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Prioritising Customers: Hit N Move’s Secret to Success

Prioritising Customers: Hit N Move's Secret to Success
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

In an era where businesses often prioritise efficiency and outsourcing, Hit N Move has charted a different course. Founded by Ozhan “Ozzie” Akcakaya in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hit N Move has become a multimillion-dollar enterprise, not just because of its innovative products, but due to its exceptional customer service model. This model, termed “reverse top-down silo,” has proven to be the magic behind the company’s success.

What is Reverse Top-Down Silo?

In most growing companies, customer service is typically delegated to third-party companies or service agents. However, Ozhan realized that for Hit N Move—a brand catering to boxing enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals—standard customer service wouldn’t suffice. The passion and expertise required to understand and address customer needs could only come from those who share that same passion.

The concept of reverse top-down silo at Hit N Move means that while other aspects of the business might be outsourced, customer service remains in-house and is managed by Ozzie himself, his brother Sam, or his wife Alaina. This hands-on approach ensures that every customer interaction is infused with genuine knowledge and enthusiasm for boxing.

Prioritising Customers: Hit N Move's Secret to Success

Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Why It Works

Ozzie’s philosophy is simple: “If you make a unique and good product, you will have a niche loyal customer base. Those customers are like the columns of your company. If those columns are strong, you can build up and add floors. The way to keep the columns strong is through absolute customer service reminiscent of the 1970s—direct text message help, phone calls, and personal interactions.”

This approach is rooted in Ozzie’s own experience as a boxer. “Hit N Move customers are collectors and professionals. A normal service agent wouldn’t cut it. It must be someone from boxing, someone who has felt blood in their mouth during sparring, someone who knows leather, foam, and the entire market,” Ozzie explains. This deep understanding allows Hit N Move to offer a level of service that is both personal and highly informed.

The Story of Hit N Move

Hit N Move began with Ozzie’s frustration over the lack of originality and quality in boxing gloves. As a glove collector, he was tired of seeing the same products with different logos. His breakthrough came during an unexpected moment of inspiration. While playing darts, Ozzie deconstructed a dart and had an epiphany: he could apply the principles of weight distribution from the dart to the padding of boxing gloves.

This innovative approach led to the creation of the first unique padding in the United States. As he tested these gloves in his gym, his friends and fellow fighters were astounded by their quality and performance, urging him to commercialize his creation. With encouragement from his peers and unwavering support from his wife, Ozzie launched his first pair of gloves, aptly named “All Day.” The reception was overwhelmingly positive, and his journey of innovation did not stop there. In just two years, Hit N Move grew into a multi-million dollar company based in Virginia. Ozzie decided to pause his pharmaceutical career to focus entirely on his burgeoning business.

The Role of Customer Service

Customer service at Hit N Move goes beyond solving problems; it is about building relationships. Ozzie, Sam, and Alaina personally handle all customer interactions. “Usually we don’t have any quality issues, but it is my pleasure to get on a call and talk to customers,” Ozzie says. “We geek out about gloves and get excited like two friends talking about games. This is why Hit N Move is unique and we will protect this customer service.”

This personal touch has fostered a loyal customer base that feels connected to the brand. Hit N Move customers know they are speaking to people who understand their passion and can offer expert advice. This level of service not only resolves issues swiftly but also creates a community around the brand.


Hit N Move’s success story is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and exceptional customer service. By keeping customer service in-house and ensuring it is managed by individuals who share the customers’ love for boxing, Hit N Move has built a loyal and enthusiastic customer base. This unique approach, coupled with innovative products, has positioned Hit N Move as a leader in the boxing gear industry. As the company continues to grow, it remains committed to maintaining the high standards of customer service that have been the cornerstone of its success.


Published By: Aize Perez


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