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VA Tasks Founder Benjamin Morone Gives Business Owners Their Time Back

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Time is the most valuable resource for any entrepreneur. Unfortunately, most business people and executives get caught up in mundane chores and low-level administrative tasks. Knowing the struggles of the top-tier business leaders, Benjamin Morone established VA Tasks so they can entrust qualified, talented individuals to handle their company’s day-to-day operations.

Benjamin Morone is the founder and CEO of VA Tasks, a company that offers busy entrepreneurs get their precious time back so they can focus on what matters: scaling their businesses and creating new ideas. “We help people work on their business instead of in it,” Benjamin shared.

The outsourcing expert and consultant has worked in many business aspects, including sales, systems, and digital marketing. His goal has been to reduce busy work and repetitive activities while enhancing customer profits for clients, thus establishing a more effective business. Before VA Tasks, Benjamin worked as one of the first 15 employees of one of America’s fastest-growing tech firms. He then entered the info-product market at a crypto and capital consulting firm after rising through the tech ranks.

VA Tasks has a proven placement process to connect the business owner with the right virtual assistant that can be part of their team. It first assesses the company’s unique needs, then presents candidates that meet their criteria and preferences. After that, once everything is all set, the virtual assistant is positioned in the business, equipped with the tools and training needed to be an asset to the company. 

Benjamin has four years of experience using virtual assistants in the customer care and sales sectors. Throughout his career in the industry, he has led the company to assist and develop the VAs’ standard operating procedures. Furthermore, he and his team have also helped many other business owners and executives succeed by providing support as they reach their goals. “They need the proper systems and operations to scale their companies,” Benjamin explains. “There is a massive difference between working in your business and on it. You should remove yourself from your daily operations and work on it instead.”

The desire to help others to save more time drives Benjamin. Although he made a solid living by being a sales consultant, he had always desired to strike out on his own. He aimed to provide solopreneurs and small business owners with the efficiency and expertise of larger corporations.

Virtual assistants from all over the world are becoming more and more prevalently utilized in business, and they have proven to offer significant help. In addition, globalization and the internet have sped up the adoption of virtual workforces, further expanding business operations and streamlining costs. As a result, business owners can solve bottlenecks and free up their time to do tasks that add the most value to their organizations.

Benjamin hopes he will also be a catalyst in business communities, following his long-term mission to help business owners focus on their strengths and limitations. Through his company, he allows owners to decide which professional responsibilities they should continue to perform and which ones they should delegate or do away with altogether.


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