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Lion’s Share Maintenance Shows How Prioritizing Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Business

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Meet Dave and Birynne Carroll, the power couple behind Lion’s Share Maintenance, a Twin Cities-based pressure-washing company that’s been dazzling customers’ homes for 14 years. What started as a one-service business has now grown into a full-service cleaning company with offerings that include gutter cleaning, power washing, and holiday lights installation. With five vehicles in the field and a fully-staffed team of 15 employees, the company’s services have expanded to encompass top-to-bottom house cleaning, estate cleaning, and even prepping homes for sale.

So what sets Lion’s Share Maintenance apart from the competition? According to Birynne, it’s all about the customers. “We are a customer service company that just happens to clean things,” explains Birynne. “Our communication is top-notch, and our goal is to solve four to seven of our customers’ problems perfectly.”

At Lion’s Share Maintenance, the customer is truly at the center of everything they do. The company has an impressive 95% customer retention rate, which is a testament to its commitment to excellent service. “We take pride in giving fair estimates, showing up on time, and not collecting the check until the work is done,” adds Dave.

Lion's Share Maintenance

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It’s not just customers who are singing Lion’s Share’s praises – their employees rave about the company’s culture too. “I really appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and how everything is extremely organized,” says Laurie Nago, an employee. “At this company, every day is well-organized, and the necessary tools are always available. I have never encountered a company that excels in every aspect as much as this one.

The company’s growth shows no signs of slowing down either, with a 40-mile radius in the Twin Cities area and customers from all backgrounds and price points. “Our services are for everyone, and we pride ourselves on offering top-level cleanliness and professionalism to every home we service,” says Birynne.

But it’s not just the scope of Lion’s Share’s services that are winning over customers – it’s the level of care and attentiveness their team members put into each job. One customer exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe how clean my house looked when I came home from work.”. “They even power washed the little nook of my yard where my grill sits that I couldn’t get clean. The whole process was seamless and stress-free from beginning to end.”

Lion’s Share Maintenance‘s commitment to a job well done extends even beyond its service offerings – the company also practices eco-friendly cleaning methods to reduce its impact on the environment. With plans for expansion into even more offerings in the works, it’s clear that the team at Lion’s Share is continuously looking to up their game – and the company’s customers are reaping the benefits.

In the words of Birynne, “We’re not just a company that cleans windows or power-washes homes – we’re delivering peace of mind.” And customers couldn’t agree more. “I’ll never use another company again,” says one satisfied customer. “I rely on their professional services, fair pricing, and consistently reliable delivery. It’s hard to imagine how I’d manage without them.”

The success of Lion’s Share Maintenance is a testament to the power of placing the customer first. No matter what industry you’re in, taking the time to listen to your customers and prioritize their needs is essential. By focusing on delivering the best possible experience for each and every customer, businesses can establish a loyal and true customer base and establish a reputation for excellence.


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