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Lyubov Tsokolo: The Successful Mother and Entrepreneur Takes Supermama to Dubai

Lyubov Tsokolo
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Women in business need to have a supportive network. Establishing and expanding a business is a difficult and frequently lonely experience. In the business sector, women confront particular difficulties such as discrimination based on gender, a lack of access to money, and few networking and mentoring possibilities.

The Supermama brand  was developed to encourage and promote female entrepreneurs. Supermama, which Lyubov Tsokolo and her group co-founded, aspires to build a supportive network where women can exchange experiences and gain knowledge from one another. The brand has already had a big impact on business, and businesswomen worldwide eagerly anticipate its events.

This year, Supermama is taking its message to Dubai with a series of events that will bring together female entrepreneurs worldwide. The Super Mama Organizing Committee has designed three events that will enable women to network, collaborate, and learn from some of the most successful businesswomen in the world. The ideas and projects made by women, their energy and their goals are solid and visible on a global scale nowadays. The Super Mama brand is going to unite club residents and VIP clients who have already achieved success and are ready to share their secrets.

The upcoming Supermama events in Dubai will feature diverse speakers, including CEOs and top managers representing large, medium, and small businesses, leading experts, athletes, famous personalities, politicians, and journalists. As they will share their experience and give valuable recommendations and tips based on their personal experience, attendees can attend public speeches and individual sessions where the speakers will share practical suggestions and tips based on their personal experiences. Attracting high-quality partners and audiences, working only with reputable brands and promoting only products and ideas that have been tested within the brand gives the business a climb to the top of the international rankings.

In addition, the speakers will provide guests with specific tools and contacts in Dubai, which they can use to increase the profitability of their business activities. They will also teach attendees how to present their brand in the most effective way to a unique audience in B2B and B2C segments.

This presents a unique opportunity to learn from the success stories of real people and network with a high-quality target audience, potentially meeting potential partners and clients. It’s an event that no aspiring entrepreneur or business owner should miss.

The Super Mama Business Forum event took place in Moscow in 2022 and was a huge success. The attendees enjoyed workshops and performances from all speakers and immersed themselves in high-quality networking, surrounded by multi-faceted and successful women in business.

Lyubov Tsokolo, the cofounder of Supermama, is a successful mother and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping other women achieve their goals. She is committed to building a supportive community that enables women to thrive in the business world.

Supermama brand is doing an excellent job of creating a supportive community for female entrepreneurs. Its events provide an opportunity for women to network, collaborate, and learn from each other. With Lyubov Tsokolo’s leadership, the brand is set to achieve even greater heights, and its upcoming events in Dubai are a testament to its commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs.


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