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Save 25% Or More On Your Next Event with!

Save 25% Or More On Your Next Event with!
Photo Courtesy: Robert Kraus

When it comes to organizing events, the right venue and planning can make all the difference. Enter, your event sourcing experts with over 20 years of experience in securing the best values at top venues across the nation. Whether it’s Board Meetings, Conferences, Conventions, Symposiums, VIP Events, or more, specializes in cost-effective site selection and creating memorable moments—all without busting your budget.

The driving force behind is Robert Kraus, a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry. Robert’s expertise has been recognized in USA Today and on the Today Show. In 2019, he was named the Association of Meeting Professionals Planner of the Year, thanks to his knack for securing incredible deals from hotels and other venues—often saving clients 25% or more on their events. He is also a Meeting Professionals International Certified Contract & Negotiation Specialist, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field.

What sets apart from the competition? Their unwavering focus on smaller associations, non-profits, and individuals who might be overlooked by larger event planning firms. With, you’re never a third-class client. Their specialty lies in small conferences and meetings, but they also excel in finding the best and most unique venues for VIP Events, board retreats, receptions, or even a custom sunset sightseeing cruise with wine, cheese, and the delightful company of Robert himself! operates on a fee-based model, providing estimates based on the type of event. They are surprisingly affordable, and they offer discounts for tax-exempt non-profits. This commitment to value and personalized service has earned them rave reviews from clients.

“Robert always secures great deals for us, whether for one of our smaller low-budget conferences or for one of our huge record-breaking national conventions!” says a satisfied client. Another client adds, “We were so fortunate to have Robert’s help planning and managing our events! Without your help, I would have had to do a lot of that work myself.”

One client, who served as Convention Chair, praises Robert’s contributions: “I was Convention Chair for the most successful, well-attended, and profitable conventions in the history of my organization. Robert is largely to blame for helping us to achieve this success.” Another echoes this sentiment, noting Robert’s dedication: “Robert was always there early morning through late at night handling all the details! All I had to do was show up, smile, shake hands, and have a good time! Plus, Robert was super fun to work with!”

Clients emphatically recommend Robert Kraus. “I can wholeheartedly recommend Robert Kraus for all your small conference needs. Robert knows how to make EVERYTHING happen.”

The advantage is clear:

  • Exclusive Non-Profit Discounts
  • They Work for YOU – NOT The Venue
  • No Shortcuts – No Apps – No A/I
  • Extensive Network of Personal Connections
  • Expert Negotiation to Get You The Best Price is dedicated to making your event planning process seamless and stress-free. Their extensive network of personal connections ensures that you get the best possible venue at the best possible price. With Robert and his team handling all the details, you can focus on enjoying your event and creating lasting memories.

Discover how can save you time, money, and stress while creating unforgettable events. Visit and connect with them on LinkedIn. And for those planning a meeting in Miami, don’t forget to check out MeetIn.Miami for expert event sourcing in the vibrant Miami area.

For an even deeper dive into their expertise and client success stories, be sure to read their newsletters on LinkedIn.

With, your event is in expert hands. Say goodbye to budget woes and planning stress, and hello to a beautifully executed event that everyone will remember.


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