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Tak Salmastyan: Bridging Cultures through Art

In its many forms, art serves as a global language, overcoming cultural barriers and uniting people globally. The artist’s work integrates tales, emotions, and viewpoints, appealing to individuals from diverse backgrounds. For example, an Armenian picture or an African sculpture might elicit feelings in someone in America, demonstrating the shared human experience. Artistic works often contain aspects from the artist’s cultural past, giving spectators a window into their culture, customs, and history. Artists also take inspiration from many cultures and incorporate these ideas into their work. Art and artists play an important role in bridging cultural gaps, appreciating variety, and encouraging global harmony. Takvor or Tak Salmastyan is one of the few contemporary artists who have successfully integrated the rich tapestry of many cultures into their work.

Salmastyan’s new approaches, BinArism™ and Auto Plasticism, demonstrate how art can bridge cultural differences and embrace modern influences. His journey from the landscapes of Soviet Armenia to the thriving creativity of Los Angeles, California, is more than just a personal triumph; it’s a story of how art transcends geographical and cultural borders. Tak Salmastyan, born on April 20, 1963, in Soviet Armenia, became a significant player in the American art scene. His artistic work and creative techniques combine cultural history with contemporary invention, particularly influenced by modern life and computer technologies.

Tak Salmastyan developed and pioneered the BinArtism™ style, a novel painting method using the binary number system to create images. This style employs just two symbols: “0” and “1”. In BinArtism™, human, animal, or other silhouettes are depicted using these binary digits, with “0” typically representing the female symbol and “1” the male symbol. The background of these images often features a short phrase or word in binary code, reflecting a direct influence from modern life and computer technology rather than his Armenian heritage.

Auto Plasticism, another unique style developed by Salmastyan, is a blend of Neo-Plasticism and Automatism, strongly emphasizing geometric shapes, the Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci Sequence. This method restricts movement to horizontal and vertical lines, using only primary colors: black, white, and gray. Auto Plasticism is characterized by its strict adherence to these rules, combining the precision of mathematical sequences with the freedom of artistic expression.

Salmastyan’s painting and art changed dramatically in Los Angeles when he started to merge his Armenian heritage with the many influences of American society. This synthesis is visible in his distinct styles, which combine his cultural heritage and his experiences in America. His artworks, typified by this ethnic amalgamation, demonstrate his ability to manage and cherish diversity. His artworks and artistic styles, including BinArtism™ and Auto Plasticism, reflect his blending of Armenian heritage and American culture.

Tak Salmastyan developed and pioneered the BinArtism™ style, which uses the binary number system to generate beautiful and meaningful pictures. Although very contemporary, this style hints at his Armenian roots, notably in how it combines simplicity and intricacy. Auto Plasticism, on the other hand, combines Neoplasticism with Automatism, using the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence. This style pays homage to his scientific and mathematical background in Armenia but is reinterpreted through the prism of his American experiences.

These art styles and artworks are physically appealing and serve as tales recounting stories of journeys across countries and cultures. They represent a conversation between the classical and the modern, the traditional and the contemporary. Salmastyan’s paintings enable viewers to study Armenia’s rich past while experiencing America’s diverse cultural environment.

Tak Salmastyan’s transition from Armenia to America and his creative progress exemplify how art can cross cultural borders. His art acts as a bridge between two cultures, providing a distinct viewpoint firmly entrenched in his ancestry while still being broadly global in scope. As he continues to explore and create, Salmastyan’s work remains a monument to the uniting force of creativity, a beacon of cultural convergence amid the variegated world of contemporary art.

Tak Salmastyan’s role as an instructor at the Art Institute of California is just as important as his accomplishments as an artist. His cross-cultural experiences have significantly impacted his teaching philosophy, allowing him to give his pupils a unique viewpoint. In his courses, students from many backgrounds discover a shared language in art. Salmastyan’s mentoring extends beyond teaching methods; he instills in his pupils a love of varied creative styles and encourages them to explore their ethnic identities through painting. His approach to education and training reflects his belief in art as a global language that crosses cultural boundaries.

Tak Salmastyan Bridging Cultures through Art_2

Photo Courtesy: Tak Salmastyan /

Tak Salmastyan’s artworks act as bridges linking various cultures through visual tales. His paintings, rich in symbolism and influenced by multiculturalism, allow visitors to go on a cultural trip. His BinArtism™ artworks generally represent his Armenian background, while his Auto Plasticism works embody the energy of American society. Several exhibits have shown these artworks, such as Gallery 825 in Los Angeles and Upstream Gallery in New York. They have been commended for their capacity to connect cultural disparities. Salmastyan’s artwork catalyzes international connection, providing a platform for manifesting creativity, fostering cultural comprehension, and cultivating empathy.

