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GasHouse Media Helps Hundreds Scale Their Businesses Using the “Done For You” Media Accelerator Course

Scaling a business in today’s highly competitive business climate cannot be done singularly. Pursuing success necessitates collaborations and working with the best people and teams in the industry. When it comes to relevant and excellent media solutions, GasHouse Media is one of the industry leaders in helping businesses achieve phenomenal feats. GasHouse Media President E.Z. Smith developed the “Done For You” Media Accelerator Course, which has done wonders for more than 800 clients over the past four years. 

“Done For You” is a complete package that is inclusive of guaranteed sales appointments, six national PR Power Publications, designated appointment setters, professional photography, expert videography, post-production editing, website design, maintenance & social media management. 

With 35 years of combined experience, GasHouse Media boasts of its powerhouse of industry experts in the area of content creation, social media and campaign management, photography, videography, drone footage, web design, and studio quality productions, to mention a few. 

Committed to providing excellent services to his clients, Smith established individual client assignment and team tracking metrics to guarantee that all of their client’s needs are met effectively and strategically. In addition, his experience working with top brands and organizations in various areas compelled him to innovate so that his clients could enjoy exceptional media services. 

“I built my personal brand to create a ‘Done For You’ Multi-Media Model that actually works in the marketing, advertising, and content creation world. With so many shifts in advertising and client acquisition niches, it’s nearly impossible for business owners to stay up to date on how to create successful campaigns while running their day-to-day operations,” Smith shared. “I cracked the code on Client Acquisition and Profitability Systems four years ago and knew I had to help fellow entrepreneurs do the same when it comes to highlighting their brand and ability to scale their businesses immediately.”

Over the past few years, Smith and his team have catered to the media solutions needs of multiple clients from various industries, including the auto dealership, bar/restaurant, real estate, insurance, sales, fitness, body contouring, yoga and pilates, HVAC, Solar Power, CBD, supplementation, and ambassador building. 

Smith and his team are also known for accommodating the special requests of their clients. Where there is a challenge, that is where his team excels the most. From athletic events to product launches, private corporate parties, and any other corporate events, GasHouse Media is a constant. 

The success of GasHouse Media is also, in part, because of the brilliant people surrounding Smith. Brandon Young is the Director of Operations and Client Success Coordinator, Jon Graham is the Director of Production, Zac Farry is the Head of Videography & Photography, and Karthick Anna is the USA and International Media Buying Specialist. 

In today’s highly competitive business arena, Smith believes it is more profitable for emerging businesses to work closely with a reliable media team to help them achieve their goals and scale their organizations. With everything going digital nowadays, an experienced and highly skilled media team can make all the difference. Smith wants to be instrumental in helping business owners tell their unique stories and how they achieved success. By highlighting these stories, Smith hopes to see more entrepreneurs stay ahead of the game in their chosen industries. 



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