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Kathy Saulsberry’s Three Tips to Success: Learn How She Can Help You Reach Your Entrepreneurial Goals

Kathy Saulsberry's Three Tips to Success: Learn How She Can Help You Reach Your Entrepreneurial Goals
Photo Credited to Kathy Saulsberry

Kathy Taylor Saulsberry, the owner of Taylormade Consultants, is a seasoned professional in the finance, banking, mortgage, and insurance industries. With over three decades of experience, Kathy has not only built a successful business but has also become a mentor and guide for budding entrepreneurs. In this article, we will explore Kathy’s journey, the challenges she faced, and the three invaluable tips she shares for achieving success in the business world.

The Beginning of Her Journey

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Kathy spent eight years working for others. Her initial focus was on helping businesses with equipment needs. However, as clients sought assistance with broader issues, Kathy realized the limitations of her role. Determined to provide comprehensive support, she founded Taylormade Consultants to guide entrepreneurs through the challenging early years of business. “We help the budding entrepreneur who wants to learn how to start,” Kathy says.

Kathy acknowledges the struggles entrepreneurs face, especially in the first two years of operation when many businesses fail. Having experience in diverse industries, Kathy’s journey equipped her with a unique skill set. Her background in finance, corporate training, and marketing enabled her to offer tailored solutions to address the specific needs of her clients.

Kathy’s Unique Approach  

What sets Kathy apart is her ability to prove the effectiveness of her strategies through tangible results. Taylormade Consultants offers tailor-made solutions, helping clients organize their thoughts and fears, which often hinder success. Kathy understands the importance of speaking to those fears and providing guidance and support to those who may feel overwhelmed.

1. A Thorough Understanding

The first step in Kathy’s approach involves clients filling out a detailed questionnaire. This includes identifying business goals, target audiences, investment plans, and funding requirements. This meticulous process lays the foundation for a customized strategy.

2. Creating A Visual Map 

Kathy emphasizes the importance of mind mapping to clarify the client’s vision. Using the example of a moving business, she breaks down the necessary steps, from filing paperwork to acquiring essential resources and hiring the right people. This structured approach ensures that entrepreneurs have a clear roadmap for their business.

3. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Kathy’s mantra for success is that “Success is uncomfortable.” She believes that pushing beyond one’s comfort zone is crucial for growth. By addressing and overcoming fears, entrepreneurs can unlock their full potential and achieve the success they desire.

Kathy Taylor Saulsberry’s journey as an entrepreneur is not just a personal success story; it’s a testament to her commitment to guiding others toward their entrepreneurial goals. Her unique approach at Taylormade Consultants goes beyond traditional consultancy services. Kathy’s emphasis on a thorough understanding of her clients’ aspirations sets the foundation for her tailored strategies.

What’s Next for Taylormade Consultants 

Looking ahead, Kathy plans to continue growing Taylormade Consultants and reaching more aspiring entrepreneurs. Her commitment to learning and evolving reflects her dedication to helping more entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

To learn more about Kathy and Taylormade Consultants, you can visit their website.


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