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Milestone Scientific: Revolutionizing Medical Injections with Pain-Free Precision

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Within the dynamic realm of advancing medical technologies, spanning from revolutionary surgical techniques to life-preserving vaccines, a pivotal procedure has remained the same for well over one hundred and fifty years – the hypodermic injection. 

Amidst this ever-changing landscape, Milestone Scientific emerges as a pioneering force within the domain of medical technology. Recognizing the potential for innovation, the company has harnessed the power of computer-controlled injection delivery instruments, consequently ushering in a transformative era for injections. This paradigm-shifting evolution has rendered injections relatively painless and with a newfound level of precision. 

The following discourse is dedicated to illuminating the novel approach undertaken by Milestone Scientific, elucidating its profound influence on daily lives and expounding upon its profound implications that reverberate throughout the entire medical field.

Painless Precision for a Better Experience:

For a considerable period, hypodermic injections have been linked with unease and nervousness, especially in the context of dental procedures. CEO Jan Haverhals explains that 40 million individuals within the United States grapple with dental phobia. This apprehension can largely be attributed to the anxiety and the discomfort commonly associated with injections. Traditional techniques of injection administration frequently entail a gradual manual release of anesthesia, a process that prolongs feelings of unease and may even require supplementary injections.

Milestone Scientific’s computerized drug delivery technology transforms this experience. With controlled flow, like an IV infusion, injections become virtually painless. This technology empowers dentists to administer anesthesia more precisely, targeting specific teeth without causing numbness in surrounding areas. Moreover, the anesthesia takes effect within just 60 seconds, reducing patient discomfort and time spent in the dentist’s chair. For dentalphobes, especially children, using smaller needles eases anxiety, making the experience more tolerable.

Impressive Second Quarter Results

Milestone Scientific Inc. has recently unveiled its latest financial report for the second quarter concluded on June 30, 2023. Haverhals shared his optimism regarding the company’s performance, stating, “I am pleased to report that we achieved strong year-over-year and sequential revenue growth for the second quarter of 2023.” The figures  reflect a remarkable success story, with revenue for the second quarter surging by an impressive 77% to reach $2.9 million. Gross profit followed suit, recording an astounding increase of 178% compared to the same period in the previous year. Haverhals attributed this  performance to their new online store, which has ushered in a more direct and personalized relationship with their valued customers. Additionally, the company witnessed a substantial boost in international dental sales, further bolstering their global footprint.

In the realm of medical advancements, Milestone Scientific continues to push boundaries with the CompuFlo® Epidural System. Haverhals announced positive reimbursement from commercial payers, specifically for patients involved in motor vehicle accidents. While these initial reimbursements mark a significant milestone, it’s worth noting that they do not yet encompass broad coverage for all epidural procedures. Nevertheless, these early approvals serve as a validation of the technology’s efficacy and the company’s reimbursement strategy. Milestone Scientific is steadfastly working to expand to more physicians, paving the way for wider insurance provider reimbursement. The company’s dedication to enhancing healthcare and making injections painless and precise remains unwavering, setting the stage for an exciting future.

Expanding Horizons in Medicine:

Milestone Scientific’s success story extends beyond dentistry. Their innovative technology, backed by an impressive portfolio of U.S. and international patents, has earned them a leadership position in injection technology. The company’s expansion includes forays into anesthesiology, where their technology has shown remarkable promise. The computer-controlled injection system offers significant advantages, particularly in labor and delivery, where pain management is crucial.

Traditionally, administering epidural analgesia during labor is subjective, leading to inconsistencies and potential complications. Milestone Scientific’s technology introduces objectivity, eliminating false positives, reducing complications, and enhancing patient safety. This technology makes the process safer and enhances the overall birth experience for mothers.

Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Change:

Despite its game-changing potential, Milestone Scientific’s technology faces resistance from traditionalists within the medical field. Haverhals acknowledges the challenge of educating older practitioners who are comfortable with established procedures. His mission to disrupt conventional practices is evident in his efforts to engage with practitioners via social media and other channels.

The disruption is not limited to the medical community; it extends to public awareness. Haverhals emphasizes the importance of educating women about their options for pain-free injections, particularly in labor and delivery scenarios. By raising awareness about this innovative technology, he envisions a future where patients actively seek these advancements for their medical needs.

Milestone Scientific: Revolutionizing Medical Injections with Pain-Free Precision

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Leadership and Vision:

Jan Haverhals has a foundation in pharmacy science and enriched by his profound involvement across the domains of dentistry and medicine, Haverhals contributes a distinct amalgamation of specialized knowledge to the company’s endeavors. Bolstering his profile, his extensive exposure to a spectrum of roles on an international scale has honed his prowess in global business acumen, endowing him with a unique perspective. This, in turn, has positioned him as an innovative and forward-thinking leader within the organization. Assuming the mantle of leadership in 2020, Haverhals has adeptly navigated Milestone Scientific toward an exciting new chapter characterized by the introduction of pain-free medical injections, thus emblemizing his commitment to propelling the company into an era of groundbreaking advancements.

Milestone Scientific’s revolutionary advancement in pain-free injection technology is a remarkable testament to the incredible potential of innovation in revolutionizing deeply ingrained medical procedures. By effectively tackling the discomfort that has long been linked to injections, this pioneering company elevates the quality of patient experiences. It propels the gateway to safer and markedly more accurate medical interventions. Jan Haverhals’ unwavering dedication to challenging established norms resonates as a resounding affirmation of the critical significance of embracing transformative change for the advancement of healthcare. As we embark on a trajectory defined by rapid technological progress, Milestone Scientific emerges as a shining example of forward momentum, poignantly underscoring that even the most time-honored practices can seamlessly adapt, ultimately enriching the well-being of humanity in profound ways.


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