New Zealand Opens its Doors to Tourists After Years of Strict Lockdowns

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New Zealand, widely regarded as one of the most restrictive countries regarding Covid lockdown policies, has announced that it will now open its borders to outsiders.

New Zealand is now resuming all international travel in and out of the country, officials said. Although the New Zealand government said it would open its borders later this year, they decided to push back opening three months earlier.

Early in 2022, only a few nations, notably Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States, may travel to New Zealand. In the past year, the government has implemented the tightest Covid lockdown rules after confirming just one incidence on its border. The New Zealand government subsequently undertook a series of tests and established health regulations that promptly corrected the problem.

The Covid Delta variant penetrated through Auckland, the largest city in the country. Such development led the national government to issue a blockage of the city for a total of 107 days which ended in December 2021.

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Travelers still need to meet escalating standards despite the announcement. Take note of the following when making travel arrangements to New Zealand.


Visitors must first show documentation of their immunizations. All residents of the nation must comply with this criterion; the only exceptions are New Zealanders and Australians. The government’s website contains more details.

Both digital and paper immunization records are recognized.

New Zealand’s Department of Health also said travelers must undergo a rapid antigen test on the day of arrival, but this does not necessarily have to be done immediately after a tourist’s arrival at the airport. In addition, a subsequent antigen test is carried out five to six days after entry.

The authorities don’t require masks when strolling outside. People are required to wear one in enclosed areas, including pharmacies, museums, and grocery stores.

The best period to travel to New Zealand

Inflationary rates have resulted in higher domestic product prices. Despite the country’s 7.3 percent inflation rate, the prices of activities, tours, and several accommodations have become more affordable than before the pandemic, according to Navigate Travel.

According to Daniel Painter, the managing director of Navigate Travel, ″(A holiday in) New Zealand’s very cheap at the moment … Other than air travel, there’s never been a cheaper time to come.”

According to the nation’s tourism department, the algorithm on internet searches related to travel to New Zealand has significantly grown. Gregg Wafelbakker, general manager of Tourism New Zealand, reported that online searches for foreign flights to New Zealand have increased by 39% since the announcement compared to pre-Covid searches.

“Travel demand to New Zealand has been healthy ever since the borders [reopened] to Singaporeans in May. However, due to flight availability, we do observe demand outstripping supply,” posited the senior marketing communications manager of Chan Brothers Travel, Jeremiah Wong.

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Many book longer trips

Due to the lockdown precautions it has been implementing over the years, New Zealand has been long removed from many travelers’ travel itineraries. After the announcement, Bookings have begun to trickle in, and they are coming at longer stay times now that it is available to everyone.

Wong added, “An eight-day New Zealand tour was a popular choice before the pandemic, but we are currently seeing more interest and bookings for our 11-day tour that allows travelers to take in the sights at a more relaxed pace.”

In addition, tourists “want the ability to be able to relax and not have to worry about things, but they also want to be able to get lots of bang for their buck,” said Navigate Travel.

Numerous tourists expressed their happiness in reaction to New Zealand’s decision to revive its tourism sector.

Source: CNBC

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