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Navigating the Complexities of Child Custody: Finding the Right Fit for Your Family

Insights from Elizabeth Yang

The parenting journey doesn’t end with separation or divorce; it takes a new turn, especially when determining the best custody arrangement for your child. Every family’s situation is unique, and no universal solution fits all. In this intricate process, several key factors must be considered, such as the child’s age, emotional needs, and the strength of their relationship with each parent. Let’s delve into the joint custody arrangements and their implications to help you make an informed decision.

Joint Physical Child Custody:

This arrangement requires parents to work in tandem, effectively cooperating and communicating to make crucial decisions about their child’s upbringing. It’s widely regarded as beneficial for the child’s emotional well-being, providing stability and continuity. However, it demands a high level of collaboration and flexibility from both parents.

Sole Physical Custody:

In this setup, one parent assumes the role of the primary caregiver, with the child predominantly residing with them. The other parent may have visitation rights or scheduled time with the child. Sole physical custody is often the choice in scenarios where one parent is unable to provide a stable and safe living environment, ensuring the child’s safety and well-being.

Joint Legal Child Custody:

Here, both parents retain equal decision-making authority regarding pivotal aspects of the child’s life, such as education, health care, and other significant matters. This arrangement fosters a balanced involvement of both parents in the child’s life, reinforcing their sense of responsibility and commitment.

Bird’s Nest Custody:

Aiming to minimize disruption in the child’s life, this innovative approach keeps the child in the family home while the parents alternate living there. Although it offers unparalleled stability and continuity for the child, it demands exceptional cooperation, communication, and logistical coordination from the parents.

Split Custody:

Common in families with multiple children, this arrangement sees each parent having full custody of different children. While it might suit some families, it can be emotionally taxing for siblings who are separated from each other.

In determining the most appropriate custody arrangement, the child’s well-being, safety, and emotional needs should always be the forefront considerations. The chosen setup should align with the child’s age, developmental stage, and relationships with each parent, always keeping their best interests at heart.

Conflict and indecision are not uncommon in these situations. If parents find themselves at an impasse, seeking assistance from a mediator or a family law professional can be invaluable. Professionals like those at Yang Law Offices offer confidential consultations, providing expert guidance to navigate the complexities of child custody. Their skilled divorce attorneys are equipped to support you in securing a custody arrangement that respects your rights as a parent and, most importantly, promotes the well-being and happiness of your child.

About Elizabeth Yang:

Elizabeth Yang, CEO and Founder of Yang Law Offices, is a versatile lawyer specializing in Family Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Business Law since 2007. She became fluent in Mandarin and obtained her Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley at 19. Elizabeth’s legal career, influenced by her engineering work at Raytheon and NASA, began in intellectual property.

Enduring a complex four-year divorce from 2010 to 2014, Elizabeth gained firsthand experience in California family law, including child custody, alimony, and domestic violence issues. This personal journey led her to represent family law clients with empathy and efficiency, focusing on mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution. She obtained her mediation certification in 2015 from the LACBA.

Recognized for her legal expertise, Elizabeth received accolades like the “Top 100 Civil Lawyers” and “Super Lawyer” awards. She is also a best-selling author of six books, including “The Big Secret” and “Stress-Free Divorce,” guiding in legal matters and personal empowerment. Elizabeth’s multifaceted career, marked by personal experiences and professional achievements, highlights her dedication to helping others navigate legal challenges.

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Nurturing Growth: The Michael Jankie Approach to Retail, Partnerships, and Brand Success at NATPAT

In the dynamic world of wellness, where innovation and authenticity are key, NATPAT stands out as a beacon of simplicity and effectiveness. At the helm of this thriving venture is Michael Jankie, whose distinctive leadership style has propelled the brand from humble beginnings to a multi-million dollar success story. In this feature, we delve into Michael’s approach to steering NATPAT into retail prominence, building partnerships, and investing significantly in advertising.

Navigating the Retail Landscape: Michael’s Vision for NATPAT

For Michael, the journey of NATPAT is more than a business venture; it’s a personal mission. His background in B2B software provided a solid foundation for strategic thinking, but it was a personal experience that sparked the creation of NATPAT. Observing his own children plagued by mosquito bites, Michael envisioned a wellness solution that would be both effective and family-friendly. This vision has been the driving force behind NATPAT’s success.

Michael’s approach to entering retail spaces is rooted in a commitment to reach families seeking simple, nature-inspired solutions. NATPAT began by targeting independent stores, recognizing the importance of local connections and community engagement. The brand’s focus on these smaller retailers, often overlooked by larger corporations, has not only provided families with accessible well-being solutions but has also nurtured strong partnerships at the grassroots level. It’s those partnerships that without a doubt have become the base of the company’s success. 

