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Kidstream: The Ultimate Safe and Engaging Streaming Platform for Kids

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Kidstream, the brainchild of co-founders Dean Koocher and Jordan Jedeikin, has been making waves in the world of children’s entertainment. Kidstream, often dubbed the “Netflix platform for Kids Shows,” offers a haven of enriching, engaging, and ad-free entertainment for children, setting itself apart from other streaming apps in the marketplace. With a steadfast commitment to providing safe, family-friendly content, Kidstream has emerged as the go-to choice for parents seeking quality entertainment for their kids.

Dean Koocher, a renowned TV industry expert and co-founder of this pioneering streaming platform, and who played a pivotal role in bringing hit children’s shows like Teletubbies into the Americas, shared insights with us directly about Kidstream’s unique qualities, the exciting future potential, and the positive feedback received since its launch.

Safe, Ad-Free, and Accessible: A New Standard for Kids’ Entertainment

Kidstream distinguishes itself from other streaming apps by setting a new standard for children’s entertainment. Dean Koocher, when asked how Kidstream separates itself from other streaming apps, said, “Kidstream is unlike any other TV service. We choose the best kids content from around the world and put it in a safe place so parents can feel good about what their child watches.”


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Safety is a top priority for Kidstream. The platform is entirely ad-free, ensuring that children are shielded from the relentless bombardment of advertisements found on other platforms. Moreover, Kidstream’s content is meticulously curated to be free from violence, inappropriate language, or subjects, providing parents with peace of mind.

Kidstream is designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere. It is available on major cable and streaming platforms, as well as all major streaming devices, making it convenient for families on the go. For a reasonable monthly fee of $4.99 or an annual subscription of $39.99, Kidstream offers parents a high-quality, worry-free streaming option for their children.

Dean emphasized Kidstream’s commitment to quality content, explaining that they choose their shows based on five core values and principles: Safe, Entertaining, Enriching, Diverse (in characters/themes and production formats), and High Production Quality. Kidstream has gained the trust and loyalty of tens of thousands of parents and caregivers, who have discovered the platform through organic means or word-of-mouth, seeking a better, safer streaming entertainment solution for their children.

A Unique Lineup of Partnered Shows

Kidstream’s impressive lineup of partnered shows makes it a unique platform for kids to enjoy. Dean further highlighted to us here some of the shows that set Kidstream apart: “We have wonderful shows from some of the best US kids producers such as Jim Henson, including Sid the Science Kid, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Pajanimals, and a newer series from them called Dot.”

In addition to these, Kidstream offers a literacy-inspiring show called Book Hungry Bears, which celebrates shared reading, a significant trend in early childhood development. Another noteworthy addition is Bitz and Bob, a groundbreaking kids’ show that introduces children to engineering concepts through fun and imaginative adventures. Kidstream also has a strong partnership with The Wiggles, one of the biggest live show acts in the world, offering several series and specials.

Kidstream’s catalog extends to classic shows that continue to resonate with young kids, including Thomas the Tank Engine and beloved characters like Barney, Angelina Ballerina, and Wibbly Pig. The platform features dozens of new, enriching shows for children to explore, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Dean Koocher’s Vision for Kidstream’s Future

Dean Koocher, along with his co-founder Jordan’s extensive experience in the TV industry, shared his vision for Kidstream’s future: “I am excited to look down the road and see the potential for Kidstream to become the new go-to channel for discerning families with younger children in their lives.”

He emphasized that Kidstream is well-suited to be a significant player in the next generation of children’s entertainment. While the last generation of kids’ channels has grown into big companies, Kidstream stands out for its commitment to taking chances and offering high-quality, original content.


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Dean also expressed his excitement about discovering and bringing exceptional kids’ content to Kidstream. The platform has earned the trust of hyper-talented producers who have contributed their original, thoughtful, and brilliantly made shows to Kidstream, making it a rewarding journey for Dean and his team.

Positive Feedback and Growing Trust

Since its launch, Kidstream has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents and children. Revealing to us, Dean said, “The feedback we have received has been excellent and rewarding to hear. It is encouraging to see our channel being discovered and subscribed to by so many homes.”

The platform’s commitment to providing safe, high-quality content for children has resonated with parents and caregivers, earning their trust and loyalty. Kidstream’s popularity continues to grow, driven by word-of-mouth recommendations and organic discovery.

The Importance of a Safe Space for Children

In his interview with us, Dean emphasized that advertising-driven platforms often prioritize content that draws clicks, which may not always align with what is best for children. Kidstream, on the other hand, places the well-being of children at the forefront. With no advertising and a strong commitment to high-quality, enriching content, Kidstream offers parents, grandparents and babysitters even the peace of mind while their children (or those they are looking after) enjoy age-appropriate entertainment. “While adults and older kids can deal with advertising, young children should not be subject to that.”

Kidstream: A Lean and Successful Business Model

Dean Koocher highlighted that Kidstream has grown organically without external investments since its launch. This approach has enabled them to operate with a lean cost base, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and understand how to make the business work without unnecessary expenditure.

He expressed confidence in Kidstream’s future, emphasizing that at the right time, they will apply capital to take Kidstream to new heights.

For more information and to subscribe to Kidstream, please visit Kidstream’s official website.


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