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Garner Exchange, Black Owned Business Lounge Where Culture, Community, & Collaboration is Celebrated.

Black women are becoming the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the U.S., with nearly 2.7 million businesses nationwide. With nothing more than a dream and life savings, Veronica A. Fields founded Garner Exchange in 2021, a self-funded business lounge and event curation space for women of color, women-centric organizations, and underserved professionals in the community. Garner Exchange concept was conceived in 2020 during the height of a global pandemic and the start of a racial reckoning happening across the country bringing generational systemic racism to the forefront. Instead of Veronica Fields focusing on all the negatives as a minority founder such as lack of a community, support, networks, resources, and disproportionate financial headwinds, she envisioned an opportunity to impact her community and the world. 

Veronica A. Fields spent the last 17 years building a great career in the Global Supply Chain and Consumer Packaged Goods industry but her true passion has always been event planning. Climbing the ranks to prominent leadership positions within her industry, Veronica realized there was far more to do. Garner Exchange was birthed and became a community space where you can go to learn, invest in yourself, gather, recharge, celebrate and collaborate with one another. We hold space for creating deeper connections through relationship building, an ecosystem where women can support, patronize, provide personal referrals, and thrive collectively. Simply put, Garner Exchange is on a mission to be your go-to space and refuge for the curious, the ambitious, the side hustler, the connector, and the trailblazer of the world.

Weekly, Garner Exchange offers coworking services such as COWORK POWER HOURS. A coworking pass grants access to fully stocked snack bar, beverage fridge, coffee and tea station, community seating, free street parking, ring lights, and high-speed wifi. Daily passes and monthly memberships are available.  In the evenings, Garner Exchange can be reserved for private events and engagements, GE members receive a discount on space rental. 

Aside from coworking, Garner Exchange also offers a premiere GE SOCIAL NETWORKER membership for women. A new intentional space for unapologetic kick-ass women looking to form a community and movement, based on support, self-care, and building a solid network. We are “real women wanting to see other women win”. Women you genuinely want to buy from, collaborate with, or promote because you know their great businesswomen. 

Born and raised in Memphis, TN,  Veronica had experienced first-hand the magic that transpires when people are brought together in the spirit of love, inclusion, and purpose.  She was a product of the “It takes a village to raise a child” statement as several people poured into her as she built her moral compass. The imprint never left her, Veronica being a visionary thinker with envision cohorts globally so we are no longer operating from a space of “lack thereof” but “more than enough” mindset.

Veronica’s 17+ years of corporate experience helped her realize her calling to also be a coach and mentor to young professionals entering the workforce and those stuck looking for a pathway forward.  Garner Exchange offers navigation services that help you decide where to start / go through our individualized coaching plans. We are launching in January 2023 regular listening sessions, accountability,  and peer mentoring groups. She helps individuals transform from powerlessness to powerful. 

Although Garner Exchange is beginning to make a mark in the local community, there are dreams to expand beyond. Many Black-owned businesses never receive funding, media coverage, or resources completed to white-owned start-ups and we want to change the narrative. “Garner Exchange is where culture, community, and opportunity meet. Being in rooms with other women founders all striving toward a common goal can be magical. We want to create that magic at Garner Exchange.”


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