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“Between 2 Minds” Stage Show Achieves Remarkable Success in Fundraising Efforts for Non-Profit Organizations and Causes

Between 2 Minds Stage Show Achieves Remarkable Success in Fundraising Efforts for Non-Profit Organizations and Causes
Photo Courtesy: Judge Mentalist / Between 2 Minds

By: Nic Abelian

Elkton, Maryland – July 1, 2024 – The dynamic stage show “Between 2 Minds,” featuring the exceptional talents of mind reader Bernardo Rodriguez and Hypnotist Judge Mentalist, has achieved significant success in its mission to support non-profit organizations, school groups, and various charitable causes. As of mid-2024, the show has helped raise nearly $40,000, with a goal of surpassing $100,000 by the end of the year.

In early 2024, Bernardo Rodriguez and Judge Mentalist set an ambitious goal to leverage their unique Vegas-style 2-act performance to benefit those in need. Their efforts have been met with resounding success, with recent highlights including a benefit show for a local girl bravely battling stage 4 cervical cancer. This show not only highlighted the duo’s commitment to charitable causes but also underscored the impact that entertainment can have on community support and fundraising efforts.

“We are incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished so far,” said Bernardo Rodriguez. “Our aim has always been to use our talents to give back to the community, and seeing the positive impact we’ve made is deeply rewarding.” Rodriguez’s sentiments reflect the core mission of “Between 2 Minds” – to merge entertainment with philanthropy, creating memorable experiences that also serve a greater purpose.

Judge Mentalist added, “This journey has been about more than just entertainment; it’s about bringing hope and support to those who need it most. We’re committed to continuing this mission and reaching our goal by the end of the year.” The duo’s dedication to their cause is evident in their consistent performance schedule and the variety of charitable organizations they support.

The latter half of 2024 promises to be equally impactful, with a schedule full of events benefitting local food banks in Elkton, Maryland, The Maryland Legends Baseball Program, the North East High School Marching Band, The Josh Hamer Legacy Foundation, and more. These events are strategically planned to maximize outreach and support for a diverse range of beneficiaries. By targeting different community needs, “Between 2 Minds” ensures that their efforts touch various aspects of the local society.

The organization has also expanded its business model to include soliciting donations from local businesses for the events, further enhancing their ability to raise revenue. This approach not only increases the financial impact of each show but also fosters a sense of community involvement and corporate social responsibility among local businesses. There is still time to add a few more benefit shows in limited time frames for qualified organizations, making it an ongoing opportunity for those interested in partnering with “Between 2 Minds.”

“Between 2 Minds” combines the mesmerizing abilities of mind reading and hypnosis, creating an unforgettable experience for audiences. The show has been praised for its engaging and interactive elements, making it a favorite among diverse groups and organizations. Audience members often leave the performances not only entertained but also inspired by the show’s philanthropic mission.

For more information about “Between 2 Minds,” upcoming performances, or to inquire about booking the show for a charitable event, please contact Jobeth Bowers.

About “Between 2 Minds”

“Between 2 Minds” is a captivating stage show featuring mind reader Bernardo Rodriguez and Hypnotist Judge Mentalist. The show aims to entertain and inspire while supporting various charitable causes through its performances.

Jobeth Bowers
Booking Agent

The show’s commitment to excellence and community support sets it apart from other entertainment acts. By intertwining their performances with charitable fundraising, Bernardo Rodriguez and Judge Mentalist are not only providing high-quality entertainment but also making a tangible difference in the lives of those they aim to help. The positive feedback and growing support from audiences and local businesses alike underscore the success and impact of “Between 2 Minds.”

As the year progresses, “Between 2 Minds” continues to seek new opportunities to expand their reach and support more causes. Their innovative approach to combining entertainment with philanthropy serves as an inspiring model for how artistic talents can be leveraged to create meaningful change. With each performance, they are not just entertaining but also fostering a culture of giving and community support, ensuring that their impact will be felt long after the final curtain call.


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