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Charts + Darts Propels Forward with Leadership Transition and Strategic Vision.

Charts + Darts Propels Forward with Leadership Transition and Strategic Vision
Photo Credited to Charts+Darts

By: AK Infinite

Leading advertising agency Charts + Darts is undergoing a significant leadership transition, welcoming Brian Lerche and Matt Smith as the new captains at the helm. This change also involves the appointment of a new Managing Director, emphasizing the agency’s commitment to driving client success and business impact through innovative marketing and emerging technology. Beyond reshaping the agency’s offerings, this transition promises a fresh perspective for Charts + Darts’ clients under its new leadership team.

Matt Smith, a seasoned professional with a background at Saatchi & Saatchi, MullenLowe, The Many, and Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B), brings extensive expertise in emotionally charged integrated marketing campaigns and data-driven digital efforts. Having worked with major clients such as MetLife, Domino’s Pizza, Vitaminwater, and Papa’s Pilar during his tenure at CP+B, Smith’s experience aligns seamlessly with Charts + Darts’ commitment to excellence. Reflecting on his role, Smith states, “My focus at Charts+Darts is to leverage my experience with brands big and small to help evolve businesses for our partners, and being independent allows us to sidestep the B.S. that holds other agencies back from having client relationships that count.”

Brian Lerche, an advertising expert with a history of collaboration with agencies like MullenLowe, Garage Team Mazda, and Initiative, brings strategic depth and emerging media competency to Charts + Darts. Lerche’s association with brands like Mazda and Acura complements Charts + Darts’ vision for pushing the boundaries of consumer experiences. Leveraging the agency’s comprehensive marketing services, Lerche affirms, “From the beginning, we’ve utilized emerging technologies alongside our media and creative capabilities to craft advertising worth paying attention to, which will pave the way for next-generation agencies.”

“At the crux of this transformation lies the need for advertising agencies to fundamentally rethink how they work with brands,” says Smith. Embedded in Charts + Darts’ philosophy is a mindset characterized by abandoning antiquated approaches in favor of cutting-edge methodologies. This includes rethinking how agencies collaborate with clients, integrating new technologies like AI to create efficiency within workflows, and broadening the definition of success beyond traditional key performance indicators (KPIs).

With a team of experienced agency veterans and an agile offering that combines in-house strategy, creative, content, media, and a proprietary data program—a suite of services typically only seen at a large holding company—“Charts + Darts has become a significant resource for clients seeking to disrupt their industries quickly,” according to Lerche.

The independent agency unabashedly embraces the role of a change agent and maintains a dedicated focus on creating unignorable, data-driven work that has earned them acclaim. Notable clients include brands such as Yokohama Tire, Lexus, Honda, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), showcasing their ability to deliver tailored and impactful marketing campaigns at scale. Additionally, their work with regional businesses like the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles demonstrates their versatility and capability to drive success for global brands and community-centered organizations.

Under the leadership of Brian Lerche and Matthew Smith, Charts + Darts is committed to innovating marketing strategies that capture attention and drive real business results. Discomfort, according to the founding team, is the fertile ground where innovation thrives, and genuine change occurs when stepping beyond comfort zones. This philosophy permeates everything they do.


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