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From modeling to making moves: the entrepreneurial journey of Priya Jain, a fashion industry power player.

Priya Jain
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Going through a never-before-seen pandemic to launch a business and survive the ensuing economic downturn seems like a scary movie. However, a notable fashion model turned entrepreneur Priya Jain sees it as just another day at the office and has kept a level head through her journey in the fashion business.

Priya Jain was born and raised in Orange County, California and began her modeling career in Los Angeles before she moved to New York City to continue pursuing her dreams. As a woman with tall dreams, Priya Jain knew she owed it to the world to become successful and use her journey to inspire other women globally. So, during the pandemic, when the world was struggling to function as an entity, Priya started building Naked Lynx. Over two years later, the brand is still standing strong, forging ahead with its mission of empowering women worldwide through fashion.

Going through the pandemic fazed many entrepreneurs and signaled the end for many businesses. However, Priya Jain remained unfazed as she pushed through the rubbles, remained standing and kept her brand Naked Lynx afloat after the pandemic blew over. With her experience in the fashion industry and the valuable network she had built over the year, Priya is determined to make Naked Lynx a fashion classic.

According to the company’s website, Priya Jain designed a fashion line for “the babe that likes to be seaside in Malibu or poolside in the Hamptons.” Priya understands how the fashion industry works and has implemented all the knowledge she has gained over the years at her company.

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Making women feel and look good make the hallmark of her journey as an entrepreneur. She has also taken active steps to be an entrepreneur of repute by making sure the Naked Lynx brand adheres to sustainability standards and minimizing carbon footprints as much as possible by sourcing all materials locally. Naked Lynx’s products are manufactured locally in New York City and California, lending credence to Priya’s focus on quality products. She is a new type of fashionista who cares about sustainability without compromising on the luxurious quality of her brand’s fashion pieces.

Beyond running a successful business, Priya is an avid traveler who has been to different parts of the world to work, see, and experience new things. She has been to India, London, Paris, Germany, Tahiti, Barcelona, Mexico, Cancun, Greece, Anguilla, and Italy. She also speaks English and Hindi languages fluently, speaks a bit of Italian and Spanish and spent three months learning Mandarin Chinese. She has been a vegan for eight years and was once a Yoga teacher at Core Power in Hollywood. Priya is a lover of animals and has two dogs. “I consider myself to be a very disciplined person, so growth and discipline motivate me. My biggest passion and love is for animals. One day I would like to start an animal rescue organization and facility. I hope to accomplish this within the next ten years of my life,” she says.

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Priya Jain has made giant strides as an entrepreneur but seems only just to be starting. Her goals for the next few years are audacious as she boldly steps into the fashion world to dominate and inspire women with the wide range of items in her brand’s catalog. “Fashion has always been an avenue to express ourselves. And now we have chosen the creative path as fashion lovers. Every piece that comes out of the Naked Lynx brand is carefully created to make women feel like the goddesses they are” We aim to get our products to every part of the world and spread that empowerment to every woman worldwide. 

In the next few years, Priya Jain sees Naked Lynx becoming a well-recognized global luxury swimwear brand featuring on the world’s most notable runways and the most prominent media publications and productions. “Naked Lynx is not just about image; it’s about style and feelings,” Priya says.


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