Salmastyan’s transition from Armenia’s historic landscapes to America’s flourishing art community showcases his unwavering determination, flexibility, and innovative advancement. His impact on the art world goes beyond creating unique artistic forms; he has played a crucial role in fostering cultural comprehension via his artistic endeavors and teaching. His ongoing exploration of new creative realms profoundly influences the worldwide art community. Salmastyan’s legacy encompasses his artistic creations and the cultural connections he nurtures, establishing him as an authentic ambassador of cross-cultural art in the modern day.

Tak Salmastyan embodies the core of cultural amalgamation and ingenuity through his life and work. The trip he undertook showcases the capacity of art to transcend cultural barriers and foster international understanding. His ongoing inspiration and education will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the art world and beyond.

Published by: Martin De Juan

On View Now: OCHI Presents Group Exhibition Spring Flowers with Nature-Based Sculpture by Karolina Maszkiewicz

OCHI is currently presenting Spring Flowers, a group exhibition featuring the work of Karolina Maszkiewicz, a Polish-born American artist and sculptor, which will be on view through May 10, 2024. 

Karolina’s sculptures often incorporate natural elements and are meant to immerse the viewer in nature. Her Sérpsates series is a meditative series of pendant mobiles. Each composition is made of collected seed pods from their native area that reflect the unique habitat in which they are found. They are then joined with stainless steel rods and transformed into a hanging kinetic sculpture. She finds beauty in the juxtaposition of natural and manmade materials, often incorporating veneer and metal to highlight the organic textures of her sculptures.

The key piece in the show is Maskiewicz’s Black Pearl from 2024, inspired by the Sicilian Island of Pantelleria made with metal mesh and wild cucumber seed pods. 

Other artists featured include Joshua Aster, Debra Broz, Kristin Calabrese, Amie Cunat, Velia De Iuliis, Paige Emery, Sarah Giannobile, Peter Halasz, Ara Hao, Luke Harnden, Phaan Howng, Will Hutnick, Louise Jones, Stan Kaplan, Allison Katz, Thomas Linder, Karolina Maszkiewicz, Mabel Moore, Nicole Nadeau, Francisco Palomares, Annie Pendergrast, Lydia Maria Pfeffer, Sofie Ramos, Benjamin Reiss, Ian Stanton, Paige Turner Uribe, Angela Witmore, Hana Ward, and Jonas Wood. 

Celebrating delightful bursts of vernal energy Spring Flowers blooms after a long Sun Valley winter. In neat arrangements placed throughout the gallery, artists explore myriad themes that expand upon the symbolic power of the flower. Flowers represent life and death, healing, and spiritual rebirth. They stand in for all of nature and for all the love one has to give. Flowers offer insight into cultural constructs and ecological discourse. They are used for medications, meditations on temporality, and for wildly escapist fantasies. Ikebana, garlands, wreaths, pattern and decoration, Art Nouveau, scientific illustrations, memento mori, and beyond—the artists included in Spring Flowers rewild and reimage a bouquet of floral motifs. Spring Flowers proves the persistence of flora and heralds the arrival of new creative seasons.

OCHI is located at 119 Lewis Street in Ketchum, Idaho.

ABOUT Karolina Maszkiewicz 

Karolina Maszkiewicz is a Polish-born American artist currently based in Los Angeles. Karolina’s childhood was imbued with creativity and craftsmanship, as her family was deeply involved in artistic endeavors. Karolina’s early experiences shaped her current artistic aesthetic  – from sewing clothes to crafting furniture, which was often a necessity in the Post-Communism era in Poland. After attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in the late 90s, she eventually found her true calling as a sculptor. While studying with modernist sculptor Brad Howe in Malibu, Karolina’s interest in kinetic sculptures was sparked. She was drawn to their ability to evoke motion and interact with their environment. Inspired by her love of nature, Karolina’s work reflects the serene landscapes of her childhood and her experiences exploring the deserts and mountains of California.

Her sculptures, often incorporating natural elements, are meant to immerse the viewer in nature. Through her Sepsates series, Karolina meditates on humanity’s often overlooked connection to nature, transforming foraged seed pods into striking sculptures that command attention and reverence. She embraces trial and error when at work, and allows her intuition to guide the composition of each piece. She finds beauty in the juxtaposition of natural and manmade materials, often incorporating veneer and metal to highlight the organic textures of her sculptures. Karolina finds inspiration in the pioneering female sculptors of the 20th century, such as Niki de Saint Phalle, Ruth Asawa, and Louise Bourgeois. She also admires the fiber sculptures of Magdalena Abakanowicz, whose monumental creations elicit a sense of primal mystery and wonder.

