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3 Major Data Breaches That Have Impacted the Freight Industry

3 Major Data Breaches That Have Impacted the Freight Industry

Major data breaches impact every industry, though it could be tempting to think that the technology and financial sectors tend to suffer more than others. In spite of this, it’s obvious that the freight industry has taken more than its share of damage from a variety of major cyberattacks. As the following examples illustrate, logistics firms have to be every bit as vigilant as other types of companies when it comes to dealing with digital threats.

Telephone Service Provider Breach

Earlier this year, a major telephone service company’s data storage systems were compromised. It’s believed that over 49 million customer accounts may have been leaked to at least some degree. While it’s true that a majority of these were probably held by traditional residential users, a good number of them were probably business accounts. Almost every type of business activity involves shipping in at least some way, and the service provider in question offered high-speed Internet services to countless customers. That makes this kind of attack particularly dangerous for freight industry representatives.

If one of their customers were compromised and they weren’t, then there’s still a risk that outbound communications could eventually get intercepted off of

The 2021 Attack Against a Major Carrier

Though they never described it as a ransomware attack, one major trucking line got hit and eventually some stolen data from the strike ended up on a leak site. Some computer security experts have gone so far as to say that the company’s own operation system was down for some time as a result of these actions. The fact that things remain relatively secretive is perhaps an excellent illustration of just how major this cracking incident really was.

Using digital security solutions that met motor freight traffic service standards could have potentially limited the amount of damage done in this case. Even better deployment of firewall technology could have helped, but unfortunately many commercial security products not geared toward the freight industry are incapable of handling the sheer number of incoming requests this part of the market has to deal with. Purpose-made solutions tend to work ideally when trying to deploy something on the local premises.

Data Break-ins Over Multiple States

Recently, a multi-pronged data breach potentially exposed some 6 million records in Louisiana and another 3½ million in Oregon. This one is particularly concerning because it was able to collect information from government offices. Like other general break-ins against Internet service providers, this attack was particularly concerning to the freight industry due to the sheer number of people that the industry works with.

Bad actors were able to slice into a popular file transfer program by using a known exploit. Considering that they were able to do so, it’s highly likely that many people could potentially do the same thing with only a minimum of effort. Freight shippers who want to be protected from this sort of exploit should make sure that they always install software patches as soon as they’re able to do so.

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