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Three Chord Bourbon Announces Series a Equity Raise Nearly Complete as it Wins Whiskey Maker of the Year Award

Three Chord Bourbon Announces Series a Equity Raise Nearly Complete as it Wins Whiskey Maker of the Year Award
Photo Courtesy: Three Chord Bourbon, Inc.

Series A Round Hits $9.5M Mark of Expected $12.7M Overall Target; Brand Selected As Whiskey Maker Of The Year from Whiskey Network While Landing Several Additional Awards and Ratings from Lauded Bourbon Organizations

January 24th, 2024 – BUFFALO, N.Y. – Three Chord Bourbon, Inc. (, the award-winning bourbon company founded by music legend Neil Giraldo, is proud to announce that its Series A equity raise has already reached approximately 75% of its goal, with the opportunity being met with excitement from both investors and whiskey fans who have been given unique paths to join the Three Chord family. Three Chord Bourbon vaulted to widespread recognition in the past year, receiving multiple awards and accolades from whiskey aficionados and media publications who praise the brand’s dual ability to craft a world-class series of blends, as well as collaborate with influential musicians and organizations to create dedicated bourbons that appeal to music fans, reaching far beyond traditional whiskey drinkers. The successful Series A raise was built on both traditional investment, as well as via the WeFunder platform, which has drawn over 150 micro investors who receive financial vesting as well as perks, sneak peeks, exclusive access to new blends and special tasting opportunities throughout the yea

In 2023, Three Chord Bourbon was the recipient of several accolades, receiving a perfect score from the prestigious Proof Awards in a blind tasting of its small batch bourbon, and earning the Best American Whiskey Award from Breaking Bourbon. Additionally, leading bourbon and whiskey expert, Fred Minnick, selected Three Chord Bourbon as one of the top two American Whiskey’s of the Year. To start 2024, Three Chord Bourbon was selected by Whiskey Network Magazine as its 2023 Whiskey Maker of the Year, on the strength of its whiskey blends, as well as its track record of innovation and vision in partnerships.

“We selected Three Chord Bourbon as our Whiskey Maker of the Year because we’ve long been impressed with the quality of the blends and craftmanship in their whiskey-making, but we now are also excited about the ways in which they are redefining collaborations and delving deeply into their support of musicians,” said Whiskey Network Magazine Editor-in- Chief Mark Pruett. “Their Backstage Series offered a wide scope of partnerships and blends, and we’re looking forward to seeing more good things to come from the brand in 2024.”

Via Wefunder, micro investors and whiskey enthusiasts can become part of the Three Chord Bourbon family, which provides early access to blends, monthly investor webinars with founder Neil Giraldo and whiskey maker Sussman, and a chance to directly communicate ideas for collaboration with the brand leadership.

In 2024, Three Chord Bourbon will extend its core lineup of blends, launch new collaborations, expand the Backstage Series with highly recognizable names in music, as well as further its availability footprint across the United States. “We are creating blends without diluting the deep commitment to quality and craftsmanship that launched this brand,” said whiskey maker Sussman, “There are untold possibilities ahead.”

Currently, Three Chord’s network of distributors consists of leading industry names such as RNDC, Empire Merchants, Johnson Brothers, and Breakthru Beverage. Three Chord products are stocked by major retail chains including Wegmans, Shoprite, BevMo, Meyer and Specs – as well as more than 3,000 independently operated spirits outlets.

For accredited investors interested in investments of $25,000 or more please contact to request a full private placement memorandum and information on additional investor benefits such as access to limited edition, investor-only whiskey releases and more.


About Three Chord Bourbon

Three Chord Bourbon, Inc. is a mid-stage American whiskey blending house that embraces the spirit of creativity through a unique brand rooted in music. Founded in 2017 by celebrity Neil Giraldo (five-time Grammy award winning musician, producer, and film composer) and whiskey maker Ari Sussman, Three Chord Bourbon offers eight award-winning bourbon blends that are now sold in 37 states including major retail chains such as Costco, Meyers, BevMo and Specs. Giraldo’s passion for crafting innovative spirits is as strong as his efforts in helping up-and- coming musicians, reflected by the Three Chord Musical Ambassador Program as well as various philanthropic efforts, helping Three Chord stand out as the only craft whiskey brand that financially supports aspiring musicians. For more information, please visit


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