Karolina’s work can be found in galleries such as Twentieth in Los Angeles, Tappan, and Harbinger LA. Her upcoming endeavors include an art residency at Parco de Sesi on the Sicilian island of Pantelleria, where she plans to create a sculpture using natural elements found on the island. Additionally, she aims to refine her painting and drawing skills, exploring new materials and techniques to further enrich her artistic practice. Karolina’s future plans also include a possible semester in Florence to immerse herself in the rich artistic traditions of Italy, ultimately infusing her sculptures with inspiration from around the world.


Published By: Aize Perez

Understanding Authentic Masculinity through Jimmy Rex’s Enlightening Book ‘Be One’: A Closer Look at the Guide to Healthy Manhood in Today’s Society

In an era where the conversation around masculinity is more polarized than ever, Jimmy Rex’s latest literary offering, “Be One: How to Be a Healthy Man in Toxic Times,” emerges as a beacon of hope and clarity. As the founder of We Are The They, a groundbreaking initiative designed to support men, their partners, and teenagers in navigating the complexities of modern life, Rex brings his wealth of experience to the fore in this compelling read.

“Be One” is not merely a book; it’s a transformative journey that compels its readers to introspect deeply about what it means to be a good man in today’s society. Drawing from his acclaimed We Are The They course; Rex provides an invaluable framework for self-actualization that is both insightful and actionable. With humor and vulnerability, he guides readers through the maze of societal expectations and personal dilemmas toward a path of authentic fulfillment.

At the heart of Rex’s narrative is Marcus Aurelius’s timeless wisdom: “Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” This quote encapsulates the essence of “Be One,” urging readers to move beyond debates and embody the values they admire. Through funny storytelling, essential life skills, and proven practices, Rex tackles deep-rooted issues that hinder individuals from connecting with their true needs and desires.

The book is structured into several key areas that are crucial for anyone aiming to improve themselves or better understand masculinity. These include strategies for overcoming unwanted behaviors and finding direction guided by passion, purpose, and meaning, as well as compelling discussions on integrity’s role in leading an authentically fulfilling life.

One of the most striking features of “Be One” is its accessibility. Rex has skillfully crafted a narrative that resonates with men across various stages of life – whether you’re navigating teenage angst or grappling with mid-life crises. The book serves as both a mirror reflecting our innermost struggles and a map pointing toward growth and self-discovery.

Moreover, “Be One” delves into what it means to live with goodness at one’s core. In today’s world, where headlines often highlight male toxicity rather than virtues, this book shines as an essential guide to cultivating integrity and empathy. It argues convincingly that these hallmarks are not outdated ideals but fundamental elements for personal success and societal harmony.

For readers seeking practical advice amidst these philosophical musings, “Be One” does not disappoint. It offers tangible solutions for common problems faced by men today – from handling emotional turmoil to maintaining meaningful relationships. Each chapter builds upon the last to create a comprehensive guidebook for living a life marked by depth and purpose.

Beyond its pages, “Be One” extends its influence through various platforms, such as social media, where Jimmy Rex actively engages with his audience. His website also serves as an interactive space for those looking to dive deeper into the concepts discussed in his book or connect with like-minded individuals committed to personal growth.

In conclusion—though not explicitly marked as such—”Be One” stands out as not just another self-help book but as an invitation to embark on a profound journey towards understanding oneself and embodying authentic masculinity. It challenges conventional narratives surrounding manhood while providing practical tools for living an extraordinary life grounded in real values.

Jimmy Rex’s work is undoubtedly poised to spark meaningful conversations around dinner tables, in classrooms, and within communities about what it truly means to ‘be one.’ In doing so, “Be One: How to Be a Healthy Man in Toxic Times” holds the potential not only to transform individual lives but also to reshape our collective perception of masculinity for generations to come.


Published By: Aize Perez

Julia Gershun’s Perspective: The G. Veryovki Choir’s Mission for Ukraine

By Julia Gershun

Good day, Ms. Julia Gershun. Thank you for speaking with us about the upcoming charity concert tour by the G. Veryovki Ukrainian National Honoured Academic Folk Choir. Can you share the significance of this tour, particularly in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine?

Julia Gershun: Thank you for having me. Indeed, this concert tour holds immense importance, especially as we mark the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The G. Veryovki Choir has been a cultural ambassador for Ukraine for over 80 years, and this tour is a testament to our resilience and determination to share our culture and values with the world, even in challenging times.

Could you elaborate on the objectives of this tour and how it aligns with the mission of the Peace Committee of Ukraine charity fund?

