Pope Francis to Act Swift and Just Against Cases of Abuse by Priests, Clergy

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Pope Francis, the highest official of the Roman Catholic Church, stated that he is intent on wholly curtailing the abuse cases that plague members of the faith.

The Pope went on to say that he is personally responsible for this mission because he leads the Church, which does not readily penalize abusers. The Pope’s new goal is “zero tolerance” for violence. “A priest cannot remain a priest if he is an abuser,” Francis said.

Since he was elected Pope of the world’s largest religion, sex abuse by church officials and how the Roman Catholic Church reacts to it has been a point of debate for many. According to Francis, every case he comes across ‘hurts’ him because he wonders how a person taking the veil of service to the people and God could undertake such terrible crimes.

Since Francis assumed the papacy in 2013, there have been countless instances and reports of sexual abuse by priests. However, it is accompanied by systemic failures, negligence, and coverups that not only help foster fear among Catholics but also tarnish Francis’ noble work as Pope of the Church.

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Eliminating the systemic abuse committed by church officials

Francis has already been chastised several times for his handling of cases of sexual abuse. In 2018, for example, a Chilean bishop purportedly obscured a sex scandal, which alerted many people. Pope Francis defended the accused, upsetting many who have long despised the institutionalized protection of abusers within a powerful institution.

However, Francis later apologized to the public for his “grave error” and implemented system reforms to ensure it did not happen again. Following that, the Pope scrapped the Vatican secrecy rules for sexual abuse cases and enhanced the system, allowing for more direct and swifter responses to sexual abuse cases.

Two years after declaring the revision, Francis made another brave move — something no high church leader had done in 40 years. Francis has directed bishops to take quick and just action against clerics or Church officials who victimize minors or adults. Francis also emphasized the penalization of cases of fraud and ordaining women.

“I don’t deny the abuse. Even if it was only one [case], it is monstrous. Because you, priest, you, nun, have to take that boy, that girl to God, and with this, you destroy their lives. It’s monstrous. It is destroying lives. And then they come to you with questions. Could it be that celibacy is to blame]? It’s not about celibacy,” stated Pope Francis.

“This is one thing about abuse; it is a destructive thing, humanly diabolical.”

“In families, there is no celibacy and all that, and, sometimes, it happens. So, it is simply the monstrosity of a man or woman of the Church who is psychologically ill or evil and uses their position for their personal satisfaction.”

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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The Pope stated in a media interview that Russia and Ukraine contacted him. According to Francis, he spoke on the phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, withholding the things they discussed.

“I had a dialogue with both of them. They both visited me here before the war. And I always believe that in dialogue, we always move forward,” Francis claimed. “You know who doesn’t know how to talk? Animals. They are pure instinct.”

The Pope’s statements are held in high regard around the world, which is why Kyiv was appalled when he referred to the death of Darya Dugina, a Russian political pundit, as one of the “innocent” victims of warfare.

The Foreign Ministry contacted Archbishop Visvaldas Kulbokas, the Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine, to express their dissatisfaction with Francis’ statement, which they described as “equating the aggressor and the victim.”

The Pope indicated that he might travel to Kyiv and Moscow to advise the officials on a peaceful settlement of their conflict. If all goes well, Francis will be the first Pope to visit Moscow. And the first to go back to Kyiv in more than 20 years.

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