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Unlike Marketing: A Podcast for Real Marketing Stories

Unlike Marketing A Podcast for Real Marketing Stories
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Giuseppe Quarata, the Chairman and Founder of Quarata Consulting LLC in Colorado Springs is set to launch a new podcast titled “Unlike Marketing.” This podcast aims to be a significant resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing them with a platform to share their journeys, challenges, and triumphs.

Giuseppe Quarata’s extensive experience in digital strategy, operations management, and go-to-market strategy lends considerable weight to the “Unlike Marketing” podcast. As the head of Quarata Consulting LLC, Quarata has built a firm renowned for its personalized, faith-driven approach to business consulting. 

Quarata’s career spans various roles and industries. His time at Schneider Electric in Switzerland as a Senior Verification/Validation Engineer involved designing and validating automatic transfer switches for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) controllers. His expertise in hardware simulation, test sequence development, and compliance with international standards reflects the high level of rigor he brings to his consulting practice and, now, to his podcast.

The Concept Behind “Unlike Marketing”

“Unlike Marketing” is designed to be more than just a series of marketing tips. It is a narrative-driven platform where local entrepreneurs and small business owners can share their stories from the ground up. 

Each episode will delve into a wide range of topics, from the initial spark of an idea to strategies that led to business growth and sustainability. The podcast aims to provide listeners with both inspiration and practical insights, highlighting the human side of business. Quarata’s vision is to show that stories of perseverance, innovation, and personal growth are behind every successful venture.

Building a Local Community

By concentrating on Colorado-based entrepreneurs and facilitating in-person participation, “Unlike Marketing” aims to create a robust, supportive network of business owners who can learn from and support each other. This local focus is particularly relevant in today’s digital age, where face-to-face interactions are becoming increasingly rare but remain essential.

The podcast’s community-centric approach fosters a sense of connection among listeners. It’s more than just consuming content; it’s about engaging with it, reflecting on personal experiences, and finding common ground with other entrepreneurs.

For Giuseppe Quarata, this podcast represents a natural extension of his mission to help businesses thrive through personalized, faith-driven strategies.

Something to Look Forward to 

“Unlike Marketing” stands out as a promising new entry in the podcasting world, particularly for those in Colorado looking for more than just business advice. Giuseppe Quarata’s innovative approach weaves together compelling real-life stories, active community involvement, and the thoughtful incorporation of faith-based principles into everyday business activities. This podcast is set to provide a distinctive listening experience that goes beyond typical marketing tips, aiming to inspire its audience with narratives of perseverance and ethical success. It’s designed not only to inform but also to foster a sense of belonging and connection among local entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. By highlighting the experiences of diverse voices within the community, “Unlike Marketing” aims to become a hub for shared learning and mutual encouragement, strengthening the fabric of local business networks and encouraging a more integrated, values-driven approach to commerce.

If you are an entrepreneur and a small business based in Colorado eager to share your own stories, you can sign up to this form to be a guest speaker.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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