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3 Cool Ways Semiconductors Are Used in Car Production

3 Cool Ways Semiconductors Are Used in Car Production

Today’s motor vehicles are far more than internal combustion engines mounted on wheels. Their safety, engine management, and information and entertainment systems are controlled by sophisticated electronic circuits, which are controlled by semiconductors. Made out of materials like silicon that offer the properties of conductors and insulators, semiconductors can protect delicate components and precisely control the current flow in a closed system. A modern automobile can contain as many as 3,500 semiconductors, and everyone has an important job. Here are three cool ways that semiconductors are used in the automotive industry.

1- Engine Management

A modern car’s engine management system monitors performance and automatically adjusts to prevent component failures and breakdowns. Automobile enthusiasts once had to bolt superchargers, turbochargers, or other devices onto their car engines if they wanted a power boost. Still, now they can dial up extra horsepower by using laptop computers.

When a laptop or tablet computer is connected to a modern car’s engine management system, the ignition timing can be adjusted, the shift points can be changed, and preset rev limits can be overridden. Performance enthusiasts call this engine remapping. Premade performance maps are available for most modern engines, but installing one could void your factory warranty.

2- Information and Entertainment

The information and entertainment systems in almost all new cars and trucks make driving safer and more enjoyable. Their navigation features provide turn-by-turn directions to prevent us from getting lost, and some of them can turn vehicles into mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. All of this is made possible by legacy node semiconductors that identify and process critical data and deliver it accurately and reliably.

In recent years, advances in semiconductor design have made car infotainment systems far more capable. Early voice recognition technology was hit or miss, but the latest semiconductor chips cannot be thrown off by regional accents or dialects. The newest chips also allow car manufacturers to offer advanced features like wireless cellphone charging and gesture control.

3- Autonomous and Semiautonomous Safety Systems

Some sort of human error causes the vast majority of motor vehicle accidents. Not even the most observant and diligent driver can fully take in everything that is going on around them, but the cameras and sensors found in most modern vehicles can. Semiconductors process all of this information and can trigger safety systems automatically to prevent accidents.

Semiconductors watch blind spots and allow adaptive cruise control systems to maintain safe distances, and they respond to dangerous situations far more quickly than the human brain can. When a collision is unavoidable, semiconductors make sure that airbags deploy properly.

Making Cars Better and Driving Safer

The latest cars, trucks, and SUVs contain thousands of semiconductors that process and manage important information. These electronic wonders activate safety systems, manage internal combustion engines, and make automobile information and entertainment systems more capable and useful. Semiconductors made the information age possible, and they are now making cars better and safer than ever.


Published By: Aize Perez


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