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Kurline J Altes: The Dynamic Female Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Driving Generational Change

Kurline Altes
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Kurline Altes is a renowned international female motivational speaker, storyteller, and life coach who is known for her dynamic and powerful approach to inspiring behavioral change and growth in people. She is a strong believer in the power of love, and her ultimate goal is to bring about generational change through her work.

Kurline has extensive leadership experience. She has worked and volunteered in churches, non-profit organizations, and the Mayor’s housing employment retention programs. Additionally, she has also taken part in sexual and gender minority programs to help communities have equal access to care and services to improve their quality of life. This was funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS), Baltimore Health Department and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAHMSA). She has also provided volunteer service to families and children in the foster care system, and she is a passionate advocate for justice, equity, and inclusion issues.

One of the things that sets Kurline apart from other coaches is her ability to coach individuals and organizations in any area of their personal or professional journey. Her coaching approach is built on motivation, which means that she helps her clients to develop a growth mindset and overcome any obstacles that might be holding them back. Kurline believes that everyone can benefit from coaching, regardless of their age or experience level, and she is committed to helping young professionals in particular to reach their full potential.

Kurline’s coaching is focused on the whole person, which means that she helps her clients to develop a holistic approach to their personal and professional lives. She encourages them to identify their goals, develop a plan of action, and work towards achieving their objectives one step at a time. Kurline’s coaching style is rooted in empathy, and she uses her personal experiences to connect with her clients and inspire them to take action.

Overall, Kurline Altes is a powerful force for change in the world of coaching. Her approach to motivation and whole person coaching has helped countless individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. If you are looking for a coach who can help you to overcome your obstacles and achieve success in any area of your life, then Kurline J  Altes is the coach for you.


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