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Save Big on Wheels & Tires: Discounted Wheel Warehouse Sale

Save Big on Wheels & Tires Discounted Wheel Warehouse Sale
Photo Courtesy: Naeem Niamat

By: Jay Feldman

Discounted Wheel Warehouse, the nation’s first online retailer to offer wheel and tire packages, redefines the standards of affordable automotive retail. The company consistently ranks as one of the online tire retailers by Newsweek rankings, with its unbeatable wide selection and pricing. In its mission to lower prices for consumers, Discounted Wheel Warehouse has announced its sitewide DWW Summer Sale. During the sale customers can save up to $200 on select sets of tires and wheels. Select wheels with in-cart discounts include Fuel Wheels, Motiv Wheels, and TIS Wheels. 

In the 2000s, Discounted Wheel Warehouse launched one of the first online buying experiences for wheels and tires. In the 2010s, it was the first site to offer a wheel visualizer to allow customers to see their wheels on their car before they buy them. Now, they’re one of the only fully-automated ordering systems. Today, consumers are connected with over 850 brands across thousands of distribution centers in the nation to find their premier wheels and tires. Reviews on their site rave on its affordability compared to competitors on the market, enabled by the low operating costs of an automated system. 

Popular wheel models for the Discounted Wheel Warehouse include Motiv Wheels, TIS Wheels, and Konig Wheels. The company also offers Big Baller Brand Wheels, in a partnership with the Ball family. 

Discounted Wheel Warehouse makes buying simpler. Customers can choose between 18 inch, 19 inch, or 20 inch wheels, or simply input their vehicle model to suggest wheels and tires that fit their vehicle. The most popular sizes included 205/55/16, as well as larger truck tires. 

As summer approaches, bringing with it plans for road trips and adventures, Discounted Wheel Warehouse’s massive sale arrives at an opportune moment. Savvy shoppers can take advantage of substantial savings on top-quality tire sets – an essential consideration for ensuring vehicle safety and performance during long journeys under the sun.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse engages with the larger automotive community. It’s instagram, with over 10 thousand followers, posts on the latest automotive trends, designs, as well as memes. Through active social media presence on platforms such as Instagram, they keep followers updated on the latest deals, tips for tire maintenance, and new product arrivals. Their website is a hub for exploring their vast inventory and educates visitors on making informed decisions regarding wheel and tire purchases.

Reflecting upon Discounted Wheel Warehouse’s journey from its inception as one of the first online retailers for wheels and tires to becoming a beacon in affordable auto care solutions, several factors stand out. Their foresight in leveraging technology for operational efficiency paved the way for lower prices without sacrificing quality or service levels—a delicate balance many strive yet fail to achieve.

As we steer closer to summer days filled with travel plans or simply more time spent outdoors, considering upgrading or replacing your vehicle’s wheels or tires could profoundly impact your driving experience and safety measures against unpredictable terrains or weather conditions encountered during this season.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse is the perfect partner for navigating the tire and wheel buying process. Its 180-day free returns policy ensures that if things don’t fit, you aren’t stuck with the bill.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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