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Juggle Multiple Passions Like a Pro with Boxer Zach Johnson

Juggle Multiple Passions Like a Pro with Boxer Zach Johnson
Photo Courtesy: Zachary Johnson

Many think success comes only once in life. They believe achieving childhood dreams, like becoming a famous painter, means life’s goal is reached. But is it dull to stop once you’ve reached the top? Shouldn’t success evolve over time?

Imagine climbing one career ladder, reaching the peak, and then stopping. Wouldn’t that get monotonous? Life extends for years, and so should one’s achievements. 

As kids, people often focus on one passion while ignoring others. But once they succeed in one area, why not explore others? Some doubt their ability to do this, but shouldn’t one challenge oneself?

To break this thought and prove that the beyond is possible, Zach Johnson, a Fighter in MMA and Boxing, suggests a few tips.

With his varied athletic contributions spanning football seasons to boxing events and international fights, his portfolio mentions all his interests and passions in the sports field. Aiming to maintain his interest alongside a championship record, Zach glorifies embracing and succeeding in various passions.

He says, “I can only be successful when I have found a champion in my book of passions. I can’t stop and look at my potential going to waste; it should be unstoppable.”

So, find out Zach’s tips for boosting morale by going beyond and discovering one’s abilities in other fields.

Set Clear Goals

  • Define Your Objectives: Begin by clearly defining what success looks like in your chosen field or interest. Zach suggests setting specific, measurable, and realistic goals to provide a clear target for which to aim.
  • Break It Down: Divide your main goals into smaller, manageable tasks. This will make the process less daunting and provide a clear roadmap to follow.

Cultivate Strong Motivation

  • Find Your Why: Understanding why you want to excel in a certain area can motivate you even when challenges arise. Your ‘why’ should be compelling and personal.
  • Stay Inspired: Regularly seek out stories of others who have succeeded in your field. Zach adds that this can provide both motivation and a blueprint for your next steps.

Embrace Hard Work

  • Stay Committed: Success in any field requires dedication. Zach advises committing to the effort needed to overcome challenges.
  • Develop a Routine: Create and stick to a routine that ensures you are consistently working towards your goals, even on days when you might not feel like it.

Practice Relentlessly

  • Consistent Improvement: Consistent practice is the key to mastery in any area. Regular practice, whether sports, music, or any professional skill, is crucial.
  • Seek Feedback: Zach explains that openness to feedback is crucial as it offers perspectives to refine your skills further.

Taking the story of Zach, with a random message on Facebook, Zach got an offer of a Pro Boxing debut, and with that, he began his new competitive journey from a footballer to a boxer. His decision to step up for a different field made him break the stereotypical definition of success and gain experience in a broader aspect.

Following these tips and strategies, Zach moved ahead in a different pursuit and made his fighting debut. He set proper goals, stayed motivated, and practiced relentlessly, which helped Zach continue to find his way to a new success story. 

By continuing to explore various sectors and interests in life, Zach not only broadened his profession and success but also distracted himself from petty things and moved to the bigger picture. So, to embrace your potential and interests, it is necessary to try new things and wake up to a new target to achieve.


Published by: Khy Talara


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