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Andrea Holmes Thompkins: A Legacy of Purpose, Passion, and Service

Andrea Holmes Thompkins: A Legacy of Purpose, Passion, and Service
Photo Credited to Roger Maloney

Few figures in small business executives shine as brightly as Andrea Holmes Thompkins. A true luminary in her field, Thompkins has spent decades in the business world, earning a myriad of accolades and awards, all while upholding a resolute commitment to her guiding principles of purpose, passion, and service. As a source of inspiration for small business executives and a living reflection of a lifetime in the business, Thompkins is a name synonymous with excellence.

The ACEtrepreneur’s Journey

Andrea Holmes Thompkins, the CEO of ACE Media Corp, has a career that can only be described as ACEmazing. Her journey in the media industry has been nothing short of remarkable, where she exemplified the #ACEmazing way to “Dream, Believe, Achieve” and assist others in doing the same. What truly sets her apart is not just the multitude of awards she has amassed over the years, but her unwavering dedication to managing challenges, sharing success, wisdom, and happiness with the world.

Thompkins has made an indelible mark on the media landscape by being a key contributor to the launch of several groundbreaking television networks, including Bounce Television, Genesis Network, Uptown Movie Network, Bravo, and Oxygen media networks. Her collaborations with iconic figures like Tyler Perry launched on TBS only reinforce her position as a trailblazer in the industry.

What’s truly remarkable is that Thompkins began her career in an era where there were only three major broadcast networks—ABC, NBC, and CBS. Her journey started at WWOR-TV, and four decades later, she reflects on her incredible service to the business world. A proud graduate of Howard University, Washington DC, Thompkins’ career has taken her to all corners of the globe, with notable stops at the World Cup in South Africa, the Olympics in Brazil, and the Nobel Peace Prize Awards celebration in Oslo, Norway, among many others. However, none of these experiences could overshadow the significance of her service in her hometown of Paterson, New Jersey, especially during the pandemic. Thompkins, with the support of the non-profit group Jumpstart, provided meals, masks, and therapy to those in need. She’s not just a business executive; she’s a philanthropist with a heart of gold.

Awards and Honors

Andrea Holmes Thompkins’ walls must be adorned with accolades, as she has received numerous honors and awards throughout her career. The list is truly impressive, reflecting her significant contributions to various fields. She has been named the National Association of Professional Woman of the Year, received the Black Women in Media award, the NAACP Freedom Fund Trailblazer Award, and the National Action Network Women of Excellence Award. Her service has also been recognized by the Congressional Recognition, New Jersey Legislature, Senate Citation, and Assembly Distinguished Service Award.

Andrea Holmes Thompkins: A Legacy of Purpose, Passion, and Service

Photo Credited to Roger Maloney

Furthermore, Thompkins has received the Black Girls Rock Award, International Women’s Day Award and the Howard University Distinguished Alumni Award, a recognition that holds a special place in her heart as an alumna of the prestigious institution. Beyond national borders, she has been acknowledged with the Lights of Africa Award, South Africa International Recognition, solidifying her status as a global figure.

Andrea Holmes Thompkins: A Legacy of Purpose, Passion, and Service

Photo Credited to Roger Maloney

However, among all these accolades, one of the most memorable moments in Thompkins’ career was being honored alongside the trailblazing living legend, Mrs. Theodora Smiley Lacey. Mrs. Lacey, a civil rights activist and educator, has been an enduring source of inspiration for Thompkins. In a full-circle moment, Thompkins had the honor of recognizing her sons former teacher, a woman she has always admired.

A Life of Gratitude and Giving

One might assume that an executive with such a stellar career might rest on her laurels, but Andrea Holmes Thompkins is the antithesis of complacency. She doesn’t take anything or anyone for granted, and she considers herself blessed to be in a position to bless others. Her tireless commitment to giving back to her community and the world at large is a testament to her character and values.

In addition to her illustrious career, Thompkins is deeply thankful for her loving support system, which includes her husband of 36 years, whom she met at Howard University. Their youngest Son & cherishes the memory of their guardian angel, first born son, who peacefully transitioned this life in June 2022. For Thompkins, life is not measured  by professional achievements but by the love and bonds that she shares with her family.She credits her late parents, for a solid loving family foundation laid.

Andrea Holmes Thompkins: A Legacy of Purpose, Passion, and Service

Photo Credited to Roger Maloney

Andrea Holmes Thompkins is a living embodiment of the #ACEmazing way to “Dream, Believe, Achieve,” and her journey through the world of business is a testament to her unwavering commitment to purpose, passion, and service. Her career is a shining example for small business executives, and her numerous awards and honors are a reflection of a lifetime dedicated to making the world a better place. In a world often defined by accolades and achievements, Thompkins’ story serves as a powerful reminder that the true measure of a person’s legacy lies in the impact they make on others.

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