Julia Gershun: Absolutely. The primary objective of this tour is to express our gratitude to the American people for their unwavering support during these turbulent times. Through our performances, we aim to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine and demonstrate how art and music can promote unity and resilience in the face of adversity. Furthermore, this tour serves as a platform to raise awareness and funds for important causes, such as the rehabilitation of veterans and the restoration of social infrastructure in conflict-affected areas, all under the umbrella of the “WE ARE UKRAINIANS” international project led by the Peace Committee of Ukraine charity fund.

Julia Gershun's Perspective: The G. Veryovki Choir's Mission for Ukraine

Photo Courtesy: / @ukrainiandancefestival / @veryovka

Could you provide some insight into the lineup of the concert and the involvement of notable figures such as Miss Universe 2018 and Ukrainian Eurovision stars?

Julia Gershun: Certainly. The concert will feature performances by the esteemed G. Veryovki Choir, renowned Ukrainian Eurovision stars, and special appearances by influential figures such as Miss Universe 2018. Their participation not only adds to the cultural richness of the event but also helps to amplify our message of peace, unity, and gratitude. Additionally, the support of Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and the Embassy of Ukraine in the US underscores the significance of this concert in promoting Ukrainian culture on an international stage. And I’m so proud that the evening will be hosted by Mika Newton and Greg Carter.

Can you elaborate on the contemporary ethnic show performed by the Veryovka choir? How does it encapsulate the essence of Ukrainian culture and history?

Julia Gershun: The contemporary ethno show by the Veryovka Choir is a vibrant tapestry that weaves together traditional music, dance, and multimedia elements to bring the rich history and culture of Ukraine to life on stage. It’s a celebration of our heritage, where ancient movements seamlessly blend with modern choreography, showcasing the timeless beauty and resilience of the Ukrainian people.

The concert also includes a presentation of the portrait of the Ukrainian nation. Could you shed some light on what this entails and its significance in the context of the event?

Julia Gershun: Certainly. The presentation of the portrait of the Ukrainian nation is a symbolic gesture that pays homage to the collective spirit and identity of our people. It serves as a visual representation of our shared history, traditions, and values, reinforcing the unity and strength of the Ukrainian community both at home and abroad.

The event features an award ceremony called the “Gratitude Award,” honoring American companies, politicians, and Hollywood stars who have assisted Ukraine. How were the nominees selected, and what criteria were considered in their selection process?

Julia Gershun: The nominees for the “Gratitude Award” were carefully selected based on several criteria. We collaborated with the US Embassy in Ukraine to identify companies that have made charitable donations to Ukrainian funds, as well as celebrities and politicians who have publicly supported our cause. We aim to express our heartfelt appreciation to those who have stood by Ukraine during these challenging times and recognize their contributions to our nation’s well-being.

Lastly, could you tell us more about the closed party with the award nominees? What can attendees expect from this exclusive gathering?

Julia Gershun: The closed party with the award’s nominees will be an intimate and celebratory affair, bringing together individuals who have played a significant role in supporting Ukraine. Attendees can expect a night of camaraderie, appreciation, and reflection as we come together to honor their contributions and strengthen the bonds of friendship between our nations.

Thank you, Ms. Gershun, for sharing these insights. We wish you and the entire team behind the concert tour great success in your endeavors.

Julia Gershun: It was my pleasure. Thank you for helping us spread awareness about this critical initiative. Together, through the power of music and unity, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by conflict.

Published by: Holy Minoza

Empowering Communities: An Interview with Veronika Anysenko

By: Alva Ree

In an exclusive interview, Veronika Anysenko, a dedicated advocate for children and families, shares her inspiring journey from Ukraine to California and her unwavering commitment to education and family support. Born into a family of educators in Ukraine, Anysenko’s upbringing instilled in her a profound appreciation for the transformative power of education. 

Influenced by her parents’ passion for teaching, she embarked on a journey to follow in their footsteps, pursuing a career that would allow her to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families. Anysenko’s educational journey was marked by diversity, encompassing degrees in teaching, school psychology, and early childhood education. Armed with a broad range of knowledge and skills, she set out to address the complex needs of children and families, particularly those from immigrant backgrounds. Upon relocating to California, Anysenko found her calling as a family liaison for the school district, where she works tirelessly to support newcomer immigrant children and their families in navigating the challenges of adapting to life in America. Her fluency in Ukrainian and Russian has been instrumental in bridging language and cultural barriers, allowing her to connect with Ukrainian and Russian-speaking families on a deeper level.

