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Funnel Force Unveils Game-Changing ‘leadtether’ for Revolutionary Small Business Lead Generation

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VIRGINIA, November 15, 2023 – Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of lead generation, Funnel Force emerges as the beacon for small businesses in dire need of a paradigm shift. Founded by Glen and Brent, two passionate stalwarts of the industry, Funnel Force sets out to redefine the standards of lead generation services. Today, the company is proud to introduce their groundbreaking software as a service – leadtether.

For entrepreneurs and businesses everywhere, the journey of attracting consistent and genuine customers has been a challenging marathon. With Funnel Force’s new offering, that journey promises to be transformed. Their iconic golden funnel symbol, representing their steadfast commitment, now also stands as the gateway to leadtether – the future of hot lead generation.

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leadtether is a pioneering combination of live lead generation specialists, advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), and “proforce” their robust CRM software. This trio ensures an unprecedented level of precision, effectiveness, and authenticity in capturing potential customers. Businesses no longer need to wade through cold or indifferent leads; leadtether ensures a direct line to potential clientele who are genuinely interested.

“Every business deserves a system that brings them closer to their ideal customers without the usual hassle. With leadtether, we’ve bridged the gap between cutting-edge technology and human intuition,” remarks Glen. leadtether acts as a bridge between the digital realm and the human touch. It’s a solution that understands the nuances of what businesses need and how customers behave, ensuring that every interaction is a step closer to building lasting relationships.

Beyond just a service, it’s Funnel Force’s philosophy that truly sets them apart. Their foundational belief of ‘building bridges, not walls’ has resonated deeply with their clientele. Through mottos like “Outsource” and “Do what only you can do”, Glen and Brent have provided businesses a pathway to zoom in on their strengths, while Funnel Force handles the intricacies of lead generation.

Brent adds, “We’ve always aimed to bring about change in the lead generation world. leadtether isn’t just a product; it’s our vision for a world where businesses thrive effortlessly.”


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Funnel Force’s introduction of leadtether heralds a new era in small business lead generation. This innovative service, born from the vision of Glen and Brent, combines the expertise of live lead generation specialists, the power of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the reliability of robust CRM software. leadtether represents a game-changing approach, providing businesses with hot leads that are genuinely interested in their offerings. By bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and human intuition, Funnel Force has crafted a solution that not only streamlines lead generation but also aligns with their philosophy of empowering businesses to focus on their strengths. With leadtether, the future of effortless and effective lead generation has arrived, promising to reshape the landscape for small businesses.

For more details about how Funnel Force and leadtether are revolutionizing the domain of small business lead generation, please visit or connect with them directly on email.  



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