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Nicole Arbour: The Digital Renegade Empowering Businesses and Changing Lives

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Nicole Arbour, the renowned YouTuber, comedienne, singer, and actress, has captured the hearts of millions with her fearless and satirical content. With her self-titled YouTube channel, Nicole tackles heavy topics with a unique blend of humor and wit, offering fresh perspectives and opening minds along the way. Beyond her entertainment endeavors, Nicole Arbour has emerged as a digital hero, making a profound impact on her fans’ lives through her business acumen and genuine desire to uplift others. 

In a surprising turn of events, Nicole Arbour helped her followers navigate the complexities of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program during the COVID-19 pandemic. While prominent figures like Kevin O’Leary and Grant Cardone later promoted the program, Nicole was ahead of the curve, guiding her fans towards securing over $15 million dollars from the IRS initiative. Business owners expressed their gratitude, acknowledging Nicole’s pivotal role in saving their businesses and transforming their financial prospects. 

“You literally saved our business. Thank you forever Nicole! #GOTEAM” one fan commented on Nicole’s Instagram after posting a photo receiving over $200,000 from the Employee Retention Credit thanks to Arbour. 

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) grant, part of the IRS’s Covid Relief effort, provides financial support to businesses with W2 employees, offering a substantial sum ranging from $10,000 to $26,000 per employee. Nicole Arbour’s proactive approach ensured her followers were informed early about this opportunity, leading to life-changing outcomes. Businesses that acted upon Nicole’s guidance have received impressive grants. Arbour stated, “I feel like Robin Hood. I got to lead my followers to a program they hadn’t heard of and a reputable team to help them apply for it the right way. The ones who did… they’ve received between $50,000- and 2.3million dollars each. It’s pretty incredible.” 

Nicole’s decision to champion the ERC program may have raised eyebrows, considering her outspoken and unapologetic persona. Yet, she recognized the significant impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on business owners and seized the opportunity to empower her followers. Despite initial skepticism, Nicole’s unwavering belief in the program proved fruitful, even before the well-known Shark Tank investor, Kevin O’Leary, joined the chorus. 

Nicole also said, “Some business owners I reached out to personally didn’t believe this was real,” Arbour said with a laugh. “I don’t blame them. The IRS is giving YOU money I swear…does sound a bit sketchy. But I was right!” 

Nicole’s mission extends beyond individual success stories. Her goal is to ensure that every eligible business in America benefits from the ERC grant before the first application deadline in April 2024. Recognizing the transformative power of these grants, Nicole aims to help as many people as possible, catalyzing positive change in both life and business. 

“I just knew I had to let my followers know about this ASAP because I saw how hard Covid was on business owners. The rich get richer because they take advantage of government programs there to help them and the whales never leave money on the table. Business owners of all sizes should take that lesson from them.” she continued. 

Amidst recent instances of scam companies capitalizing on the ERC program, Nicole emphasizes the importance of partnering with reputable entities. She has carefully vetted a team that has worked with renowned names in business, sports, and entertainment, ensuring her followers receive trustworthy assistance and support. 

She had something to say about the businesses being taken advantage of as well, “It’s wild to me that people would trust their business with just anyone. The team I’ve found to work with my followers has been around for years working with the biggest names in business, sports, and entertainment. They’re extremely reputable, and have been amazing.” 

Nicole Arbour’s commitment to her audience’s well-being extends beyond financial matters. She has demonstrated unwavering integrity by turning down lucrative opportunities to protect her fans, contributing to community initiatives, and launching the Pain Free By 2023 Challenge, offering alternative solutions for chronic pain relief. 

“The goal now is to get every single business in America who qualifies for the grant before the first application deadline of April 2024.  We’re talking about life and business changing return amounts. This is a big deal and I want to help as many people as possible.” she concluded. 

If you’re a business owner interested in exploring the ERC grant, Nicole Arbour’s recommended team is currently accepting applications. Don’t miss this chance to transform your business and secure your financial future. For more information and to check if your business qualifies, visit: ERC Grant Application Link. 

To stay updated on Nicole Arbour’s endeavors and join her vibrant community, follow her on Instagram at @ibnicolearbour and subscribe to her YouTube channel at Nicole Arbour. 

Nicole Arbour continues to make a significant impact as a digital renegade, empowering businesses, changing lives, and proving that comedy and compassion can go hand in hand. 


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