As a family liaison, Anysenko strives to create a supportive and inclusive environment where all families feel valued and understood. She emphasizes the importance of empathy and compassion in bringing more love and support into the world, advocating for a society that celebrates diversity and uplifts those facing challenges. Despite her recent recognition in the Ms. Universe Ukrainian Elite 2024 beauty contest, Anysenko remains steadfast in her commitment to service. While she appreciates the accolades, her passion is daily serving children and families, drawing inspiration from their resilience and strength. Anysenko’s experience in the beauty contest has reinforced her belief in using her platform to advocate for those who may not have a voice, spreading love and positivity wherever she goes. Her dedication to empowering communities and making a difference in the lives of children and families serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all. As our conversation draws to a close, Anysenko expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to share her story. With unwavering determination and compassion, she reminds us that we can all play a part in creating a more loving and supportive world for future generations. Veronika Anysenko’s tireless dedication to serving children and families is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and empathy. Her journey from Ukraine to California reflects her unwavering commitment to education and family support, inspiring others to make a difference in their communities. Raised in a family of educators in Ukraine, Anysenko witnessed firsthand the impact of education on young minds and families. Influenced by her parents’ dedication to teaching, she pursued a career path that would allow her to continue their legacy of service. Anysenko’s educational background is diverse, encompassing degrees in teaching, school psychology, and early childhood education. This multidisciplinary approach equips her with the knowledge and skills to address the complex needs of children and families from diverse backgrounds. Upon immigrating to California, Anysenko found her niche as a family liaison for the school district, where she assists newcomer immigrant children and their families in adjusting to their new lives in America. Her fluency in Ukrainian and Russian enables her to connect with Ukrainian and Russian-speaking families on a deeper level, helping to bridge language and cultural barriers. In her role, Anysenko prioritizes creating a supportive and inclusive environment where all families feel valued and understood.

Anysenko emphasizes the importance of empathy and compassion in fostering a more loving and supportive world for everyone. She believes that we can build a more compassionate society by listening to each other’s stories and understanding each other’s struggles. Anysenko’s recent recognition in the Ms. Universe Ukrainian Elite 2024 beauty contest has provided her a platform to advocate for those who may not have a voice. Despite the attention garnered by her beauty, Anysenko remains focused on her true passion: serving children and families. Through her work and advocacy, Anysenko hopes to inspire others to make a difference in their communities. She believes that we can create a brighter future for all by coming together and embracing diversity. As our conversation ends, Anysenko expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to share her story. Her unwavering commitment to service serves as a shining example of the positive impact that one person can have on the world.


Published by: Khy Talara


Unveiling Beauty: An Interview with Olha Koriakina

In a captivating discussion, Olha Koriakina, a renowned figure in dermatovenereology and aesthetic medicine, generously shares her remarkable journey and insights into her thriving career.

 From her early aspirations shaped by her grandmother’s influence to her current status as a respected expert in skincare and cosmetology, Olha’s story is one of passion, dedication, and continuous growth.“I knew I wanted to become a doctor at the age of five, thanks to my grandmother’s guidance and influence,” Olha begins, reflecting on the pivotal role her grandmother, a psychiatrist-narcologist, played in shaping her career aspirations. Inspired by her grandmother’s dedication to helping others, Olha embarked on a journey fueled by a desire to make a meaningful impact in the field of medicine. Olha’s journey into the beauty industry began at 15 when she assisted a cosmetologist-dermatologist. It was during this formative period that she discovered her passion for cosmetology and dermatology, a passion further ignited by her struggles with acne and the transformative treatment she received from a specialist in the field. This pivotal experience propelled Olha towards further education and training in dermatology and cosmetology, setting the stage for her illustrious career. Transitioning from radiology to dermatovenereology marked a significant turning point in Olha’s professional journey, allowing her to align her career with her passion for skincare and cosmetology.

 Despite spending four years as a radiologist, Olha recognized that her true calling lay in dermatology, a realization that prompted her to pursue further specialization in the field. Olha’s commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement is evident from the numerous diplomas and certifications she has acquired over the years. Balancing clinical work with education and professional development requires dedication and meticulous time management, qualities that Olha embodies as she endeavors to stay abreast of the latest advancements in dermatology and cosmetology.

Participating in competitions has been a pivotal juncture in Olha’s professional journey, a voyage marked by self-discovery and resilience. These contests weren’t merely platforms for showcasing skills; they represented a profound personal odyssey, pushing Olha beyond the boundaries of her comfort zone. As she stepped into the arena of competition, she confronted head-on the insecurities and apprehensions that had long tethered her potential. Each challenge became a crucible, where she forged not only her expertise but also her inner strength and self-assurance.

