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Confronting Fear and Embracing Power: An Exclusive Q&A with Drenda Thomas Richards on Her Latest Book, “Dare to Remember”

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Drenda Thomas Richards, a seasoned spiritual teacher, subconscious mind expert, and published author, announces the release of her groundbreaking new book, “Dare to Remember: Uncover Who You Were Before the BS.” Published by Ilimitada Ventures, this riveting read is available on December 12, 2023. With a career spanning over four decades in varied realms – from ministry to law enforcement to corporate – Richards embarks on a mission to empower readers to break free from the paralyzing grip of fear that subtly dominates their lives. Available on Kindle for $7.99 and in paperback for $12.99, this transformative guide challenges readers to rediscover their limitless potential and regain control of their lives.

Q. What inspired you to write this book?

I originally planned to write this as a book on prayer – how to pray from a place of faith instead of fear. Then it morphed into a book on how we unknowingly and unwittingly allow fear to control our decisions and lives. Fear is more prevalent than we realize or acknowledge. It’s time to f*ck fear!

Q. Do you have any favorite authors or books that also inspired you?

Where do I start? I love to read. A few books that have impacted me are “The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice” by Deborah Adele; “The Complete Works of Florence Scoville Shinn”; I love anything by Carolyn Myss, Brene Brown, and Louise Hay; “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz; “Mary Magdalene Revealed” by Meggan Watterson; Rachel Held Evans; and then, there are the spy thrillers…My list could go on for a while.

Q. What are the top messages that you want to convey in the sharing of this book with the world?

You are limitless. Just because you made a choice/decision today doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind and make a different decision tomorrow, three weeks from now, or five years from now. You don’t have to suffer because ‘you made your bed now you have to lie in it.’ You can always make a different decision. You are in control. You are in control of your decisions, emotions, words, behaviors, actions, and what you think about. You are never at the mercy of your circumstances.

Q. How is this different from other books you’ve written?

The other books were devotionals or re-tellings of bible stories. This is similar in that it has bite-size chapters and speaks to your soul, and while this book encourages being connected to Source, that’s where the similarities end. This book exposes the underlying reason why you ‘can’t get ahead’ or why you keep sabotaging your best efforts—it shows you how you can create a different path forward.

Q. What is your biggest hope that readers will experience and/or take away from reading it?

I hope my readers will realize how powerful they are and make future decisions from a place of confidence instead of fear.

Q. What were your own personal challenges in bringing this book to the world?

Finding the time to write and allowing myself to be vulnerable was the most challenging aspect of writing this book. I’ve always been a private person, and this book puts a lot of my own ‘stuff’ out there. There’s some strong language, which I knew would offend some people. I know it’s not for everyone, but I didn’t write this book for ‘everyone.’ I wrote it for the person who has tried everything and still doesn’t have what he/she wants and feels like a failure. When you’re desperate, you don’t care about language. You want to know ‘why’ you keep doing what you’re doing and ‘how’ you can fix it. I had to get over my concerns about what people would think about me using the ‘f word’ and write the book that brings freedom and healing to those feeling stuck and hopeless. ‘Freedom’ is also an ‘f word.’

Q. If you could share one line from the book and have it go viral, which line would it be?

“Remember who you were before all the criticisms, failures, setbacks, losses, disappointments, heartbreaks. Remember the little girl who turned somersaults and twirled in her pretty dress who thought she could do and be anything. Remember, she’s still you.”

Q. How can people experience your work?

I host workshops, retreats and corporate trainings. You can learn more or contact me at

Workshops: Attend in-person or virtual workshops where you will learn more about releasing the BS to help move you forward in your Spirit-led transformational journey.

Retreats: Experience deep transformation in an intimate, small group setting at a live, three-day event where you will have one-on-one Spirit-led guidance.

Corporate Trainings: Bookings are available for your next leadership training. Is your group ready to be equipped, encouraged and entertained? As a master teacher and guide, I customize an experience with a focus on leadership and mental well-being so that your team leaves with more energy, unity and drive.

To learn more and to get your copy of “Dare to Remember” on Kindle or in paperback, visit:


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