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Breaking Boundaries and Elevating Voices: The Story of Lisa Kastner and Running Wild LLC

Lisa Kastner, founder of Running Wild LLC, is on a mission to change the literary world one unique story at a time. With Running Wild Press, Kastner publishes stories that push boundaries and engage readers, stories that don’t fit neatly into the traditional publishing world. With RIZE, Kastner focuses on publishing genre stories written by people of color and other underrepresented groups, bringing their voices to the forefront of the literary world.

For too long, the publishing industry has been dominated by a narrow set of norms, favoring certain genres, voices, and styles over others. This has left countless incredible stories untold, and countless voices unheard. But Kastner is challenging this status quo with Running Wild LLC, bringing to market stories that might have otherwise been overlooked, ignored, or rejected.

Running Wild Press publishes stories that don’t fit neatly into a box, that push boundaries and surprise readers. These are the stories that break through, that engage readers on a deeper level, that challenge traditional norms and conventions. With Running Wild Press, Kastner is bringing to market stories that might not have found a home with traditional publishers, but that resonate deeply with readers.

But Kastner’s commitment to elevating underrepresented voices doesn’t stop there. With RIZE, Kastner is focused on publishing genre stories written by people of color and other underrepresented groups. Less than 5% of the fiction published in North America between 1950 and 2018 was written by people of color, leaving a huge opportunity to better represent the cultures and ethnicities represented within North America.

Through RIZE, Kastner is bringing to market genre stories that might not have found a home with traditional publishers, stories that represent a diverse array of voices and perspectives. By doing so, Kastner is helping to create a more inclusive and representative literary world, one that reflects the full range of human experiences and perspectives.

Running Wild LLC is challenging traditional norms and elevating underrepresented voices by publishing unique and diverse stories that might not have found a home with traditional publishers. Through Running Wild Press and RIZE, Kastner is bringing to market stories that push boundaries, engage readers, and challenge traditional conventions. By doing so, Kastner is helping to create a more inclusive and representative literary world, one where all voices can be heard and all stories can be told.

INDIEHOUSE Modern Fragrances: Discovering Your Perfect Scent Through Well-curated and Welcoming Shopping Experience

Fragrances have the power to evoke memories and emotions. They can be a reflection of our personalities, a statement of our style, and an extension of our individuality. For one person, a fragrance could be a stamp on time like pictures do with a moment; for another, it reveals where their head is and how they feel. Overall, scents and fragrances are artistic expressions. For Carrie Hadley, Owner and Creative Director of INDIEHOUSE Modern Fragrances, this is why fragrance is a form of art.

INDIEHOUSE Modern Fragrances is an interactive fragrance boutique that offers a unique experience for fragrance lovers. With two locations in Georgia, the brand has recently expanded its reach by opening a new store in Midtown, Atlanta. The brand’s philosophy is to make shopping for a new scent an enjoyable discovery experience. Carrie believes that customers already know what they like and don’t like, so the experience in-store and online is structured to help them discover new fragrances to complement their moods and outfits.

As a Perfumer, Carrie is a trained artist with a keen knowledge of various fragrance ingredients and their smells. She has studied perfume art in Europe and has now brought the concept to the United States. She aims to show her clients how to experience the fragrance niche at luxury brick-and-mortar locations. INDIEHOUSE offers a custom mixing bar, DIY workshops, and niche and artist fragrance brands from around the world, with over 50 brands currently available. In addition, they sell niche imported perfumes and cologne brands from around the world that all adhere to the EU/IFRA standard for clean ingredients.

INDIEHOUSE Modern Fragrances is not just a place to buy fragrances but an experience to discover them. The custom mixing bar allows customers to create their unique scents, while the DIY workshops offer the opportunity to learn how to make scented candles and other fragranced products. The store’s modern and minimalist aesthetic allows the fragrances to take center stage.

IndieHouse Frangnance

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INDIEHOUSE Modern Fragrances‘ success can be attributed to its unique approach to fragrance. The brand’s philosophy is to offer a personalized experience, taking the time to understand customers’ preferences and helping them discover new fragrances. The stores are welcoming, and the knowledgeable staff makes the experience enjoyable and educational.

So while an individual could walk into a perfume store with predetermined tastes and choices in mind, INDIEHOUSE Modern Fragrances sets the explorer in you free by giving you an unforgettable experience that propels you to discover scents you didn’t know you might love. Then, they offer you these scents in ways that are most welcoming.

In conclusion, INDIEHOUSE Modern Fragrances is a brand that offers a unique and personalized experience for fragrance lovers. With its new location in Midtown, Atlanta, the brand is set to expand its reach and bring its discovery philosophy to more customers across the United States. So, if you want to discover your perfect scent, why not visit INDIEHOUSE Modern Fragrances and experience the art of fragrance?

Automotive Industry Authority and #RiseandGrind Host Glenn Lundy on Helping People Transform Into the Best Versions of Themselves

Following the emergence of digital platforms designed to help individuals improve themselves, the influx of mentors and coaches committed to maneuvering others toward their goals, and an overall increase in awareness of the importance of self-growth, people have placed a heavier premium on the pursuit of personal development. Many of those who are hoping to transform into better versions of themselves have started the journey on their own, perusing through tons of information and sifting through the resources they can find online in order to achieve their objectives. However, although it is always an option to rely on one’s own discernment, it still pays to seek the guidance of experts whose track record speaks of their ability to guide individuals through the A to Zs of self-evolution. Glenn Lundy is among the highly trusted in the industry, and his impressive portfolio is a testament to his all-out efforts toward bringing people together and inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves.

