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Judith Horvath to Speak at Etha Fest on Profitable Farms

Judith Horvath to Speak at Etha Fest on Profitable Farms

Townsend, TN – (July 12, 2024) – Judith Horvath, founder of Fair Hill Farm and renowned advocate for regenerative agriculture, will be a featured speaker and demonstrator at the inaugural East Tennessee Homestead Alliance (ETHA) Festival on July 12-13, 2024. The event, taking place at the Townsend Visitor Center in Townsend, Tennessee, promises to celebrate heritage skills, cultivate community, and equip attendees with practical knowledge for sustainable living.

Judith Horvath to Speak at Etha Fest on Profitable Farms

Photo Courtesy: Judith Horvath

Judith Horvath brings over a decade of experience in sustainable farming and homesteading to the festival. As an onstage speaker, she will enlighten attendees on the principles of farmstead profitability, livestock management, permaculture, and emphasizing practices that promote ecological health and community resilience. Horvath’s insights are anticipated to resonate with a diverse audience eager to explore alternative farming methods that prioritize soil health and local food systems.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Horvath will conduct live demonstrations on crafting goat milk shampoo bars, showcasing Fair Hill Farm’s innovative approach to sustainable personal care products. These demonstrations not only highlight the farm’s commitment to chemical-free solutions but also underscore Horvath’s dedication to sharing practical, hands-on skills essential for aspiring homesteaders and sustainable living enthusiasts.

Recently gracing stages at Peak Prosperity, RePlatform Vegas, and her own town, Horvath has been featured on Spectrum News, City Current Memphis Radio, Medium, Authority Magazine, Women’s Journal, and as the cover story of Acreage Life. Her entrepreneurship, mission and expertise is also celebrated as a prominent woman in business in the July edition of Columbus CEO magazine. 

Attendees can engage directly with Judith Horvath at the Fair Hill Farm & Fair Hill Farmstead Life Podcast booth. Here, she will host live conversations, inviting participants to delve deeper into topics surrounding regenerative agriculture, farmstead entrepreneurship, and community building through local food initiatives. Horvath’s presence promises to inspire and educate, fostering meaningful dialogue on the future of sustainable agriculture.

Judith Horvath joins a lineup of distinguished speakers, including Joel Salatin of PolyFace Farm, Billy Bond of Permapastures Farm, Janelle Anderson from Haven Farmstead, and other industry leaders renowned for their contributions to the homesteading movement. Together, they will share invaluable expertise and insights, empowering attendees to embark on their own homesteading journeys with confidence and purpose.

The East Tennessee Homestead Alliance Festival is a haven for those passionate about self-sufficiency, community resilience, and sustainable living. With workshops ranging from sourdough baking to beekeeping, live bluegrass music, local foods, and activities for children designed to educate and entertain, the festival embodies ETHA’s commitment to fostering a vibrant homesteading community in Tennessee and beyond. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Judith Horvath and other industry experts at the East Tennessee Homestead Alliance Festival. Secure your tickets now by visiting ETHA Festival’s website and join in Townsend, TN, on July 12-13, 2024, for a weekend of education, community building, and sustainable living inspiration.

About Judith Horvath and Fair Hill Farm

Judith Horvath is the founder of Fair Hill Farm, located in Central Ohio, dedicated to regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming practices. With a background in business management and a passion for ecological stewardship, Horvath transitioned from corporate executive to advocate for local food systems, founding Fair Hill Farm in 2013. Through consulting, speaking engagements, and hands-on workshops, she educates and inspires individuals to embrace regenerative farming practices for healthier communities and environments.

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