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CleanPro 360 Simplifies Commercial Cleaning For Maryland Businesses

CleanPro 360
Photo Courtesy: CleanPro 360

Hiring a commercial cleaning service provider to routinely or periodically clean and maintain your workplace can be a stressful experience. First, businesses are tasked with searching for local cleaning companies, ensuring they’re reputable and trustworthy, and getting service quotes. Lastly, they must carefully choose the right cleaning company to hire for their business. It’s easy to see how finding a cleaning company can be a very time-consuming and challenging undertaking.

We recently spoke with Corey Everhart, the founder of CleanPro 360, a commercial cleaning company serving Baltimore, Maryland, and surrounding counties. As the founder of this Baltimore-based commercial cleaning company, Corey’s journey with CleanPro 360 has been one for the books. Since 2008, Corey’s company has specialized in a wide range of commercial cleaning services that help clients achieve enhanced cleanliness and facility maintenance. All of these efforts are made to ensure that business owners can promote a healthier workplace environment. 

The adept and trusted professionals in CleanPro 360’s team make it easier for businesses to choose a cleaning service they can put their trust in. This takes care of the time-consuming task of sifting through prospects and doing background research to ensure a company’s reputation. On top of CleanPro’s high ratings and credibility, the way they’ve simplified hiring for commercial cleaning is another reason why businesses are choosing CleanPro 360. In fact, its strategies are so simple that they can be summarized in as few as three headlines.

CleanPro 360

Photo Courtesy: CleanPro 360

Getting a Cleaning Service Quote

While visiting CleanPro’s website, you can easily schedule an in-person cleaning quote. Select a date and time for your cleaning quote, and a CleanPro Specialist will meet with you at your facility. After discussing your cleaning needs and budget, CleanPro will provide you with a custom cleaning plan specific to your business. You will receive the cost for service and a service proposal good for 90 days. 

Stress-Free Cleaning Service

After becoming a CleanPro 360 customer, you can enjoy cleaning services on autopilot. CleanPro 360 will arrive on the scheduled days and times to clean your facility. In addition, CleanPro 360 offers cleaning services for clients during or after business hours. Unlike many cleaning companies that require a mailed invoice check monthly, CleanPro offers more convenient payment options for their clients. “We want our clients to focus on running their business, and CleanPro will handle keeping it clean”, Corey stated.

Quality Control is Key for Maintaining Quality Cleaning

CleanPro 360

Photo Courtesy: CleanPro 360

With over a decade in the cleaning industry, Corey says, “I’ve learned that quality control is the one factor separating an excellent cleaning service company from a lousy one. Fluctuating cleaning quality is never a good thing, and standards must be met 100% of the time. Our CleanPros follow step-by-step checklists when cleaning. This prevents any service areas or specific tasks from being missed. Lastly, CleanPro account managers conduct quality control visits to see if there’s room for cleaning service improvements.”

To learn more about Maryland Commercial Cleaning Company, CleanPro 360, visit their website and follow them on Instagram: @CleanPro360.


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