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Unlock Success: Reprogram Your Subconscious

Unlock Success- Reprogram Your Subconscious
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By: Oxana Lovich 

In a world of endless possibilities, many people still find it difficult to reach financial independence. It’s a route that frequently presents obstacles and setbacks, making people doubt their abilities to actualize their dreams. And there is always a great desire to find a quick, straightforward, and possible route to success. That is why I would like to introduce you to my discovery of how to create success, which not only completely transformed my life in this area but also that of everyone who committed to the method and applied its principles. 

I was born into a very successful family, yet for many years, I did not feel worthy of success, which created many setbacks and obstacles on my path. Fortunately, though, as a young adult, I discovered what was holding me back from living the life I always desired to have. It was my subconscious programming. 

After learning this information, I studied the inner workings of the subconscious mind in great detail. I obtained my accreditation as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner from a school founded by world-renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peer. 

What I discovered was that the major determining factor in whether we become successful or not in anything we desire to accomplish is our constructive and positive subconscious beliefs. On a conscious level, I believe most people would like to be successful, no matter what success means to them. The only problem, nevertheless, is that even though you desire to be successful, unless you have a strong subconscious foundation, the success you seek for yourself can seem far out of reach. 

Being unconscious and responsible for 95% of our thoughts, emotions, actions, and processes, reprogramming the subconscious is a quick path to success.

To give you a better understanding of how I discovered and applied this concept to my own life, I will share my story in more detail. I grew up in a very successful family with a personal driver, a nanny, and everything I could possibly need and desire.  

Furthermore, despite the fact that prosperity was ingrained in me from a young age, it only helped to a certain degree. The biggest reason I couldn’t achieve what I wanted for myself, in spite of my ambition, was that I didn’t feel worthy or enough on the inside. 

When I was 5, my father passed away, so I unconsciously decided that “something was wrong with me.” My father meant the world to me, and I could not understand at the time why he left me, so as a child, I assumed I was unlovable and not worthy of experiencing great things. The series of tragic events that followed in my adolescent years only strengthened that view of myself.

Once I began working with my subconscious, however, everything began to change dramatically in my career. With hypnosis, I got to the root of the cause of my endless struggle. The root of the cause was that, deep down, I did not feel that I was worthy of living the life I had always desired for myself. 

Understand that, as children, we reside in the subconscious. That is exactly when our brains gradually develop, and that is when we instill new beliefs. While we are in the subconscious, we are extremely suggestive and take the information we are exposed to like a sponge. Not picking or choosing whether what we are assuming at the time is good or bad for our wellbeing. Due to this, what somebody learns at a young age is carried on with them into adulthood. As a person attempts to make changes as an individual, they wonder why it takes so long and why negative habits, thoughts, personality traits, and behaviors can be so difficult to overcome.

That is why, when working directly with my subconscious mind, I understood why I put so many obstacles in the way of my dreams. I have always been dedicated, but I chose a challenging and difficult path to success for many years due to limiting beliefs held within my subconscious. After transforming those beliefs, I discovered my true purpose, began successfully living it, and also found enjoyment and fulfillment in the process of achieving my goals and dreams.

For me, my beliefs came about due to feeling unlovable and not enough. For other people, it can be completely different. For example, someone else could have grown up with both parents and received plenty of affection but still developed negative beliefs, stopping them from achieving the success they desired for themselves. For example, they could have witnessed their parents going through financial hardships and been taught ideas like “money is evil,” “you have to work hard to make money,” or “there isn’t enough for everyone,” among other similar beliefs and notions.  

In order to discover if you hold limiting beliefs, take a look at your own circumstances and answer the following questions with honesty: “Do you often struggle financially?” “Do you often experience lack in any form?” “Do you think you have no control over bringing about the things you want in your life?” Positive answers are clear indicators of limiting subconscious beliefs. Also, observe your spoken words and thoughts. Thoughts that are positive point to constructive beliefs, while those that are negative point to restrictive beliefs. 

Understand that life shouldn’t ever be difficult unless limiting beliefs are residing in your subconscious. It is an additional belief held by our society that everything you manifest comes with challenges. When your beliefs are powerful, you may live the life of your desires with great fervor and joy.

How do we abolish limiting subconscious beliefs and create new ones? An effective and fast way is by entering your subconscious mind directly. You can do it in various ways—through hypnosis and through self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is when you hire a professional who assists you in the process. Self-hypnosis is the process of entering a hypnotic theta state of consciousness on your own. You can achieve this state by fully relaxing your body and mind. Upon achieving this powerful state, you can put fresh ideas into practice. For instance, in a deeply hypnotic state, envision and feel yourself being the person with the desired qualities you would like to have or living the life you wish for yourself.

And I would like to finish with a powerful quote: “Our only limitations are the ones we set up in our own minds.” By Napoleon Hill. The limitations we set up in our consciousness negatively influence the quality of our lives. We only live once in this lifetime. Let’s learn to live life to its fullest, free of limitations and unnecessary challenges, by creating a powerful subconscious foundation.

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