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Unlock Employee Potential with Michael McShane’s Training

Unlock Employee Potential with Michael McShane's Training
Photo Courtesy: Michael McShane

Michael McShane is a seasoned business owner, program manager, and manufacturing engineer who has seen the highs and lows of employee training and engagement. His experiences have shaped a profound understanding of the challenges businesses face in nurturing and retaining talent. Michael’s approach focuses on transforming average performers into assets through a unique training program that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern efficiency. Let’s explore Michael’s innovative ideas and the core principles behind his proposed training program.

The Challenge of Trust and Engagement

Michael begins by acknowledging a common struggle among business owners: the erosion of trust within their companies. Whether it’s from customers, vendors, competitors, or even family members, this loss of trust can leave business owners feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed. However, the painful breaches often come from within—employees who, despite rigorous vetting and training, fail to meet expectations. This scenario is all too familiar, with business owners investing significant time and resources into their staff, only to pick up the pieces when things go awry.

The Potential for Transformation

Michael poses a critical question: What if there is a way to convert average performers into exceptional ones? Drawing from his extensive background, he has observed the pitfalls and successes of various training programs. Often, the focus on balance sheets overshadows the importance of recognizing and nurturing the individual craftsmanship and potential hidden within each employee. This oversight can lead to disengagement and burnout, not just for employees but for business owners as well.

Craftsmanship and Modern Efficiency

The core of Michael’s training philosophy is to blend the time-honored skills of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary work practices. He emphasizes that craftsmanship is ingrained in our identities, whether one’s heritage is linked to millers, bakers, or smiths. By tapping into this intrinsic skillset and combining it with modern efficiency, businesses can unlock their employees’ full potential.

The Training Program

Michael’s proposed training program is tailored for medium to small-sized businesses. It focuses on recognizing and harnessing the unique gifts, abilities, and skills of each employee. This approach not only enhances individual performance but also fuels overall business growth. Michael’s training method involves:

  • Recognizing Craftsmanship: Identifying and appreciating the inherent skills and strengths each employee brings to the table.
  • Personalized Development: Crafting training programs that cater to individual strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring each employee feels valued and understood.
  • Integrating Modern Techniques: Combining traditional skills with the latest business practices to create a harmonious and efficient workflow.
  • Continuous Engagement: Maintaining ongoing support and development opportunities to keep employees engaged and motivated. What drives an employee today may not in six months. 

The Benefits of Michael’s Approach

Michael’s approach addresses several critical issues in today’s business environment. By focusing on the individual and their unique capabilities, businesses can foster a more engaged and productive workforce. This method helps prevent burnout and reduces turnover, as employees feel more connected to their work and appreciated for their contributions. 

Real-World Application

During his talk, Michael shares that this training approach is not just theoretical but has been tested and proven in various settings. As demographics shift and the workforce landscape changes, the need for such tailored and inclusive training programs becomes even more critical. Michael’s methodology provides a sustainable way to cultivate talent and drive business success.

Feedback and Future Prospects

The response to Michael’s presentation was overwhelmingly positive. Panelists highlighted the relevance of his approach in today’s context, where retaining great talent is a priority for businesses. They appreciated his emphasis on affirmative and inclusive language, which helps engage and motivate the audience. The feedback underscored the importance of introducing comprehensive training programs that go beyond initial keynotes, offering ongoing teaching, coaching, and support packages.


Michael McShane’s insights into employee training and engagement offer a transformative path for businesses struggling with trust and productivity issues. By blending traditional craftsmanship with modern efficiency, his approach unlocks the full potential of employees, driving growth and success. Michael’s training program is a testament to the power of recognizing and nurturing individual talents within the broader business framework. His work is a powerful reminder that with the right training and support, any business can turn its workforce into a team of high-performing, engaged, and motivated individuals.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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