Partnerships: The Cornerstone of NATPAT’s Success

NATPAT’s journey has been marked by strategic collaborations and partnerships. Michael’s belief in the power of shared values has driven the brand to seek like-minded partners who align with NATPAT’s commitment to family well-being. These partnerships extend beyond the transactional; they are built on shared values and a passion for making a positive impact. This connection has allowed all partners to truly commit to an idea, not just a job. 

Michael’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of maintaining the joy and passion in their work, even as NATPAT grows. Instead of merely scaling up conventionally, the brand seeks partnerships with those who resonate with their values. This approach ensures that the essence of NATPAT – simplicity, effectiveness, and family-centric wellness – remains intact as the brand expands.

Investing in Visibility: Michael’s Commitment to Advertising

One of the key elements of NATPAT’s success is its commitment to advertising, with Michael leading the charge. The brand has invested tens of millions of dollars in marketing, recognizing that visibility is crucial in a crowded market. Through strategic campaigns, NATPAT has not only gained widespread recognition but has also effectively communicated its values to a global audience.

Michael’s advertising strategy goes beyond traditional channels. Leveraging the power of social media, NATPAT has witnessed viral success, with its products gaining attention on platforms like TikTok. The brand’s commitment to simplicity and solving everyday problems has resonated with a diverse audience, including unexpected advocates like Kim Kardashian, who personally endorsed the brand after purchasing products.

Forging the Future – Michael Jankie’s Vision Unveils a Path of Wellness

As NATPAT continues to flourish, Michael Jankie’s leadership style remains a guiding force. His emphasis on simplicity, authenticity, and a commitment to family well-being has shaped NATPAT into a brand that transcends products, becoming a trusted companion in the wellness journey of families worldwide. Through a thoughtful retail strategy, meaningful partnerships, and substantial advertising investments, NATPAT stands as a testament to Michael’s vision and the enduring power of simplicity in the world of wellness.

Published by: Martin De Juan

Three Chord Bourbon Announces Series a Equity Raise Nearly Complete as it Wins Whiskey Maker of the Year Award

Series A Round Hits $9.5M Mark of Expected $12.7M Overall Target; Brand Selected As Whiskey Maker Of The Year from Whiskey Network While Landing Several Additional Awards and Ratings from Lauded Bourbon Organizations

January 24th, 2024 – BUFFALO, N.Y. – Three Chord Bourbon, Inc. (, the award-winning bourbon company founded by music legend Neil Giraldo, is proud to announce that its Series A equity raise has already reached approximately 75% of its goal, with the opportunity being met with excitement from both investors and whiskey fans who have been given unique paths to join the Three Chord family. Three Chord Bourbon vaulted to widespread recognition in the past year, receiving multiple awards and accolades from whiskey aficionados and media publications who praise the brand’s dual ability to craft a world-class series of blends, as well as collaborate with influential musicians and organizations to create dedicated bourbons that appeal to music fans, reaching far beyond traditional whiskey drinkers. The successful Series A raise was built on both traditional investment, as well as via the WeFunder platform, which has drawn over 150 micro investors who receive financial vesting as well as perks, sneak peeks, exclusive access to new blends and special tasting opportunities throughout the yea

In 2023, Three Chord Bourbon was the recipient of several accolades, receiving a perfect score from the prestigious Proof Awards in a blind tasting of its small batch bourbon, and earning the Best American Whiskey Award from Breaking Bourbon. Additionally, leading bourbon and whiskey expert, Fred Minnick, selected Three Chord Bourbon as one of the top two American Whiskey’s of the Year. To start 2024, Three Chord Bourbon was selected by Whiskey Network Magazine as its 2023 Whiskey Maker of the Year, on the strength of its whiskey blends, as well as its track record of innovation and vision in partnerships.

“We selected Three Chord Bourbon as our Whiskey Maker of the Year because we’ve long been impressed with the quality of the blends and craftmanship in their whiskey-making, but we now are also excited about the ways in which they are redefining collaborations and delving deeply into their support of musicians,” said Whiskey Network Magazine Editor-in- Chief Mark Pruett. “Their Backstage Series offered a wide scope of partnerships and blends, and we’re looking forward to seeing more good things to come from the brand in 2024.”

Via Wefunder, micro investors and whiskey enthusiasts can become part of the Three Chord Bourbon family, which provides early access to blends, monthly investor webinars with founder Neil Giraldo and whiskey maker Sussman, and a chance to directly communicate ideas for collaboration with the brand leadership.

