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turn: Building a Compassionate Brand for Authentic Entrepreneurs

turn: Building a Compassionate Brand for Authentic Entrepreneurs
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In a world where branding often becomes synonymous with impersonal corporate giants, entrepreneurs yearn for a way to make their mark authentically and with a genuine sense of care and compassion. Enter turn, a brand that goes beyond the conventional, valuing its customers as people with rich lives and stories rather than mere consumers. In this article, we explore how turn, based in sunny Southern California, is redefining the concept of branding by crafting a unique identity rooted in authenticity, care, and compassion.

A different perspective on branding

For entrepreneurs seeking to redefine their brand strategy, turn serves as an inspirational model. Rather than being a faceless corporation that churns out products for profit, turn views its customers as they would their loved ones. Because you wouldn’t give someone you love something that isn’t 100% perfect. This simple yet profound shift in perspective underscores the brand’s commitment to building authentic relationships with its customers.

According to the company, “turn is not a huge, faceless corporation that views people as only customers — we view them as friends.” This philosophy permeates everything they do. turn acknowledges the importance of protecting these friends from counterfeit products and the associated risks. To achieve this, turn has joined forces with Berify, an all-in-one digital portal accessible through a smartphone app.

Through Berify, turn customers can verify the authenticity of their products, ensuring that they are genuine, 100% original turn merchandise. Whether you’re purchasing the iconic turn podpak vape cart, turn disposables, or turn 100% live resin cannabis oil (one of three varieties they offer), you can ensure you have the real deal.

This step helps prevent scammers from illegally reselling turn products or selling knockoffs, further emphasizing the brand’s commitment to the welfare of its friends.

In addition to product verification, Berify offers customers the opportunity to join the “turnkey collective.” This exclusive rewards club allows friends to give back to the turn community by earning points toward free products. It also grants members early access to secret drops, limited-edition items, raffles, giveaways, and other perks. It’s a testament to turn’s dedication to building a community and rewarding those who support their brand.

turn: Building a Compassionate Brand for Authentic Entrepreneurs

Photo Credited to turn

Authenticity in every product

turn’s commitment to authenticity goes beyond its digital initiatives. The brand takes great pride in crafting a range of exceptional offerings, including their meticulously made turn disposables, the innovative turn podpak vape system, and its high-quality oils, such as the renowned turn 100% live resin, botanical blends, and 100% solventless. 

Each product that bears the turn name is created with maximum intention and love. turn’s cannabis concentrates, for instance, are non-GMO and sourced from a single origin. The company also takes the extra step of independent testing to ensure product purity and quality, further reinforcing its commitment to its customers’ well-being.

But turn doesn’t stop at cannabis products. They’ve extended their dedication to quality to their apparel and accessories. Designed to be durable and long-lasting, these items mirror the reliability and integrity that turn seeks to embody.

Even turn’s vape carts are held to rigorous standards. The company puts them through extensive testing and thoughtful design to ensure they are dependable companions for those taking the next turn in life. This attention to detail shows that turn doesn’t just offer products; they provide solutions, standing by their friends through the twists and turns of life’s journey.

Inspiration for entrepreneurs

turn’s journey from southern California to becoming a brand synonymous with authenticity and compassion is nothing short of inspiring. For entrepreneurs looking to build a brand that stands out, it serves as a beacon of hope. turn’s commitment to authenticity, care, and compassion demonstrates that it’s possible to succeed in business while retaining a genuine and empathic connection with customers.

In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, they appreciate and gravitate toward brands that prioritize their well-being and provide value beyond mere transactions. turn exemplifies this approach by valuing its customers as friends and protecting their interests.

turn: Building a Compassionate Brand for Authentic Entrepreneurs

Photo Credited to turn

For entrepreneurs seeking to build a brand that truly resonates with authenticity, care, and compassion, turn stands as an exceptional example. By embracing the philosophy of “turn to something new,” this brand showcases that business can be a force for good and that genuine relationships with customers are the foundation of long-lasting success. So, if you’re an entrepreneur embarking on your journey, take a cue from turn and strive to build a brand that values authenticity, fosters compassion, and nurtures meaningful relationships. Turn to something new and watch your brand flourish.

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