Bill Gates Shares 5 Books to Read this Holiday

Billionaire and business mogul Bill Gates shares five books people could read as they stay inside their homes this holiday season.

People know Gates as a wide reader who reads around 50 books yearly. After he goes over the books, he releases recommendations to people. The books serve as Gate’s best books, and he hopes that he will help others improve their personal and professional lives by sharing the literature. This year, Gates released a list mixing new books and some of his all-time favorite books. He explained what the books mean to him and how they will assist others.

The 2022 holiday reading list by Gates

Robert Heinlein’s ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’

The 1961 sci-fi book details the story of a human raised on Mars. The protagonist traveled to Earth and tried to understand humans’ concepts of war and religion as he ventured into an alien planet.

“I met Paul [Allen] around [that] time, and we got to know each other by talking about sci-fi. I love sci-fi that pushes your thinking about what’s possible in the future. He also does the classic sci-fi thing of using a fictional setting to ask profound questions about human nature,” Gates said.

Bono’s ‘Surrender’

Gates and Bono go a long way back. A billionaire and rocker/writer, Bono joins Gates in several awareness campaigns and advocacy events. The two have been friends for several years, and Gates finds a good time reading the autobiography book of his long-time friend, who agrees with him on issues like the global health crisis and climate change.

“They share the same values. All four are passionate about fighting poverty and inequity in the world, and they’re also aligned on maintaining their integrity as artists,” he said.

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Doran Kearns Goodwin’s ‘Team of Rivals’

Gates said the literature by the Pulitzer Prize-winning histories blew him away. The 2005 non-fiction book follows the story of Abraham Lincoln in his journey in the US political scene. It covers the events leading up to his presidential election in 1860. The billionaire said the book perfectly encapsulated Lincoln’s leadership skill, allowing him to reconcile his cabinet members’ differences.

“Lately, I’ve been thinking about Goodwin’s book because it feels very relevant in 2022. There are significant parallels between the current and the 1860s, when the nation was dealing with violent insurrection, difficult questions about race, and ideological divides between states and regions,” he said.

Robert Gallwey’s ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’

Experiencing the game of tennis as a coach, Gallwey wrote the book not just to help people improve the command of their forehand but also as “a guide to the mental side of peak performance”.  Gates read the books over forty years ago. But he still recommends the book to his friends. He believes that people could apply the lessons in the book in real life.

“For most of us, it’s too easy to slip into self-criticism, which then inhibits our performance even more. Instead, we need to learn from our mistakes without obsessing over them,” Gates said.

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Paul Strathern’s ‘Mendeleyev’s Dream’

The book details the history of chemistry. The 2000 book piqued his interest because he always expressed fondness for the periodic table and the man behind the table, Dmitri Mendeleyev.

“Aside from being a neat piece of art, the periodic table reminds me of how one discovery can lead to countless others. All the complexity of the universe comes from the properties on that chart. Because we understand atoms, we can make chips, and therefore we can make software, and therefore we can make AI. Everything goes back to the periodic table,” he concluded.

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