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Craftsmanship and Quality: The Hallmark of Clearview Roofing

Craftsmanship and Quality: The Hallmark of Clearview Roofing
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Tucked between Nassau and Suffolk, with a soon-to-open branch in Babylon, NY, stands Clearview Roofing and Construction, a testament to excellence and integrity in the world of roofing and construction. From Long Island NY and guided by the insightful leadership of Christopher Feniello, Clearview Roofing has carved a niche for itself, exceeding homeowners’ expectations with its range of services that extend far beyond roofing.

Feniello, with his profound experience and understanding of the industry, articulates what makes Clearview Roofing stand out. “We are certified for installing flat roofs, skylights, and slate,” he explains, “these are commonly misinstalled items in our trade.” This unique certification not only gives Clearview Roofing an edge over its competitors but also instills confidence in homeowners about the team’s ability and expertise.

However, the scope of Clearview Roofing’s capabilities is not confined to roofing alone. As Feniello reveals, “Our services extend to full construction and restoration projects, whether it involves remodeling or addressing an insurance claim. Our team is skilled in sheetrock, paint, and water mitigation.”

Delving into more specialized aspects of their trade, Feniello sheds light on how Clearview Roofing caters to owners of century-old homes. “We specialize in slate roofing that can work on houses over 100 years old. Homeowners often struggle with finding help for such specific requirements, and we fill that gap.”

Craftsmanship and Quality: The Hallmark of Clearview Roofing

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Another compelling facet of Clearview Roofing’s operation lies in their role as a mediator for homeowners seeking insurance claims for roof damages. “We assist homeowners in obtaining funding for their roof damage,” explains Feniello, emphasizing the lack of awareness among homeowners about such insurance provisions, which also cover interior damages to walls and ceilings.

The company’s unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is mirrored in the hundreds of 5-star reviews they have received. When asked about the secret to this success, Feniello humbly attributes it to their policy of acknowledging and rectifying any mistakes. “Our vast experience does limit mistakes, but when they occur, we ensure they are corrected,” he affirms.

Clearview Roofing’s repertoire extends beyond roofing and construction to other services, such as driveway repair and seal. Feniello expounds on this unexpected specialty, “We fill all cracks with crackfill before sealing it with the best sealer on the market. Our process can remarkably extend the life of a driveway, saving homeowners the hefty cost of replacement.”

Furthermore, Clearview Roofing’s construction prowess spills over into framing extensions, open kitchens, building decks, and fences, making it a one-stop solution for homeowners. “We handle all interior or exterior remodeling needs,” asserts Feniello.

Craftsmanship and Quality: The Hallmark of Clearview Roofing

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In response to rising demand for storm-related roofing damage and flooding events, Clearview Roofing is preparing to open another location. Feniello reveals, “We’re opening another location in Babylon, NY. We have the necessary mitigation equipment to handle these insurance-related claims.”

Clearview Roofing’s meticulous clean-up practices further exemplify their commitment to their clients. Feniello highlights, “We use dump trucks or dump trailers with wheels, allowing us to prevent driveway damage, and we’re rigorous about tarping and collecting nails to ensure the safety of our clients’ property.”

Backed by Feniello’s steadfast commitment and the team’s expert craftsmanship, Clearview Roofing continues to serve New York homeowners with superior service, rightfully earning its place as a trusted name in the roofing and construction industry. They stand as a beacon of quality and reliability, upholding their promise to deliver nothing but the best to their clients.

To find out more, visit their website at and unveil the reasons behind Clearview Roofing & Construction’s esteemed standing among homeowners.


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