The transformative power of these experiences was profound. Through the crucible of competition, Olha emerged not only victorious but also imbued with a newfound sense of self-confidence. The journey was arduous, marked by moments of doubt and uncertainty, yet with each hurdle overcome, Olha found herself fortified by the unwavering support of her loved ones. Their encouragement became a beacon, guiding her through the darkest moments of self-doubt and reinforcing her belief in her abilities.

As our conversation draws to a close, Olha reflects on the profound impact of her journey. With gratitude in her heart, she acknowledges the opportunity to share her story, hopeful that it serves as a source of inspiration for others embarking on their own quests. Her message is clear: to pursue one’s passions relentlessly, to embrace the challenges that come with growth, and to recognize that the journey towards excellence is not solitary but rather a collective endeavor, supported by the love and encouragement of those who believe in us.

In the realm of dermatology and cosmetology, Olha Koriakina stands as a paragon of beauty, intelligence, and empowerment. Her unwavering dedication to excellence and her steadfast commitment to advancing her field serve as a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance. Through her example, she illuminates a path for others to follow—one marked by courage, resilience, and an unwavering belief in the boundless potential of the human spirit.

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Empowering Women Globally: Inside the Ms. World International Pageant with Alena Boyko

By: Alva Ree

In the world of beauty pageants, where glamor often takes center stage, Alena Boyko is leading a movement to redefine beauty and celebrate women’s achievements beyond the surface. As the owner of the Ms. World International Pageant, Alena’s vision goes beyond crowning a queen; it’s about empowering women from all walks of life and providing them with a platform to showcase their talents, intelligence, and accomplishments on an international stage. In an exclusive interview, Alena shares the inspiration behind the Ms. World International Pageant and what sets it apart from other beauty pageants. “The Ms. World International Pageant was born to celebrate and empower women from all walks of life,” Alena explains. “We wanted to create a platform where women could showcase not only their beauty but also their intelligence, talents, and achievements. Our goal is to inspire women from around the globe to come together, share their passions, and promote their platforms on an international stage.” What sets the Ms. World International Pageant apart is its focus on celebrating women’s accomplishments in their families and careers.” One of the key aspects that sets us apart is our focus on celebrating beautiful and successful women in their families and careers,” Alena emphasizes. “We believe in recognizing women for their accomplishments beyond just their physical appearance.

Additionally, our pageant is structured to provide a supportive and empowering environment for all delegates, fostering bonds and friendships long after the competition ends.” The experience at the Ms. World International Pageant is unlike any other, offering delegates a four-night, five-day event filled with team-building experiences, structured activities, and individual competitions. “Delegates have the opportunity to participate in group challenges that promote camaraderie and cooperation, as well as showcase their unique beauty, modeling ability, and camera appeal in individual competitions,” Alena elaborates.” We aim to provide each delegate with a world-class experience and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shine internationally.” Selecting delegates for the pageant is a meticulous process, with Alena and her team looking for women who embody the values of confidence, intelligence, elegance, and a commitment to positively impacting their communities.

Empowering Women Globally: Inside the Ms. World International Pageant with Alena Boyko

Photo Courtesy: Alena Boyko / @boikoalona

“We look for women who embody the values of the Ms. World International Pageant,” Alena explains.” Our delegates come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but they all share a passion for empowering women and making a difference in the world.” Transparency and fairness are at the forefront of the judging process, with the Ms. World International Pageant utilizing the most transparent scoring and judging application in the industry. “Transparency and fairness are of the utmost importance to us,” Alena assures.” We ensure that every delegate receives a fair and impartial evaluation, and our team is committed to upholding the integrity and professionalism of the Ms. World International Pageant.” Looking ahead to the 2024 World International Pageant, Alena promises an unforgettable experience of excitement, glamor, and celebration. “Contestants can expect to bond with fellow delegates, showcase their talents and accomplishments, and create memories that will last a lifetime,” she says. “Attendees can look forward to witnessing the beauty and diversity of women worldwide as they compete for the title of Ms. World International. It’s going to be an event to remember!” As the Ms. World International Pageant continues to empower women globally, Alena Boyko’s vision of celebrating beauty, intelligence, and achievement creates a ripple effect of inspiration and empowerment for women worldwide. With each pageant, Alena’s mission to redefine beauty and showcase the power of women’s accomplishments grows stronger, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for all.


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A New Era of Grace and Intelligence: The Road to Miss USA 2024 Begins in the Heart of Washington D.C.

