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Deputy Commissioner David Reggina Advocates for a Career in Local Government

David Reginna
Photo Credit: Claudio Valenzuela, Cayivisions

In the heart of Westchester County, where the hustle and bustle of everyday life often overshadows the quieter heroes in our community, one man stands as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking purpose and meaning in their careers. Meet David Reggina, Deputy Commissioner for the Town of Greenburgh’s Department of Community Resources, a man whose journey from a teenage camp counselor to the youngest Commissioner in New York State at the age of 26 is nothing short of extraordinary.

Reggina’s passion for local government was kindled at the tender age of 15 when he stumbled upon a summer job with Westchester County’s Parks and Recreation Department. Little did he know that this seemingly casual endeavor would shape the course of his life, leading him to become a driving force in the community and an advocate for the benefits of working in local, county, state, and federal government jobs.

“I feel very fortunate to have learned from some incredibly humble and intelligent Commissioners and government officials who were willing to take a shot on me,” says Reggina. “None of this means anything to me if I can’t pay it forward.”

Reggina emphasizes the direct impact of government work on the community. “Every day you come to work is a direct investment in the community you’re working in. Not many jobs can say that,” he asserts. One of the highlights of his career was during the global Coronavirus pandemic when he and his team implemented a meal delivery service for hundreds of homebound seniors and created a school day program for students of first responders when local schools were closed.

David Reginna

Photo Credit: Claudio Valenzuela, Cayivisions

Reggina highlights the invaluable insight gained by being on the inside of local government operations. Commending various departments, including Police, Fire, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Tax Assessor, and Community Planning and Development, he notes, “The more I understood the interconnectedness of the pulleys and levers that comprise the system, the more effectively I could figure out which ones to pull to make something happen.”

Reggina underscores several benefits of working in government jobs, including job security during economic downturns, comprehensive health insurance plans, retirement benefits, and pensions. He also points out the federal government’s student loan repayment and forgiveness programs, offering financial relief to employees.

Government jobs also provide flexibility with work schedules, a feature increasingly crucial in the modern era. Many agencies allow employees to accrue their hours between set time parameters, fostering a healthier work-life balance.

Outside of his government role, Reggina hosts the No Snooze Podcast, a motivational powerhouse that he built alongside his audio visual partner, Claudio Valenzuela. The podcast serves as a call to action, encouraging and inspiring listeners to seize the day and chase their dreams. “The word community has become so important to me. It’s become part of my purpose and drive in life,” says Reggina.

As Reggina completes his 11th year in the state retirement system, he remains motivated to progress professionally. With powerful relationships at the county and state levels, he envisions a future where innovation meets stability in government. Amid unprecedented challenges, he calls for new energy and ideas in public service to restore faith in our institutions.

For those contemplating a career change, especially in these trying times, Reggina’s journey is a testament to the rewarding possibilities within local government. As the No Snooze Podcast motto goes, “Don’t snooze on life, you only get one shot!”

To connect with David Reggina and explore more about his journey and advocacy for government jobs, follow him on Instagram @daveregg and @nosnoozepodcast. Listen to the No Snooze Podcast on Apple Podcasts: No Snooze Podcast on Apple

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