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Funded Profits Trading Academy is quickly becoming one of the fastest ways to learn how to trade consistently

Funded Profits Trading Academy
Photo Credit: Luke Holmstrom

Venturing into the world of trading can feel overwhelming, especially when amateur investors are bombarded with complex trading strategies, jargon, and risk. Yet, success in trading, like in any craft, is not a product of complexity but rather the mastery of simple, effective skills. This is the ethos at the heart of the Funded Profits Trading Academy, a learning platform that has successfully enabled countless individuals without any prior trading experience to thrive in the trading industry.

The mastermind behind this revolutionary academy is Luke Holmstrom, whose ambitious goal was to create a program in which anyone committed to mastering the skills of day trading could succeed. This goal inspired Luke to devise an approach where he shows traders his tried-and-tested trading strategies and equips them with the essential tools they need. The result? Unprecedented success rates and phenomenal profit potential.

Indeed, while industry-standard pass rates for proprietary trading firms hover around a paltry 5%, the Funded Profits Trading Academy boasts an impressive pass rate of 85%. Commitment to this exceptional, simple, and effective learning process not only allows would-be traders to crack the trading code but also equips them with over $100,000 in funding, enables an 80% profit split, and absolves them of any loss liability. This model is a true game-changer, empowering regular people to become extraordinary traders.

Adding to the academy’s credibility, it caught the attention of Kevin Harrington, a former investor on the hit TV show Shark Tank. Harrington’s interest in the academy signifies an endorsement of its effectiveness and transformative impact on ordinary people’s lives.

Luke summarizes his approach pithily, saying, “If you can check charts daily and love to learn skills that generate profit on the regular, you can succeed with this business model.” The emphasis on simplicity, love for learning, and consistency is what sets Luke’s program apart from the rest. This blueprint has the ability to turn an interested novice into a seasoned trader, reaping substantial rewards.

You can explore the world of the Funded Profits Trading Academy through its Instagram profiles: @luke_holmstrom and @fundedprofitstrading, where you can gain insight through valuable posts and updates. Its accessible website ( is home to more information about their training programs, features, and methods.

The success of Luke’s students stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the academy’s approach. Hundreds of beginners, armed with the right tools and fuelled by a passion for learning, have graduated from being daunted by the world of trading to being skilled traders with six-figure funding under their belts. This transformation is no small feat and is a testament to Luke’s vision and the efficacy of his simple and focused approach.

While the financial world is filled with complexities, the right education can simplify the puzzle. The Funded Profits Trading Academy epitomizes this, using simple strategies, clear tools, and dedicated coaching to illuminate a path of success for any committed individual. Its sublime success record highlights that anyone with a daily commitment and a love for learning can navigate the labyrinths of trading.

Ultimately, the tale of the Funded Profits Trading Academy is an inspiring journey of how the dream of turning regular people into successful traders can be realized with the right tools, mentorship, and, perhaps more importantly, the right mindset. Luke’s focus on equipping his students with sustainable trading skills and a business model for regular profit-making proves that trading is no longer a reserve for the financially astute or experienced professional but can be a profitable venture for the committed regular Joe. The simplicity of this model contradicts the complexity that is often associated with trading, making it a lucrative option for everyone.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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