By: Aria Nightingale

In the vibrant heart of northwest Washington D.C., the historic Arena Stage stands as a testament to cultural evolution and artistic expression. It is here, beneath the glow of stage lights that have witnessed decades of performances, that a new chapter in pageantry unfolds. On June 28-29, 2024, two remarkable young women will enter the spotlight, not just as participants but as embodiments of grace, intelligence, and community spirit. They will be crowned Miss District of Columbia USA and Miss District of Columbia Teen USA, marking their first steps toward competing for the prestigious titles of Miss USA 2024 and Miss Teen USA 2024 in Hollywood, CA.

The reigning queens—Cassie Baloue (Miss District of Columbia USA 2023) and Asia Chisley (Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 2023)—have set an exemplary standard. Crowned on April 15, 2023, both queens have since been ambassadors not only for the District but also for a message that transcends physical beauty. Their participation and success as Top 20 Semifinalists at their respective national pageants in Reno, Nevada, signify a celebration of diverse talents and intellects that define today’s modern woman.

Baloue and Chisley’s journey through the pageantry world underscores an evolving narrative where brains meet beauty in a powerful confluence. This is aptly reflected in their shared platform on Instagram, a space dedicated to showcasing their achievements and commitment to empowerment and education within their community.

The forthcoming coronation nights promise more than just the passing on of crowns; they herald the beginning of new advocacy journeys. These platforms range from environmental sustainability to mental health awareness, reflecting contestants’ unique passions and how they intend to leverage their titles for social good.

As we anticipate these events, it’s crucial to recognize what sets them apart from traditional beauty contests. Today’s pageants are arenas for intellectual discourse, social impact initiatives, and personal development. Contestants like those competing for Miss District of Columbia USA & Miss District of Columbia Teen USA are meticulously evaluated not just on poise and appearance but on their ability to articulate views on pressing global issues—showcasing a holistic approach to beauty that champions both mind and spirit.

This redefined philosophy resonates across their digital presence as well. Through platforms such as Instagram (@missdcusa and @missdcteenusa), these young leaders share snippets from their journey towards national recognition and meaningful societal contributions. Their narratives are woven with threads of inspiration—urging young women everywhere to embrace their identities fully while striving for excellence in every sphere.

The website serves as a central hub for all information related to these pivotal events—from contestant biographies to detailed insights into their advocacies—and stands as a beacon for aspiring participants. It underscores the organization’s dedication to celebrating external beauty and fostering internal growth and community engagement among its titleholders.

As June draws nearer, anticipation builds within our capital’s borders, and beyond, for what promises to be an unforgettable display of talent, elegance, and purpose-driven leadership. The upcoming Miss District of Columbia USA & Miss District of Columbia Teen USA pageants aren’t merely competitions but celebrations of future leaders poised to make substantive changes in our society.

These events mark more than milestones in personal achievements; they symbolize hope—a vision for what tomorrow’s leaders look like. They blend tradition with innovation, a narrative where every stiletto step on stage moves us closer towards inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment.

Turning their focus towards the Arena Stage in late June, viewers are not merely spectators but active supporters of an evolving legacy. This legacy champions real-world heroines poised to make lasting impacts, not only in Hollywood by November but also within communities worldwide. Their leadership, characterized by grace and intellect, serves as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment.


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The Enchanted Touch: Deciphering the Significance of Interactive Components in Children’s Books

A magical touch can take young minds to uncharted territory in the enchanted world of children’s literature, igniting a lifelong love of reading. The value of interactive components in this literary exploration voyage cannot be emphasized. Children may actively participate, explore, and learn in a world that exists beyond the words and pages. Come along as we explore the significant effects of interactive children’s literature on young readers as we delve into this fascinating world.

The Influence of Participation

The power of interaction is at the core of interactive children’s books. Interactive stories, as opposed to standard books, allow kids to actively participate in the story, making reading a more engaging experience. These novels actively participate in the plot’s development, acting as more than just passive bystanders. Turning pages turns into an adventure that piques interest and ignites a love of learning.

These aspects are beyond words; they appeal to a child’s senses and make reading a truly unforgettable experience. Examples of these features include interactive pop-ups that leap off the page and tactile elements that beg to be touched. It’s important to live the tale rather than just follow it.

Encouraging Creativity and Imagination

Youngsters have endless imaginations, and interactive literary features offer the ideal environment for their creativity to blossom. Interactive novels ignite the spark of imagination, whether it is by conjuring up fascinating worlds, writing possible endings, or picturing the flavor of the delicious feast the story describes.

For example, Cassandra Siggins’ “THREE PIGS RESTAURANT” engages young readers in a culinary adventure using interactive cues that require them to make decisions and answer questions. Children are encouraged to think creatively and create their narrative strands by using the story as a playground for their imaginations.