In 2024, Three Chord Bourbon will extend its core lineup of blends, launch new collaborations, expand the Backstage Series with highly recognizable names in music, as well as further its availability footprint across the United States. “We are creating blends without diluting the deep commitment to quality and craftsmanship that launched this brand,” said whiskey maker Sussman, “There are untold possibilities ahead.”

Currently, Three Chord’s network of distributors consists of leading industry names such as RNDC, Empire Merchants, Johnson Brothers, and Breakthru Beverage. Three Chord products are stocked by major retail chains including Wegmans, Shoprite, BevMo, Meyer and Specs – as well as more than 3,000 independently operated spirits outlets.

For accredited investors interested in investments of $25,000 or more please contact to request a full private placement memorandum and information on additional investor benefits such as access to limited edition, investor-only whiskey releases and more.


About Three Chord Bourbon

Three Chord Bourbon, Inc. is a mid-stage American whiskey blending house that embraces the spirit of creativity through a unique brand rooted in music. Founded in 2017 by celebrity Neil Giraldo (five-time Grammy award winning musician, producer, and film composer) and whiskey maker Ari Sussman, Three Chord Bourbon offers eight award-winning bourbon blends that are now sold in 37 states including major retail chains such as Costco, Meyers, BevMo and Specs. Giraldo’s passion for crafting innovative spirits is as strong as his efforts in helping up-and- coming musicians, reflected by the Three Chord Musical Ambassador Program as well as various philanthropic efforts, helping Three Chord stand out as the only craft whiskey brand that financially supports aspiring musicians. For more information, please visit


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The Power of Factual Storytelling: Dr. Robert J. Smith Brings Influence and Persuasion to Businesses and Professionals

By Howard Beale

Renowned speaker, Dr. Robert J. Smith, CEO of Smith Profits, Smith Comics, and of Robert J. Smith Productions Companies, traverses the country enlightening sales teams, professionals, and businesses on the incredible power of ‘factual storytelling’. His seminars robustly respond to the persistent question in his audiences, “What changes can we make right away to gain the biggest impact?”

Dr. Smith’s approach intertwines unique strategies — enhancing sales conversion through the application of scientific factual storytelling — the power of influence and persuasion based on Dr. Robert Cialdini’s lauded work, and finally, implementing a set of solutions deemed ‘Small Bigs’.

Small Bigs are a series of actionable persuasions and influence strategies, gleaned from the insights of Dr. Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. To date, said seminal work has sold over 5 million copies, globally. As Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize Laureate and Author of Nudge, Misbehaving and Nudge: The Final Edition, evocatively stated, “If the President had to have one advisor with him at all times my nomination would be Bob Cialdini, the world’s most practical social psychologist, and the master of “influence.”

The strategic architecture of Small Bigs intends to equip professionals with the understanding of how to correct common persuasion mistakes, use liking to increase online conversions, apply consistency to achieve 100% agreement, extract approval for budget requests through authority, leverage social proof for more upsells, elicit agreement from committees via consistency. Further, the principles apply to the convincing use of reciprocity to gain more clients and referrals, adopting the principle of unity to garner client and staff loyalty, having productive meetings through consistency, and leveraging authority to drive conversions.

Quite significantly, Small Bigs also elucidate the approach to apply legitimate scarcity for flourishing product launch, prudently employing social proof to gain agreement — whether in the majority or the minority, and how consistency can amplify donations for charity organizations. For managers, consistency can harness increased team effectiveness, while a true understanding of scarcity can boost sales by over 500%.

Each of these strategies is underpinned by real examples of proven successes, as provided by Dr. Cialdini himself. Dr. Smith, on his part, extends these strategies into the realm of practicality with actionable strategies and proven results that professionals and enterprises can adopt for tangible results.

Beyond his illuminating seminars, Dr. Smith is finalizing a professional video series elucidating on the Small Bigs. The series promises a comprehensive guide, along with practical applications that can be implemented immediately to drive impact.

While the power of influence and the magic of storytelling is a winning combination that Dr. Smith serves his audiences, success is also brought by consistency. Consistency is a principle that runs through many of the Small Big strategies, like facilitating agreement, driving productive meetings, guiding effective team management, or achieving higher donations for a cause.

In closing, with Dr. Smith’s solutions, the focus is primely on immediate and substantial impact. Designed to help professionals and enterprises realize their sales and conversion objectives, the tools he presents are not just theoretical concepts but a result of experience, expertise, and proven success.

For those keen on exploring Dr. Smith’s insights in depth, his extensive work and contribution are available on his social media platforms and websites. More detailed insights can be gleaned from,,, and Dr. Smith’s influential presence is also visible on his social media pages: LinkedIn (, IMDB (, and YouTube (

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