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World-renowned AI Strategist Mark Minevich Joins 1fs Wealth Advisory Board

World-renowned AI Strategist Mark Minevich Joins 1fs Wealth Advisory Board
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(New York, NY, January 6th, 2024) Global wealth intelligence solutions provider, 1fs Wealth, has announced the appointment of Mark Minevich as strategic advisor. 

London headquartered 1fs Wealth, supports wealth owners to consolidate their assets, control risk, manage ownership and analyse portfolio performance through the efficient use of data and innovative technology. The company’s AI-driven platform is used by wealth owners and family offices across the world, who particularly value its ability to support succession planning.

 A digital cognitive AI strategist, author and experienced venture capitalist, Mark is the principal founder of Going Global Ventures. He is also co-founder and co-chair of AI for Planet Alliance with UN Agencies, a senior advisor to BootstrapLabs Venture Capital, and an executive advisor to Artefact.  

As strategic advisor, Mark will sit alongside senior figures from across the realms of finance, banking, investment, software development, accountancy, and the family office community, on the 1fs Wealth advisory board. The expertise that Mark brings to the role is hopefully going to allow the company to better embrace new technologies. 

Mark’s previous work in the realm of AI is certainly one of the reasons that he’s being chosen to join the advisory board. Moves like these are expected to take place all over the industry in the coming years as companies look to embrace AI in different forms. Many industry leaders, however, don’t have professionals on their boards that have experience with AI at all. Mark’s background as a venture capitalist makes him an incredibly rare asset. Hence, the urgency to ensure that he was brought on to advise the company moving forward.             

Commenting on the news, Bobby Console-Verma, 1fs Wealth CEO, said: “Mark is a highly respected figure within the field of AI, with a passion for disruptive innovation, and boasts invaluable corporate and entrepreneurial experience. To have someone of his caliber join our strategic board and help shape the development of our platform and its capabilities, further cements our position as the most advanced wealth intelligence platform available today.”

 Bobby added: “AI is a fascinating area, and the technology has huge potential to supercharge our offering, as we continue to expand our capabilities and build an international customer base. A growing number of family offices and wealth owners have already signed up for 20- and 30-year licenses of the platform, which is yet another huge show of confidence in our team and technology.”  

Mark Minevich said: “I’m looking forward to working with 1fs Wealth – an innovative and disruptive force within the wealthtech sector – as the company embarks on the next stage in its development. I’ve been really impressed by the team and their vision, and the potential of the 1fs platform to empower high net worth individuals, through machine learning, the efficient use of data and an intuitive interface.”

 1fs Wealth was named WealthTech of the Year at the UK FinTech Awards 2023. Existing investors including Danish family office, Strøjer Capital ApS, US venture capital firm, Singularity Capital and angel investor, Dominique Cerutti.To find out more visit 

About Mark Minevich:

Mark Minevich is an investor, UN advisor, AI advocate, author of “Our Planet Powered by AI”, disruptive innovator, Co-Chair of AI for the Planet Alliance, chair of the executive committee and external affairs at AI for Good Foundation, Sr. Advisor to BCG, and president and general partner at Going Global Ventures. He dedicates innovation efforts and AI knowledge to amplifying capabilities and positively impacting climate change and social innovation agenda.

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