Developing Crucial Skills

Interactive books are an effective teaching tool in addition to being enjoyable to read. Incorporating riddles, questions, and directional clues fulfills two purposes: education and entertainment. These components foster language proficiency, cognitive growth, and problem-solving ability.

Imagine a situation where a young reader has a query regarding the narrative’s structure. In addition to guaranteeing understanding, responding fosters critical thinking abilities. Children are actively developing their ability to make judgments as they work through the pages, taking hints, and laying the groundwork for future learning.

Emotional Bonding

Books are emotional conduits in addition to being informational ones. The emotional bond between the reader and the narrative is strengthened by interactive components. These concrete sensations elicit strong feelings, whether it’s handling the soft fur of an amiable character or following the meandering route of an exhilarating voyage.

Children who immerse themselves in interactive literature can develop empathy by experiencing the pleasures and difficulties of the characters. Developing emotional intelligence, a vital component of a child’s social development, through emotional connection with stories not only improves the reading experience.

Parent-Child Relationship

The enchantment of interactive children’s literature creates a tapestry that fortifies the relationship between parents and children in addition to the child-reader. Reading aloud together creates happy, enlightening, and connecting moments. Parents establish a common area for bonding and conversation when they engage in the interactive parts.

As the game progresses, it becomes a family affair in which parents and kids work together to find answers, solve puzzles, and make decisions. Reading becomes a beloved family pastime because of the mutual giggles, the group “aha” moments, and the sense of success that comes from sharing a common experience.

Digital Technology and Interactive Narrative

Interactive children’s books offer a fun diversion in the digital age when screens frequently vie for a child’s attention. Although technology has advantages, reading from physical books is a distinct and unforgettable experience because of its tactile and sensory qualities.

Traditional books with interactive aspects offer a screen-free option for education and leisure by balancing the tangible and the digital. Even with the difficulties of the digital age, there is nothing quite like the ageless pleasure of turning pages and getting involved in a narrative as part of a child’s literary development.


The realm of interactive children’s reading is a fascinating place full of opportunities where stories become adventures and words come to life. In addition to being instructive, these books make a child feel enchanted and instill a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Interactive treasures such as “THREE PIGS RESTAURANT” operate as advocates for the written word, bridging the gap between reality and fantasy. Let’s embrace the surprise, happiness, and enduring influence that interactive aspects in children’s books bring to the enchanted experience of reading aloud to oneself as we honor their significance in this regard.


Published by: Khy Talara


Addressing the Global Water Crisis: How Well Water Finders’ Patented Technology is Leading the Way

By: Andrew Vandekop

Patented Groundwater Mapping System Set to Transform the Way We Understand and Manage Groundwater

Well Water Finders, Inc., a groundwater technology company that uses its patented system to determine the location, depth and potential volume of groundwater, announced today that it has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign via the Netcapital platform. The company is seeking shareholders who support its dedication to addressing critical challenges faced by the global water sector.

“You can’t manage groundwater effectively without measuring it,” said Andrew Vandekop, CEO of Well Water Finders. “Our system is going to be a potentially valuable asset to water professionals working on the water crisis all around the world.”

The Well Water Finders technology locates groundwater down to 5,000 ft. in minutes. It can also captures the movement and flow of that groundwater, detecting the level of activity. This information can be used by water well drillers to accurately locate water before a drilling attempt. And because the Well Water Finders technology can also detect the hardness of layers capable of holding groundwater, the system can be used to help recharge aquifers. In a world with record-breaking drought, the founders believe that aquifer recharge could potentially be one of the most impactful uses of the tech.

“2023 was the hottest year on record, and as the droughts continue, the demand for tech that can accurately locate groundwater can become one of the most valuable technologies of our time,” said Teisha Vandekop, Founder and COO. “The Well Water Finder is portable, rapid and easy to operate – enabling users of the system to have real-time groundwater knowledge wherever their work takes them.”

Well Water Finders, a woman-owned business, was recently selected to be a portfolio member of the Austin Technology Incubator – the deep tech incubator at The University of Texas in Austin. ATI is the longest active technology incubator in the United States and has helped numerous entrepreneurs effectively commercialize their breakthrough innovations and compete in the global marketplace.

“ATI supports innovators who are working hard towards helping to solve our world’s most pressing issues,” Becky Taylor, Interim Executive Director of Austin Technology Incubator. “Developing a clean and sustainable water supply is one of ATI’s core missions and we look forward to helping the Well Water Finders commercialize their deep tech solution.”

The launch of the company’s Regulation Crowdfunding (RegCF) campaign enables accredited and non-accredited investors to own shares in Well Water Finders, helping to propel the company’s innovative solution to the market and address the world’s water challenges.


Published by: Khy Talara