A Texas native, Glenn Lundy has risen through the ranks over the years, building a solid reputation across several spaces and making a mark in the lives of countless. While the American entrepreneur, author, host, and speaker is best acclaimed for the popular morning show #RiseandGrind, he has also established a name in the automotive industry.

The mind behind a dealership that grew by 800% in five years, Glenn Lundy managed to snag numerous accomplishments under his belt in the two decades since he first dipped his toes in the world of automotive. But the road that led him to such heights was nowhere near easy. During the first seven years of his career, he learned how not to do things and avoid the pitfalls inherent in an industry known for its competitive nature.

After gaining an in-depth understanding of the craft, Glenn Lundy then spent nine years in Kentucky, leading a dealership in a small town with a population of 9,600. In spite of the size and the corresponding issues that come hand in hand with this kind of market, the experienced entrepreneur beat the odds and bagged another impressive feat.

“We had 800% growth in five years and ultimately grew from 120 cars a month to a record 1,043 cars sold in March of 2018,” shared Glenn Lundy. “I now get the honor and the privilege to work with over 40 dealerships nationwide to help them achieve similar results through the 800% Club.”

The 800% Club is a pioneer in the North American automotive industry designed to lend dealerships a hand to sell between fifty to two hundred and fifty cars a month. At its core, it intends to help ventures scale their volume and profits while increasing employee retention and creating a winning culture.

“We use modern technology and proven strategies to develop dealership owners and general managers through online mentorship, in-person workshops, and long-term accountability,” explained Glenn Lundy.

In leading the 800% Club, the well-respected entrepreneur banks on his extensive experience and capitalizes on his reach and influence to propel clients forward. Given his intimate knowledge of the industry and its nitty-gritty, it is no wonder why his mentees have succeeded in attaining their sales objectives under his tutelage.

Apart from pushing go-getters to the next level through the 800% Club, Glenn Lundy is also creating a positive impact in other people’s lives through the #RiseandGrind morning show. A platform that aims to motivate, educate, and inspire, this brainchild of his has taught hundreds of thousands about a long list of topics, including “The Morning 5: 5 Simple Steps to an Extraordinary Life.”

From the beginning, #RiseandGrind has operated while guided by four core values, which continue to stand at the heart of its episodes even to this day. One of its core values emphasizes the importance of starting the day right.

“The first step you take when you get out of bed is the most important one,” said Glenn Lundy. “We believe how you start your day is crucially important in your success. We give you the tools and strategies you need to start off your day with a win.”

Despite having achieved numerous accomplishments in the past twenty years, Glenn Lundy has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. In the years to come, the go-to speaker and veteran entrepreneur is expected to make bolder moves in the spaces he’s currently in.

Lucie Mitchell and Company: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Through Strategic Coaching and Storytelling

The world of business is evolving, and with it, we see a significant rise in female-owned companies. This is because women are no longer sitting back and waiting for opportunities to come but instead creating their own paths and taking charge of their futures.

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), there are over 11.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States alone, accounting for 42% of all companies. These numbers are a clear indication of the growing trend of women entrepreneurship.

Women entrepreneurs are breaking barriers and creating their own paths in the business world. With the rise of female-owned businesses, there has been a surge of resources and support available to women looking to start their own ventures. One brand that is making a difference in this space is Lucie Mitchell and Company, a division of LifeFlip Media. Owned and managed by Lucie Mitchell, CEO of LifeFlip Media, Lucie Mitchell and Company is telling the stories no one else would work in ground-breaking and thoughtful ways.

Their special quote, “Creating an elevating space for wealth-driven women, and helping them achieve what they only thought dreams were made of,” truly encompasses the brand’s mission. Lucie Mitchell and Company focuses on helping women entrepreneurs share their unique stories and experiences with the world. They aim to leverage the success they have achieved through media placements at LifeFlip Media and channel it toward supporting women-owned businesses. They believe every entrepreneur has a story to tell and strive to empower women to share their experiences and inspire others.

What sets Lucie Mitchell and Company apart is really their focus on storytelling. Every entrepreneur has a story, and the Lucie Mitchell and Company team understands the importance of sharing that story with others. Through their work at LifeFlip Media, they have gained valuable experience in media placements. They are now applying that knowledge to help women-owned businesses gain the exposure they need to thrive.

Since 2015, the LifeFlip Media company has been working with brands and diverse individuals who they find authentic and inspiring. They aim to go beyond the traditional client/vendor relationship and work collaboratively to produce great results.

Beyond its website and social media presence, the brand’s passion for empowering women is evident in every aspect of its work. They prioritize building authentic client relationships and working together to achieve great results.

As the business world continues to evolve, it’s essential to have brands like Lucie Mitchell and Company that prioritize diversity and inclusivity. The brand is passionate about beginning entrepreneurs and aims to be a part of their growth in a way that enhances it. By focusing on women entrepreneurs and their unique stories, Lucie Mitchell and Company is making a positive impact in the world of business.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur looking to share your story with the world, consider reaching out to Lucie Mitchell and Company for their expertise and support.