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Style and Innovation At Hit N Move’s Core

Style and Innovation At Hit N Move’s Core
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

By: Hit N Move

In the competitive world of boxing, gear is more than just equipment—it’s an extension of the athlete’s identity. Hit N Move, founded by Ozhan “Ozzie,” has carved a unique niche by blending cutting-edge innovation with unparalleled style. This dual focus not only sets new industry standards but also ensures that boxers feel confident and stylish in the ring.

Innovation First

Hit N Move’s journey began with a commitment to pushing the boundaries of boxing gear. Their innovations have addressed some of the most pressing needs in the sport:

  1. Extremely Small but Super Protective Headgear: Designed to offer maximum protection without sacrificing agility, this headgear allows boxers to move freely and confidently.
  2. 24 Ounce Gloves: Unlike other brands that created bulky, oversized gloves, Ozzie engineered 24-ounce gloves that maintain the sleek size of 16-ounce gloves, providing extra protection without the bulk.
  3. Turtle Mitts: These training mitts are designed for optimal efficiency, combining superior protection and comfort for both trainers and boxers.
  4. DR-T Padding: This innovative padding technology distributes weight and impact evenly, enhancing durability and reducing injury risk.

Style as a Priority

While innovation is crucial, Hit N Move understands that gear must also look good. Style is not an afterthought; it’s an integral part of their design process. Ozzie believes that gear must be stylish to truly resonate with boxers, as it significantly boosts their confidence.

The Importance of Style: Many companies focus solely on functionality, often resulting in gear that, despite its technical advantages, looks unattractive. Hit N Move has avoided this by ensuring that every product is not only functional but also stylish. This approach has set them apart in a market where aesthetics can be as important as performance.

Style and Innovation At Hit N Move’s Core

Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Stylish Innovations

24 Ounce Gloves: A prime example of Hit N Move’s commitment to style. While other brands produced gloves that looked like oversized pillows, Ozzie’s design retained the sleek, compact look of traditional 16-ounce gloves. This innovation provides the necessary protection while maintaining a stylish appearance that athletes are proud to wear.

Community Engagement: Hit N Move’s unique designs keep the boxing community eagerly anticipating their next release. Their ability to combine functionality with style ensures that every new product is met with excitement and curiosity. Boxers and trainers alike look forward to seeing how Hit N Move will next improve the industry.

Building Confidence Through Style

Ozzie’s philosophy is clear: “If you make a unique and good product, you will have a niche loyal customer base. Those customers are like the columns of your company. If those columns are strong, you can build up and add floors. The way to keep the columns strong is through absolute customer service reminiscent of the 1970s—direct text message help, phone calls.”

For Hit N Move, this means designing gear that boxers not only trust for its performance but also love for its look and feel. When athletes feel confident about their gear, it translates into better performance and a stronger presence in the ring.

Style and Innovation At Hit N Move’s Core

Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

The Future of Hit N Move

The boxing community is always on edge, wondering what Hit N Move will come up with next. The company’s track record of combining innovation with style has set a high bar, and their fans eagerly anticipate each new release. Whether it’s a new type of padding, an advanced glove design, or state-of-the-art training gear, Hit N Move continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.


Hit N Move has successfully redefined boxing gear by marrying innovation with style. Their products not only enhance performance but also ensure that boxers feel confident and stylish. As the company continues to innovate, it remains committed to its core philosophy: delivering gear that excels in functionality and aesthetics. With Ozzie at the helm, the future of Hit N Move looks promising, and the boxing world eagerly awaits their next revolutionary product.


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