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Mehta Media Helps Solar Business Owners Scale Their Companies and Dominate the Industry

The solar industry has become a very competitive arena with the rising demand for clean energy over the past years. More and more businesses and homeowners are seeing the benefits of shifting to solar power, motivating the emergence of more businesses in the industry. As the competition becomes more pronounced, Mehta Media empowers its clients to stay on top of their game by providing top-of-the-line and effective marketing solutions to propel companies toward success. 

Mehta Media founder Akshay Kumar Mehta saw a pressing need to offer solar companies innovative and relevant marketing solutions that will project their strong image to consumers. Unfortunately, some solar companies partnered with ineffective marketing groups that yielded negative results. Mehta saw a demand for an emerging and genuine set of methods that would earn the trust of solar professionals and business owners alike. After a thorough study of the existing market and the problems that haunt business owners repeatedly, he came up with his own cost-efficient and highly reliable marketing solution that will help his clients lead the industry. 

“We provide strategic marketing services tailored to the solar professional’s region, space, area, city, county, and state, that generate higher quality leads that are educated, so they are easier to convert, all while we overdeliver on our promises,” he explained, adding that the company pre-qualifies every lead within a 50-mile radius of the client, assuring that each lead generated are specifically for the client alone. “Along with this, we equip the professional with free tools to empower their prospects and place the professional as a trusted advisor in their market.”

Mehta Media prioritizes transparency and authenticity above anything else, believing that these attributes form a solid foundation for any emerging business, such as a marketing agency. The company also provides free resources that solar business owners and professionals can access, such as business profiles, animated logos, solar informational pamphlets and videos, and a solar design app so that they can win in every negotiation meeting and sales pitch. Mehta projects that the conversion rates will be through the roof when solar professionals use his easy-to-use, high converting, and unique methods. 

“At the core, I am a man who’s driven to make people’s lives easier in whatever way I can. Helping solar professionals scale their businesses or grow in their careers gives me fulfillment, and the fact I am slowly removing the stain on the marketing agency image in this space is a huge plus. I know this will allow others to develop authentic solutions in the space just like I did,” Mehta revealed. 

From SEO services to social media marketing, branding, web design and development, lead management, and collaboration with influencers, Mehta Media has every marketing solution any solar business could ever need to dominate the industry. The marketing agency has a lineup of excellent content creators, video editors, marketing strategists, software programmers, and social media managers who are ready to make things happen for their clients. 

“We also feel we have a social responsibility when it comes to working in the clean energy space, which is why we have partnered with Evertreen to plant 25 trees across the globe every single month,” Mehta shared. “So far, we have planted well over 1000 trees and hope to scale this number to planting a thousand trees every single month!”

Ultimately, Mehta Media is the business and marketing solution that solar companies have long been waiting for. Mehta knows and understands the struggles that business owners and professionals have been going through, and his company is ready to revolutionize the way they do their business. With so many possibilities waiting for them on the horizon, solar companies can trust that Mehta Media will be their reliable marketing solution partner moving forward.


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