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Commit’s Dante Martinez sheds light on the benefits of platform engineering with AWS to streamline software delivery for startups

Commit's Dante Martinez sheds light on the benefits of platform engineering with AWS to streamline software delivery for startups
Photo credits: Dante Martinez, Commit's Vice President of Solutions Architecture for North America

By: Dana Hoffsberg

Software development has become a crucial aspect of successful businesses in today’s fast-paced digital world. To meet the ever-increasing demands of businesses and customers, startups must be able to deploy new software quickly and efficiently. According to Dante Martinez, Commit’s Vice President of Solutions Architecture for North America, the best way to achieve this is by utilizing a platform engineering framework in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Building and delivering software in the fast-paced world of startups can be filled with obstacles and complexities,” said Martinez. “As competition intensifies, optimizing your developer experience and streamlining software delivery becomes essential. That’s where the platform engineering framework, the AWS platform, and Commit’s expertise come together for our customers to innovate efficiently.”

Martinez explains that platform engineering is a game-changing approach to software delivery. By offering a suite of reusable tools and interfaces, it simplifies the process, improves efficiency, and ensures high-quality results.

“Startups frequently have a very limited budget and yet have to iterate with feature builds to find the perfect product market fit. Since Commit has a portfolio of more than a thousand projects, we have identified the proper frameworks that enable startups to experiment while limiting their cash burn rates.”

One of the key benefits of platform engineering is the simplification of software delivery which boosts developer efficiency and productivity. Automation and workflows that utilize AWS services and dynamic configuration capabilities can reduce the burden and stress on developers by automating repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on developing new features that enhance software functionality. Startups particularly can leverage the advantages of traveling golden paths for architecture, application, and data decisions, which are critical to speed of innovation. 

According to Martinez, Internal Developer Portals (IDPs) represent the most advanced stage of platform engineering. These developer-centric platforms provide the tools, processes, and capabilities to deliver a high quality platform engineering experience for developers. The IDP becomes the interface for developers to interact with the platform. Developers experiment, plan, develop, test, and deploy, all from within the IDP. A common set of tooling and process means your teams collaborate better and share a protocol for delivery of software.

Startups particularly benefit from platform engineering as it helps them to avoid the accumulation of technical debt, which can be a true drain on resources and budget. By implementing best practices and automated solutions on day one, startups can focus on writing high-quality code and delivering best in class software. 

 Martinez suggests that a customized framework utilizing open-source tools and AWS native services can provide startups with platform engineering capabilities and advantages. This framework would save costs and enhance the competitive edge of startups. 

In conclusion, platform engineering in conjunction with AWS capabilities revolutionizes software delivery by simplifying the process, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring quality results. It offers customizable automation, developer-centric IDPs, and the ability to avoid technical debt, making it an essential tool for startups in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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