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Meet Tanya White, the Book Birthing Consultant Unleashing Potential Through the Power of the Pen

Tanya White. A name that has reverberated through the spheres of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), authorship, broadcasting, and leadership. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, White has navigated through adversities and triumphs alike to become a prominent advocate for DEI in workplaces and beyond, a bestselling author, an inspiring speaker, a visionary publisher, a dynamic podcast host, and most importantly, an influential voice for systemic change. 

Becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated in 2020, and a growing up an ardent fan of New Edition, White had initially embarked on a corporate training journey, earning a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Louisville. However, life had a different path in store for her, leading her towards the challenging yet rewarding world of education. 

Her unexpected assignment at one of the toughest and lowest-performing schools in the district was a turning point in White’s life. This led to a teaching position marking the beginning of her twenty-year-long career in education. Along this journey, White added a master’s in special education, another master’s in K-12 school counseling, and a specialist degree in educational leadership/principal certification to her educational arsenal. 

Meet Tanya White, the Book Birthing Consultant Unleashing Potential Through the Power of the Pen

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White’s journey was not without personal trials. She lost her father at 25, her mother at 34, and the love of her life, Stefon, when she was 50. These experiences gave her a deep understanding of grief as an inevitable part of life. White’s message is that “God will birth more out of you while you are grieving than you ever imagined.” 

Amidst the trials, White found solace in writing. She started a blog as an emotional outlet, and it was through this medium that writing became her therapy. This new path led her to author and self-publish books in 2007, and in the following year, she expanded her platform by launching the Blog Talk Radio show, ‘Real Talk With Tanya White.’ Today, she boasts an impressive portfolio of ten published books, a live radio show, and a podcast titled “Go Get It With Tanya White.” 

As a Book Birthing Consultant, White has been writing and self-publishing professionally since 2005. She coaches authors, focusing on manuscript development, cover design, and crafting a compelling branding/marketing plan. Her transparent and timely approach sets her apart and ensures tangible results. She cultivates a magnetic media presence for her clients, empowering them to reach wider audiences and make a lasting impact. 

White’s unwavering belief is that everyone is enough. She insists that when you question your worth, always respond with an emphatic “YES, I AM ENOUGH!” For her, success means living life unapologetically, guided by one’s purpose, peace, and God’s plans. 

Tanya’s commitment extends to the vital area of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Her upcoming book, ‘Professionally Lynched: Revealing Systemwide Workplace Injustices and Healing From the Lifelong Trauma It Causes Everyone,’ delves into this topic with a critical and profound lens. Slated to release on July 4, 2023, the book is a social justice manifesto for an organizational revolution aimed at ending systemwide workplace injustices. 

In addition to her books, Tanya hosts a live radio show, Real Talk With Tanya White, in the Louisville, Kentucky area, and a podcast, Go Get It With Tanya White. Through these platforms, she creates high-energy, informative content for her listeners, interviewing notable guests, and continuing her mission of inspiration and empowerment. 

Workshops surrounding her book ‘Professionally Lynched’ include “Wounded While Working: The Barriers Black Women Face After Getting A Seat At the Table”, “The Delusion of Diversity: There’s Nothing Affirmative About Today’s Workplace”, and “Allowing America To Lynch Us Again: How Workplace Injustices Are Killing Amazing Employees & the Organization’s Bottom Line.” 

In the face of life’s most significant challenges, Tanya White has taught us that we can turn our adversities into advantages. She has turned grief into motivation, pain into power, and her passion for writing and advocacy into a transformative journey that continues to inspire and empower. As we journey with Tanya on her mission to impact and transform lives through words, we are reminded that every challenge we face is not a setback but a setup for a great comeback. 

As Tanya gears up to release her tenth book, she invites us to join her in challenging the status quo and standing up against workplace injustices. To connect with Tanya White, visit her websites at,, and 

Fed Survey Shows Tightening Lending Standards After Rate Hikes and Turmoil

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A recent survey by the Federal Reserve has revealed that more lenders are tightening their lending standards in the wake of increased turmoil within the banking sector. The survey, which is conducted quarterly, is known as the Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey or SLOOS. It showed that lenders attribute the changes in their lending standards to economic uncertainty, a reduced appetite for risk, deterioration in collateral values, and broader concerns about banks’ funding costs and liquidity positions. Additionally, lenders reported they expect tightening standards on all loan categories for the rest of the year, citing the above concerns and customer withdrawals.

Impact of Tightening Credit on the Economy

The tightening of credit could have material impacts on how fast the economy grows. According to Warren Kornfeld, senior vice president of Moody’s Investors Service, small businesses, which are very large employers, are major providers of credit to small and mid-sized businesses. Depending on how long and significant the tightening is, it can impact the real economy in the near term as investment, hiring, and growth slow on the back of tighter lending.

The report doesn’t usually garner much attention from the public, but that’s not the case now after three large regional banks failed within four weeks. The Fed is aiming for a precarious “soft landing” to lower inflation without causing a ballooning in unemployment. 

Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey (SLOOS)

The SLOOS released in January showed that standards tightened for most business loans, particularly commercial real estate products. Standards tightened and demand weakened for residential loans and consumer-specific categories such as credit cards, autos, and personal loans. At the time, banks expected that the trend of tightening credit, waning demand, and deteriorating loan quality would continue.

Risks and Implications of Tightening Credit

According to a separate report released on the same day by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the impacts of tightening credit have varied for consumers. The sharp decline in perceived credit access and availability in March wasn’t replicated in this month’s survey results. In April, declines were seen in both the share of households reporting it’s easier to get credit and the share of households reporting it’s harder. 

Still, household income growth expectations fell slightly, but a steeper drop in spending growth expectations was seen. The latest federal snapshots on consumer spending showed a cooling that economists say could indicate either people “retrenching” or returning to more typical spending patterns.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Austan Goolsbee said that “the credit crunch, or at least a credit squeeze, is beginning” and that it should be something Fed officials should strongly consider when deciding interest rates. Fed officials, including Chair Powell, noted that credit tightening could be similar to a rate hike.

Assessing Risks to the US Financial System

Separately on Monday, the Fed released its semi-annual Financial Stability Report, which assesses the resilience of the US financial system. Ongoing banking stresses vaulted into a “salient risk” since the previous stability report was released in November. According to the report, other risks include persistent inflation, monetary tightening, US-China tensions, commercial and residential real estate, and Russia’s war in Ukraine. 

To Wrap Up

The tightening of credit presents risks to the economy, but a soft landing is still possible. According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, credit tightening could have material impacts on the economy, but she still believes that a soft landing is possible. Nonetheless, from the survey, it is clear that banks are experiencing stress, and the potential for a credit crunch remains a salient risk. Policymakers and investors should anticipate this risk to impact the economy in the near term as investment, hiring, and growth slow on the back of tighter lending.

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