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Government Contracts: A Pathway to Prosperity in Trucking

Government Contracts A Pathway to Prosperity in Trucking
Photo Courtesy: Casey Cooper

Opportunities abound for those willing to navigate the intricacies of government contracts. Casey Cooper, a seasoned trucking expert with over two decades of experience, sheds light on how these contracts can serve as a gateway to success in the industry.

A Journey Begins

Casey‘s journey into trucking began with a simple epiphany: the desire to make money without being confined to traditional employment. With determination as her fuel, she ventured into truck ownership in 2006, a time when female truckers were a rarity. “I saw this lady driving a dump truck, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna just buy a truck,'” she recalls.

Initially, Casey drove herself, quickly realising the challenges of managing drivers and maintaining equipment. However, her astute business sense led her to pivot towards government contracts, recognizing the stability and profitability they offered. Her journey wasn’t without its hurdles, as the trucking industry can be particularly demanding, especially for women breaking into the field.

The Government Contract Advantage

Government contracts provide a stable stream of work and revenue, often with great markups compared to private contracts. Casey emphasises that these contracts are not solely reserved for the bidding process; oftentimes, the government seeks out contractors based on immediate needs. “If the government needs something, they will find somebody to do it,” she asserts.

Moreover, Casey underscores the accessibility of government contracts, debunking the myth that only large corporations can secure them. She points out that small businesses can compete effectively by offering quality services and staying persistent. Through diligent research and persistence, she landed her first contract within two months, ultimately grossing over $10 million in total sales by supplying personal protective equipment (PPE). This milestone marked a significant turning point in her career, showcasing the lucrative potential of government work.

Navigating the Path to Success

Navigating government contracts requires a blend of determination, comprehension, and adaptability. Casey emphasises the importance of actively seeking out opportunities, meticulously combing through contracts, and responding promptly to requests for proposals. She highlights the need for understanding contract requirements and maintaining compliance with government regulations.

Success in trucking, especially with government contracts, hinges on more than just driving skills. It demands business acumen, strategic thinking, and a commitment to excellence. Building strong relationships and networking within the industry are also crucial. Casey’s own journey exemplifies the transformative power of seizing opportunities and leveraging them to achieve greater success. Her story is also highlighted in the television show “First Ladies of Freight” which aired on ROKU on November 14, 2023. Season 1 can be found on YouTube, providing further insights into her inspiring journey.

Empowering Others

Beyond her own success, Casey is dedicated to empowering others in the industry. Through her company, she not only provides opportunities for truckers but also educates them on accessing government contracts. “I don’t want you to stay and be my slave forever,” she humorously remarks, highlighting her commitment to fostering long-term partnerships and mutual success. She offers training programs and mentorship to help aspiring truckers navigate the complexities of the industry and achieve their own success.

Casey believes in the importance of community and collaboration. By sharing her knowledge and experiences, she aims to uplift others and contribute to a more inclusive and prosperous trucking industry. Her efforts extend beyond business, as she advocates for better working conditions and support for truckers, particularly women and minorities, who face unique challenges in the field.


In the ever-evolving landscape of trucking, government contracts stand out as beacons of opportunity for those willing to pursue them. Casey Cooper’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative potential of leveraging these contracts to achieve unparalleled success in the industry. Aspiring truckers and seasoned veterans alike can draw inspiration from her story, recognizing that with perseverance and strategic thinking, the road to success in trucking is paved with lucrative government contracts.

Casey’s dedication to empowering others and her relentless pursuit of excellence underscore the vast opportunities within the trucking industry. Her journey highlights that with the right mindset and strategies, success is not just a destination but a continuous journey of growth and achievement.


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