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Empowering Job Seekers and Organizations, Bill Humbert’s Expert Talent Attraction and Career Coaching

Bill Humbert
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Navigating the world of job searching and talent acquisition can be a daunting task for job seekers, HR professionals, and CEOs. As the job market evolves, it’s crucial for individuals and companies to adapt and make the most of the opportunities presented. 

Bill Humbert, a renowned Expert Talent Attraction Consultant and Career Coach, has dedicated his career to helping organizations recruit, onboard, actuate, and retain top-performing talent, while also empowering job seekers to take charge of their careers.

Talent Attraction at its Finest

Numerous organizations face difficulties in attracting top talent, often losing out to their competitors in the quest for the best candidates. With over 40 years of experience in professional talent attraction consulting and 26 years in expert career coaching, Bill Humbert offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. His dedication to helping organizations and individuals alike has earned him the title of the Google #1 ranked “Talent Attraction Consultant.”

Humbert’s third book, “EXPECT SUCCESS! The Science of the Over 50 Career Search,” is a testament to his commitment to assist job seekers of all ages in overcoming barriers to secure new employment opportunities. He believes that age should not be a hindrance to one’s career growth, and his book provides a step-by-step guide on avoiding obstacles in the job search process.

Bill Humbert’s vision goes beyond traditional employee models, proposing a new approach to empower employees to take charge of their careers. In his book, “Employee 5.0: Secrets of a Successful Job Search in the New World Order,” he outlines strategies for job seekers to adapt and excel in the rapidly changing job market.

Moreover, his signature speech, “Make Your Company ROAR (Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain),” offers valuable takeaways for organizations looking to improve their talent acquisition processes. These insights include aligning the recruiting process with the company’s sales process, creating effective job descriptions, utilizing needs analysis to guide interviews, asking the right reference questions for better cultural fit, making a strong first impression through onboarding, and effectively retaining employees.

Bill Humbert’s extensive experience as a corporate recruiter, combined with his passion for speaking on talent acquisition and job search, enables him to provide audiences with crucial information about thriving in the modern employment landscape. His presentations are infused with humor, making them memorable and engaging.

As a highly sought-after media guest, Bill has made 82 live television appearances on stations across the United States, including CNN’s Headline News. He has also been a guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts and has been quoted in publications such as the New York Times and The Province in Vancouver, BC.

Bill Humbert

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Bill Humbert is a multifaceted talent acquisition expert and career coach, with a unique perspective on the recruitment process. His vast experience, coupled with his ability to share his knowledge in an engaging manner, makes him an invaluable resource for job seekers, HR professionals, and CEOs alike. For those looking to connect with Bill Humbert, you can visit his website at, send him an email at, or follow him on LinkedIn ( and Twitter (


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