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Passive Income Expert Nick Wood Shares How He Made Millions Online

Nick Woods
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Entrepreneur Nick Wood, known online to his audience as the “King of Digital Real Estate,” is helping hundreds of students around the world with the opportunity to create life-changing passive income for themselves. Wood is inspiring a new generation of digital entrepreneurs through his thriving online course community, Digital Landlords. With his unique expertise in passive income generation through his rank and rent digital real estate model, Nick empowers his audience and students globally to create an online “side hustle” that is asulting in life-changing financial freedom for many members of his “Landlords”. 

As the founder and CEO of Digital Landlords, Nick Wood achieved success in the online space only after earning his way out of $60,000 in debt from failed tech ventures, to building a multi-million dollar business online through lead generation rank and rent digital real estate. His signature work ethic, cultivated during his childhood on his family’s generational alfalfa farm, paired with his commitment to learning how to generate passive income for financial freedom, has earned him a reputation online as a growing entrepreneur in the vast internet era. 

Nick’s journey towards success took an adventurous turn when, at 19 years old, he embarked on a two-year humanitarian effort in the jungles of West Africa. Notably, he was featured on BBC News for his growing platform where he shares his fluency in the local dialect known as “Krio” and showcases the vibrant culture of the region. After years spent in Africa, Nick returned home once more to the United States, beginning his career in sales as a door-to-door salesman in the hot summer sun of the southern U.S. 

Over the next decade, Nick weathered the storm of his failed tech ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors that left him burdened with overwhelming debt. Undeterred by these setbacks, he forged ahead and began learning the ropes of rank and rent generation and found it to be a promising business model with huge potential. Wood began laying the foundation for what would become his digital real estate empire. Fueled by his determination to share his proven methods of generating passive income from with a phone and a laptop, Nick founded Digital Landlords for those looking to “escape the rat race” of typical employment in the work force. 

Digital Landlords is Nick Wood’s signature online course that has transformed the lives of   many of his students, all from diverse backgrounds and age groups. His students, or “Landlords” as they’re called, range from 16 to 60 years old, with some of his students generating monthly passive income between $10,000 a month and up to $45,000 a month, entirely from home. 

The Digital Landlords curriculum is Nick Wood’s step-by-step guide for students to learn the methods and strategies he developed in making millions of dollars through the business model of rank and rent digital real estate. The comprehensive course covers essential topics such as niche selection, creating conversion-focused websites, setting up paid ads for lead generation, selling leads to local businesses, and leveraging profits to expand their digital and physical real estate portfolio. The Digital Landlords course offers scripts, downloadable guides, SEO how-to’s, and more to those looking to generation passive income.  

“One of the greatest advantages I’ve seen of Digital Landlords is its accessibility,” says Nick Wood. “It’s a low bar to entry with a high earning potential. No prior sales or technical experience is necessary, it can be done from anywhere in the world with just a Wi-Fi connection.” 

As a straight shooter and self-described “money-hungry dreamer”, Nick Wood is well on his way to achieving what he says is his primary goal: amassing $100 million in net worth so he can use the resources to create job opportunities for the people of West Africa and help create generational wealth online in developing countries. 


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