-being and desire to help others inspires the 4Ever Young team.

4Ever Young is the first and only franchise in the wellness and aesthetics space, making it a trailblazer in the industry. While other brands struggle to match their store growth, 4Ever Young has become the most successful vitality retail clinic in the United States. With franchise units opening nationwide, the brand’s influence is expanding rapidly. What sets 4Ever Young apart is its comprehensive approach to wellness and aesthetics, offering a wide range of anti-aging solutions under one roof.

4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions has proven itself as the wellness and aesthetics industry powerhouse. With its unique vitality center model and comprehensive range of anti-aging solutions, the brand has achieved unparalleled success, selling 110 franchise units and counting. Led by visionary co-founders Deniz Duygulu and Carlton Washington, 4Ever Young continues to make waves in the industry, offering franchise opportunities that empower entrepreneurs to thrive in this dynamic field. Join the 4Ever Young success story and participate in the wellness and aesthetics revolution.

More Than Words by Carrie Fox: Communications Practices of Courageous Leaders

Effective communication is crucial for leadership success. It allows leaders to articulate a clear vision, inspire others, and foster collaboration. Transparent and open communication builds trust and creates a safe space for team members to express their ideas and concerns. During times of change, leaders who communicate with empathy and authenticity provide stability and instill confidence. Active listening enables leaders to understand different perspectives and make informed decisions.

Leaders skilled in communication can also navigate conflicts and challenging conversations. They address conflicts early, encourage open dialogue, and seek resolutions that benefit everyone. By mastering communication, leaders create a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and inclusivity.

Carrie Fox’s new book, “More Than Words: Communications Practices of Courageous Leaders,” is a must-read for business professionals, CEOs, communications leaders, communications students, public relations professionals, non-profit professionals, DEI professionals, and HR professionals. In this insightful and practical guide, Fox explores the immense potential of effective communication as a powerful tool for driving change in today’s complex world.

Recognizing the need for leaders and managers to navigate the increasingly complex issues of our time, Fox offers a set of practical communication strategies honed from her experience guiding hundreds of non-profit executives over the past two decades. Grounded in care, courage, and clarity, these strategies enable readers to recognize their own communication as a potent force for change.

Through real-life anecdotes and stories, “More Than Words” emphasizes the profound influence of communication on our organizations, communities, and the world at large. It highlights the importance of empathetic and inclusive communication practices, challenging readers to reconsider the way they engage with others and shape narratives.

The book also resonates with professional communicators, reminding them that even the most experienced individuals can benefit from honing their communication skills. It underscores the responsibility of communicators to challenge biases, combat misinformation, and bridge divides. By encouraging radical listening, diversifying information sources, and fostering curiosity, “More Than Words” provides new avenues for communicators to evolve their craft.

One of the book’s key features is the exploration of the Four Practices of Courageous Leaders: Dare to Ask, Dig Down to Roots, Widen the Lens, and Follow Through. These practices apply not only to professional communicators but also to those who receive communication. Fox underscores the importance of radical listening, deep curiosity, and a broader perspective in all aspects of life.

Carrie Fox’s book is an inspiring and daring guide that disrupts conventional profit-oriented business communications. An empathy-driven approach, it encourages leaders from diverse industries to incorporate empathy into their operations, challenging the prevailing model. While primarily intended for professionals, the skills shared in the book have the power to transform individuals into more empathetic human beings across all aspects of their lives.

Carrie Fox’s book, “More Than Words: Communications Practices of Courageous Leaders,” is a powerful reminder that effective communication isn’t just limited to professional settings. The book shares insights and skills that can transform individuals into more empathetic human beings in all aspects of their lives. By incorporating empathy and intentionality into their communication, people can cultivate deeper connections, foster understanding, and contribute to positive change in their communities and the world. “More Than Words” inspires readers to recognize the transformative power of communication and to use it as a force for good, both personally and professionally. Carrie Fox’s work in social impact communications and her commitment to authenticity and equity further validate the importance of her teachings. Through her book and podcast, Mission Forward, she continues to guide and empower leaders to communicate with purpose, empathy, and courage.

To learn more about Carrie Fox and her book, “More Than Words: Communications Practices of Courageous Leaders,” visit her professional work at Mission.Partners. You can also listen to her podcast, Mission Forward, which brings the lessons of the book to life at

For those eager to dive into the book, “More Than Words” is available for purchase on Amazon. Join the ranks of purpose-driven leaders and managers who are committed to driving positive change through effective communication.

About Carrie Fox

Carrie Fox is a nationally recognized leader in social impact communications and a strong advocate for business as a force for good. She is the founder and CEO of Mission Partners, a social impact communications firm and Certified B Corporation that counsels organizations and their leaders to be more authentic in their words, equitable in their strategies, and intentional about their impact. For the past 20 years, Carrie has guided hundreds of organizations worldwide to lead with purpose, fueling organizations and their missions forward in new and more effective ways.

Carrie is also the host and chief curator of the Mission Forward podcast, which delivers thought-provoking and perspective-shifting conversations on the power of communication. The award-winning program has featured Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, social impact leaders, and some of the nation’s most sought-after philanthropy leaders.


To connect with Carrie and learn more about her work, follow her on LinkedIn or Instagram @CarrieFoxPR. Embark on a transformative journey of communication practices that will empower you to lead with purpose and empathy. Get your copy of “More Than Words: Communications Practices of Courageous Leaders” and start making a difference today.