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Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen: Leading a Global Movement for Peace at the Menorah of Peace Award 2023

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen: Leading a Global Movement for Peace at the Menorah of Peace Award 2023
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In the heart of New York City, at the prestigious United Nations Headquarters, a landmark event took place on December 12, 2023. The Institute of Noahide Code, celebrated for its dedication to global peace and ethical living, held its first Menorah of Peace Award ceremony. This event was not just a ceremony but a symbol of the universal quest for peace and democracy, imbued with deep cultural and spiritual resonance.

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen: A Guiding Light for Peace

The ceremony was illuminated by the presentation of the Menorah of Peace Award by Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen, the esteemed leader of the Institute of Noahide Code. Rabbi Cohen’s unwavering commitment to advocating universal rights and freedoms stood at the core of the ceremony. His efforts in championing the values of the Universal Noahide Code, a set of principles revered across diverse cultures and faiths, have established him as a vanguard in the pursuit of global harmony and understanding.

The Institute of Noahide Code’s Mission

The Institute, accredited by the ECOSOC of the United Nations, is at the forefront of promoting peace and democratic values globally. By championing the Universal Noahide Code’s seven laws, it seeks to broaden its impact and foster a common commitment to these shared ethical principles.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: A Unifying Force

Adding to the ceremony’s significance was the presence of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, who received the prestigious award. Dr. Liew’s dedication to the ideals of peace and unity, particularly resonant with the spirit of the Chanukah festival, added a profound dimension to the event. Her eloquent speech, honoring Jewish traditions and underscoring the need for global peace, deeply moved the audience, bridging Jewish values with the universal aspirations for peace.

The Menorah’s Enduring Symbolism

At the ceremony, the Menorah transcended its traditional role, emerging as a potent symbol of hope and resilience. It encapsulated the indomitable spirit of the Jewish community, their rich cultural heritage, and underscored the broader themes of religious freedom and human rights.

The Sefer Torah Scroll: A Link Between Ages

A notable aspect of Dr. Liew’s address was her focus on a new Sefer Torah Scroll, symbolizing the unbroken chain of Jewish teachings and law. This gesture connected the dots between age-old traditions and their relevance in today’s world, adding depth to the event’s narrative.

A Vision for the Future

Under Rabbi Cohen’s visionary leadership, the Menorah of Peace Award ceremony has set a precedent for future endeavors in the realm of global peace and understanding. It stands as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the power of unity and shared values in bridging divides and building a more harmonious world.

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In a heartfelt gesture of appreciation, Dr. Sarah Liew recently presented her book to Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen, symbolizing not only gratitude but also a deep intellectual and cultural connection. This act of giving is more than just a transfer of pages; it’s an embodiment of Dr. Liew’s profound respect for Rabbi Cohen and her dedication to sharing knowledge and insights.

A Token of Appreciation and Knowledge

Dr. Liew’s decision to gift her book to Rabbi Cohen was a meaningful expression of thanks for his guidance and support. This exchange went beyond the traditional author-reader relationship, highlighting a mutual understanding and shared values between these two influential figures.

Exploring Dr. Liew’s Authorial Journey

Dr. Sarah Liew is an author whose works reflect a deep passion for American values, business success, and cultural understanding. Her writings are not just informative but also provide a window into her personal journey and professional experiences.

Invitation to Dive into Her Literary World

For those eager to delve into Dr. Liew’s literary contributions and to gain a deeper understanding of her perspectives on business, cultural integration, and her vision for America, a visit to her author’s site is highly recommended. Interested readers can explore her works and ideologies at

A Convergence of Thought and Spirit

The act of Dr. Liew presenting her book to Rabbi Cohen serves as a reminder of the power of literature to connect minds and hearts. It underscores the importance of intellectual exchange in fostering understanding and respect among diverse communities and leaders.

Enduring Impact Through Written Words

Through her writings, Dr. Liew continues to influence and inspire a wide audience, offering insights into the complexities of business, the richness of cultural diversity, and the essence of American principles. Her book serves as a beacon for readers seeking guidance, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of these pivotal themes.

Closing Thoughts

Dr. Liew’s gesture of presenting her book to Rabbi Cohen is more than an act of gratitude; it is a testament to the enduring impact of literature and the shared journey of learning and growth. Her work stands as an invitation to all who seek to understand the intricacies of business success and the values that shape our society.

This reimagined article focuses on Dr. Sarah Liew’s gesture of giving her book to Rabbi Cohen, highlighting her authorship and inviting readers to explore her literary works for deeper insights into her passions and perspectives.

Discovering Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Impact

For a comprehensive understanding of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s extensive work and her significant achievements, a visit to her official website,, is highly recommended. This resource offers an in-depth look into her advocacy, her initiatives, and the milestones she has achieved in her career.

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