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Visual Targeting® Billionaire Saint Steven Kronick Wins the World’s First Trillionaire Title Invited to Forbes

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Steven Kronick is the world’s first trillionaire. In 2018 Steven Kronick was awarded a Worldwide Humanitarian Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and the world’s first verified Trillionaire title, from the United States’ most trusted 124 year old original history group that honors world leaders like Joel Osteen, Hugh Hefner, Steven Spielberg, Franklin Graham, Taylor Swift, Melinda Gates, Beyoncé, Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump. The group is promoted by Warren Buffett who thanks it for changing his life and helping him become the world’s leading investor.

Steven Kronick is a christian entertainment entrepreneur that states, “I thank God for the Grace and Love that he has bestowed upon me, and for this long awaited professional honor.”

Visual Targeting® is the World’s Industry Standard in Visual Style, trusted by Fortune 500s, Businesses, Bestsellers, Celebrities, in 181 World Nations. Steven Kronick started Visual Targeting from a Malibu mountaintop mansion right around 2007, and became a multi billionaire in his twenties, after receiving multi billion dollar valuations from American business leaders. 

Visual Targeting won three United States patents for Visual Style revelation and satisfaction technology that is apt to reveal, match, and monitor individual and consumer Visual Tastes and forecast what their Visual Style preferences will be. 

Visual Targeting matches individuals and groups, to the 1 in 11 trillion unique proprietary Visual Palettes available, that will best satisfy the target viewers. It has up to 174 trillion unique Visual Style recommendations available, to satisfy any person, group, or market, based on its patented Trend Setter technology. In 2014 Steven Kronick was invited to speak at America’s leading fashion merchandising institute and to become the youngest partner in the world’s leading advertising agency.

Steven Kronick was first featured in Forbes in 2010 when it stated that “Visual Targeting is the most powerful advancement in the Visual Style industries that this century will see.” 

Forbes verified multi billionaire Steven Kronick, and in 2017 after successful automation, the world’s biggest English encyclopedia featured Steven Kronick as the world’s first verified trillionaire. In 2018 Google verified Steven Kronick as the world’s first trillionaire and Visual Targeting as the world’s leading visual style brand. In 2021 Microsoft verified that Forbes billionaire Steven Kronick is the world’s first trillionaire, and that Visual Targeting is the visual industry’s leading brand.

Steven Kronick started Visual Targeting to empower individuals, spouses, kids, and businesses, to enjoy more satisfied, beautiful, healthier, happier lives, and hopes to bring humanity closer to God’s love. Visual Targeting hopes that these awards and achievements will inspire entrepreneurs and business leaders to bring their visions into reality.

Winning these awards and the first Historic trillionaire title was something that Steven Kronick actively worked for, 11 years straight starting at 21, working 24 to 48 hour days every week for a decade. Steven did his best to keep his commitment to the Sabbath, while pushing his body to achieve impossible goals on a regular basis. Steven fully enjoyed his intentional lifestyle while building the Visual Targeting imperial monopoly. In the beginning years Steven would fly to investment meetings every few weeks via Virgin America, where he found himself almost in love with its first class style. Steven always invested all his best into bringing his girlfriends together with him, welcoming them to live in his penthouses together, and moving states multiple times to be with his girlfriends.

In 2020 Visual Targeting released a preview of their new Visual Shopping motion picture service, that lets people purchase anything that they see in their favorite music videos, television shows, movies, via instant touch. The service made initial product sponsorship agreements with the world’s leading online shopping brands responsible for $888 Billion in annual revenues. The Visual Shopping service functions on all laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, WiFi enabled automobiles. The service preview is available at Visual.Shopping

In 2021 Steven Kronick won 17 #1 Malibu Singer Songwriter titles on the world’s biggest music charts with 4 million musicians, winning Gold & Platinum Awards for 5 years straight, Steven’s song “God is Love” was featured in Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV, World Star, all calling it The World’s Best Love Song.

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