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Abacus Bookkeeping: Enhancing “Hybrid Bookkeeping” Systems

Abacus Bookkeeping Enhancing “Hybrid Bookkeeping” Systems_2
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By: Nic Abelian, AnotherZero

Los Angeles-based Abacus Bookkeeping is enhancing the way small businesses manage their financial records by simplifying bookkeeping to a level that can be efficiently handled by clerical staff within the company. This innovative approach not only streamlines processes but also significantly reduces costs, making professional bookkeeping accessible and efficient for a wide range of businesses.

Founder Joe Taylor states, “Bookkeeping is as simple as second-grade math, and anyone can manage their finances with the right systems and support in place.” This philosophy has led to the development of comprehensive processes that enable businesses to perform up to 80% of their bookkeeping in-house while Abacus acts as an external bookkeeping manager. This unique method empowers companies to take control of their financial records without the need for costly outside services.

Abacus Bookkeeping stands out in the industry with its team of QuickBooks ProAdvisors, who are experts in training and systemizing basic bookkeeping for in-house staff at nearly any level. This expertise ensures that businesses are not only able to maintain accurate financial records but also benefit from the professional guidance and oversight necessary to manage their finances effectively.

One of the core strengths of Abacus Bookkeeping is its ability to develop tailored bookkeeping systems for small businesses. These systems are designed to be simple yet effective, allowing companies to utilize their existing personnel to handle routine bookkeeping tasks. With just a few hours a week, a capable clerical-level person can manage the bulk of the bookkeeping responsibilities, supported by the expert advice and oversight of Abacus’s US-based team.

The company’s approach is not only cost-effective but also empowering for businesses. By bringing bookkeeping in-house, companies gain a deeper understanding of their financial health and can make more informed decisions. Abacus Bookkeeping provides the tools and training necessary to ensure that even those with no prior bookkeeping experience can manage their financial records with confidence.

In an industry where outsourcing is often seen as the norm, Abacus Bookkeeping offers a refreshing “hybrid” alternative. The company’s focus on developing systems challenges the conventional wisdom that professional bookkeeping must be expensive and outsourced. Taylor explains, “Many businesses don’t want to hire an in-house bookkeeper because they don’t know how to manage an in-house bookkeeper. Abacus provides the option to train your own staff and outsource the review.”

Abacus Bookkeeping’s innovative approach is particularly beneficial for small businesses that may not have the resources to hire full-time bookkeeping staff or the budget to outsource all their bookkeeping needs. By training existing staff and providing ongoing support, Abacus ensures that businesses can maintain high standards of financial management without incurring excessive costs.

Additionally, the company’s US-based support team is always available to provide expert advice and assistance. This ensures that businesses have access to professional guidance whenever they need it, helping them navigate complex financial situations and stay compliant with regulations.

Abacus Bookkeeping’s services are not only practical but also forward-thinking. By leveraging technology and automation, the company helps businesses streamline their bookkeeping processes even further. Tools such as cloud-based accounting software and automated transaction categorization make it easier for businesses to keep their books up-to-date and accurate, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall efficiency.

Abacus Bookkeeping Enhancing “Hybrid Bookkeeping” Systems

Photo Courtesy: Joe Taylor

The “hybrid” bookkeeping model championed by Abacus also offers scalability. As businesses grow, their bookkeeping needs evolve. Abacus’s flexible approach allows businesses to scale their bookkeeping operations in line with their growth, ensuring they continue to receive the support they need without overextending their resources.

Abacus Bookkeeping’s commitment to simplifying and improving the bookkeeping process has earned it a reputation as a leader in the industry. By focusing on education, support, and the development of user-friendly systems, the company is helping small businesses across the country achieve better financial management and greater peace of mind.

In conclusion, Abacus Bookkeeping is transforming the way small businesses handle their financial records by making bookkeeping simple, efficient, and cost-effective. With its expert training, comprehensive systems, and US-based support, Abacus empowers businesses to bring their bookkeeping in-house, saving money and gaining control over their finances. For more information, visit Abacus Bookkeeping and follow them on Instagram at @abacusbookkeeping.

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